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Lisbon knocked on her daughter's bedroom door.

"Louise! Wake up!"

Lisbon pushed open the door just as Louise pulled a pillow over her head.

"Go away, mom," Louise mumbled and yelped as Lisbon pulled the covers off the bed.

"Up!" Lisbon exclaimed again, and Louise sat up, groaning. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes and stood up carefully, yawning.

"You are not a drill instructor and I am not your soldier!" Louise called back to her mom as she headed for her en-suite bathroom and closed the door behind her.

"If you don't get your lazy ass in gear you will have a drill instructor at boot camp!"

Lisbon threatened her daughter, with a smile on her face. She didn't mean it; she never did. The bathroom door opened and Louise glared at her mom, water dripping from her face.

"Let's not go there," she shut the door again and Lisbon chuckled.

"What do you want for breakfast?" Lisbon called, sitting on the end of Louise's bed and picking up a photo frame which contained a photograph of her and her daughter on the beach last summer. Louise's long wavy brown hair was tousled from the wind and her face tanned from the sun, compared to Lisbon's relative paleness. Lisbon sighed. She could see him in Louise. The smile, the wavy hair, the retorts… and he wasn't even around to see her.


"Bagels! With cream cheese!" Louise's voice broke through her mother's reverie, startling her slightly. "The garlic and herb one, not the disgusting chive one."

Lisbon shook her head, smiling and walked out of her daughter's room to go and make breakfast.

Louise soon arrived in the kitchen, dressed in grey leggings and a long fake-ripped top, her hair still damp from the shower. Lisbon eyed her daughter's dress sense warily, simply thinking: teenagers. Lisbon walked over and put a plate in front of Louise, with a cream cheese covered bagel in the centre. Louise smiled.

"I used chive cream cheese," Lisbon teased.

"MOM!" Louise exclaimed, and Lisbon burst and laughing.

"Just kidding," she tousled the fifteen year old girl's hair affectionately and Louise batted her hand away and patted her hair back down irritably.

Lisbon still worked with the CBI: she still worked with Cho, Rigsby and Van Pelt and was head of the team. It was just the four of them now. Consultants were not permitted in their CBI team. Lisbon didn't get to work quite as early as she used to, and was on call less. Cho headed the team when Lisbon wasn't around, and it was a system that worked for everyone.

Louise put her plate in the dishwasher and closed the door while she watched her mom get ready for work.

Badge? Check. Taser? Check. Holster? Check. Gun in holster? Check.

She had tried to get Lisbon to give her a gun for her fifteenth birthday, but to no avail. Her mother had informed her that she could wait until she was 18, when she could be trained properly on a firing range. Louise had retorted that Uncle Cho had instructed her on the firing range, and that she was perfectly competent, but the age barrier still stuck at eighteen, and no complaining or bribery would move it.

Louise pulled on her coat and slipped her feet into black ballet pumps as Lisbon grabbed her briefcase and hurried to the door. They were late. As usual. Louise picked up her school bag as she walked out of the front door, closing it behind her.

"Hurry up!" Lisbon exclaimed as her daughter walked slowly to the car.

"Why? I have triple German first thing," Louise complained and Lisbon shook her head in exasperation.

"You took the option," she reminded Louise who rolled her eyes.

"And now I realize that German, French and Spanish was not the best idea, since German is tedious and the new French teacher is horrible!" Louise replied, opening the passenger door and getting in.

"Look on the bright side," Lisbon attempted.

"What bright side?" Louise answered wryly.

"The Spanish teacher's cute," Lisbon grinned as Louise punched her lightly on the arm.


Lisbon arrived on time at the CBI after dropping Louise off at her school and walked into her office. She had just laid her black briefcase on her desk and was removing her case when the door opened.

"Boss?" Rigsby looked in. Lisbon waited for him to expand on his one word greeting. "We just got a call. Suspected kidnapping, Petaluma."

Lisbon put her coat back on and followed him out of her office and headed towards the elevator, catching the car keys from Cho as she passed the bullpen.

Cho sat shotgun: he always did now; there were no arguments or discussions about that. It happened.

"A fifteen year old girl has gone AWOL from her school, St. Vincent de Paul's. She was in the eleventh grade; she was moved up a year. Cheerleader. Popular." Van Pelt informed the others in minimal words.

"Name?" Lisbon asked while keeping her eyes on the road.

"Isabel de Longoria," Van Pelt answered. "She was adopted: closed adoption. The local sheriff suspects that it could be her biological parent or parents involved."

"She couldn't have just… run away?" Lisbon asked. This girl, Isabel, was the same age as Louise. The same grade. Both cheerleaders. The similarity was worrying.

"They don't think so. She was happy, apparently. Well, according to parents, anyway. They left talking to her friends to us," Van Pelt smiled dryly. She hated talking to preppy cheerleaders: half of them seemed to be airheads who thought they could do her job better than she could.

"Van Pelt, Rigsby, you talk to the friends. Cho's with me, we'll speak to the parents," Lisbon instructed.

Van Pelt walked down the school corridor with Rigsby next to her.

"I really think this case is going to get to the Boss," Van Pelt said intuitively. Rigsby looked slightly confused.

"Why?" he asked.

"Louise is the same age, the same grade," Grace replied. She stopped suddenly, and Rigsby walked straight into her. "Oh, my."

Rigsby followed Grace's gaze to a poster on the wall.

Have you seen this girl?

That wasn't amazingly shocking, but the picture below was.

"They could be sisters," Van Pelt breathed.

"They're a spitting image," Rigsby agreed.

Isabel's hair was shorter – only shoulder length – and her eyes were blue, not brown and her face was a little rounder but apart from that, Isabel and Louise were almost identical.

"That's freaky," Rigsby broke the stunned silence.

"Excuse me?" They both turned around to come face to face with a petite blond girl. "Are you the police? About Izzy?"

Rigsby and Van Pelt exchanged glances. "Yes, we are," Grace replied and as she did three girls in cheerleading uniforms ran up to them.

"Are you the police? Have you found her? Is she alive?" They interrupted each other in their haste to ask about Isabel.

"We would like to ask her friends a few questions, actually," Rigsby explained.

"Well, that would be us," a tall girl with peroxide blond hair flipped her hair over her shoulder promiscuously, and smiled at Rigsby, missing the icy glare that Van Pelt shot in the cheerleader's direction.

"Could you show us the way to the principal's office then?" Rigsby asked, not noticing the flirty smiles from the girl, or the death glares that Van Pelt sent them back.

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