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Lisbon sprinted up the steps to reach the roof but her way was blocked by two policemen who held her back.

"Ma'am, I'm sorry, you can't go up there," one of them said. She glared at them and flashed her badge. The one who had denied her access opened his mouth again. "Oh."

Lisbon nodded and smiled innocently before walking smartly past the pair, who eyed each other.

"Boss," Rigsby hissed to her as she emerged onto the roof. Lisbon headed over to where Cho and Rigsby were standing. "Van Pelt is trying to get her to get away from the edge."

Lisbon nodded and walked slowly and quietly over to where Van Pelt was trying to coerce Isabel away from the precipitous roof edge.

"I'll take over here, Grace," Lisbon said softly, and Van Pelt nodded almost imperceptibly.

"Agent Lisbon would like to talk to you, Isabel," Van Pelt spoke to the distraught girl before moving away slightly, looking worried.

"Isabel, my name is Teresa," Lisbon began slowly, trying not to surprise or scare the girl.

"My parents are dead," Isabel whispered hoarsely, and it was obvious that she had been crying for a long time. "It's all my fault. My real parents never wanted me, and now I'm an orphan again for the second time."

It was like a blow to the stomach for Lisbon. "Your parents loved you, Izzy," she replied, dashing her hand across her eyes as tears threatened her steely persona, "your real parents, and your adoptive ones."

"How would you know?" Isabel asked in a tone that sounded as if she just wanted to be left alone. Not surprising, Lisbon thought to herself regretfully, seeing as what she's been through.

"Your real parents didn't give you away," Lisbon started, "you were taken from them, when you were only hours old. They never stopped loving you, Izzy."

Fresh tears slid down Isabel's cheeks, and anyone who could hear the conversation could feel their own hearts breaking too.

"How do you know all this, Agent Lisbon?" Isabel asked but Lisbon didn't reply.

"If you step away from the edge, I will tell you," Lisbon finally said. Isabel turned and looked at Lisbon and Lisbon's eyes widened. Isabel's foot slipped and a sound that sounded like a strangled cry emerged from her lips.

Lisbon leapt forward and caught hold of Isabel's arm. Her own arm felt like it was being slowly dislocated and she could feel herself being dragged towards the edge.

"I don't want to die," Isabel whispered to Lisbon. "Not any more."

"You're not going to," Lisbon said, trying not to let the fear and pain show in her voice. Suddenly, strong arms were around her waist, and Lisbon stretched out her other arm for Isabel to hold on to. The person behind her pulled her up and back on to the roof, before helping Izzy too. When the pair was safely back on the roof, the person pushed Lisbon down onto the roof before her legs gave out on her.

Lisbon looked up at the person who had saved them, and went to say thank you but her breath caught in her throat and she felt as if her throat was closing and no words emerged. She stared into the familiar eyes and could feel her steel mask fading away.

"Jane…" she whispered finally.

"Hello, Teresa," Jane spoke and smiled at her. Lisbon glared at him and moved away.

"Don't come near me," she growled, and he looked hurt. He knew he deserved it. Fifteen years later, and he came back into her life? To Lisbon it was unacceptable.

"Teresa, please," his eyes looked pleading, and Lisbon shook her head and she could feel hot tears welling in her eyes.

"No Jane," she refused, "I don't need you ruining my life again."

She stood up on unsteady legs and helped Isabel on to her feet.

"The medics will want to check you out," Lisbon informed Isabel as together they walked away from Jane, who watched as his second love left him standing alone. He noted the glares shot at him by Rigsby, Van Pelt and Cho.

He deserved it, though. I really do.

Isabel was sitting on a gurney when Jane reached the groups of people in the car park.

"You said you'd explain," Isabel reminded Lisbon with the innocence of someone who doesn't expect what they're about to hear.

"It's a long story," Lisbon began. "But the short version? I… I'm your birth mother."

Isabel recoiled from the blunt way Lisbon phrased the revelation.

"That's how you knew everything," the girl realized. Lisbon nodded sadly.

"The doctors told me that you were stillborn," Lisbon added. "I don't know the truth about that."

"I do," a voice said from behind Lisbon, startling both of them.

"And is he…" Isabel's jaw dropped slightly.

"Yes," Lisbon answered the unfinished question. She turned to Jane with an unconcealed expression of hatred on her face. "What?"

"One of the nurses… Annabel her name was, I believe," Jane started.

"The one that was flirting with you," Lisbon remembered, narrowing her eyes at the man she hadn't seen for fifteen years.

"Yes," Jane replied. "I found out, a few years ago, that the stillborn baby had survived. Annabel had taken her."

"She was the one who said she was stillborn… the one who took my baby away!" Lisbon looked furious.

"She spoke to me, when I was leaving the hospital, and said that now we could be together. At the time, I didn't know what she meant. Now, I guess I do," Jane spoke regretfully. "I suppose she couldn't look after a baby."

"You still left me," Lisbon whispered hoarsely. "You still left me when I needed you the most."

"Teresa?" the voice of Isabel surprised Lisbon.

"Yes, Isabel?" Lisbon spoke, turning to the girl who had been through so much in just a few days.

"Can I go home?" Lisbon smiled slightly and nodded.

"Of course," she answered.

Three hours later, Lisbon heard the front door open and someone enter the house. Louise walked into the living room where both Lisbon and Isabel were sitting.

"Mom, I'm home…" she began, just before she caught sight of the stranger sitting with her mother. "Mom, who is she?"

"Louise, this is Isabel. Isabel, Louise," Lisbon introduced the sisters. Isabel stood up and surveyed Louise.

"You do look like me…" she said slowly. Louise glanced to Lisbon, thoroughly confused.

"Louise, Isabel is your sister," Lisbon said slowly, and watched as realization dawned on Louise.

"Why didn't I know?" Louise asked Lisbon who sighed.

"The truth is, I didn't either. I thought Isabel was stillborn, or at least that's what the doctors told me. I suppose she isn't," Lisbon smiled as the two girls stood face to face. The similarities were amazingly clear now they stood together.

"Well, this is going to make interesting conversation over dinner," a strange voice commented and all three women looked around as Jane emerged from the kitchen.

"Lisbon," Lisbon answered her phone, keeping one hand on the steeling wheel.

"Just hear me out," Jane spoke quickly, before she hung up on him. She sighed softly.

"Fine," she replied.

"I messed up. Big time," Jane said. Lisbon wanted to agree with him, but stayed silent. "I would like another chance. For a family."

"Are you asking if I'll take you back?" Lisbon asked.

"Would you give me a second chance?" Jane questioned her.

"I suppose I should," Lisbon conceded. "For my… our daughters. Come tonight. I think Louise would like to meet her father."

Louise stared at the familiar man from the photograph. "Dad?"


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