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Leonardo slammed the door to his house, cursing Rosa for all she was worth.

What kind of creature was he? Deceiving his friend with this masquerade. Hurting him. And all for what? To protect Rosa? To protect himself from embarrassment?

That look on Ezio's face had sealed his vow. He would never dress up as a woman again, not that it was something he was looking forward to doing, but Rosa would just have to find someone else to help her.

He couldn't hurt the assassin again. Have him kiss him like that. Well… he wouldn't mind if he kissed him again- wait.

Did Leonardo actually enjoy that kiss?!

The painter's slender hand reached up to brush against his lips. They still tingled as though Ezio had only kissed him moments, instead of hours, ago. With a pained heart, the artist knew it was true. He had truly enjoyed the kiss.

But it was something he could never share with Ezio. They were both men, twice damned because Leonardo would never tell the assassin that it was him all along. He was too much of a coward. Too much of a friend.

Frustration welled up inside and Leonardo tore off the mask, letting it fall –forgotten- on his workshop table. Making his way further into the living room, the painter lit the fireplace, before beginning the meticulous task of ripping everything off.

His scalp stung from all the pins, but he finally wrenched off the awful wig. Dropping it to the floor, he tried to undo the lacings of the bodice. Impatient for once, he returned to his workshop table for a knife before simply slashing through it all. The over-fluffed gown and its many layers piled onto the carpet around his feet, discarded. The last things to go were the heels.

Letting out a great sigh of relief, as if a great burden had been lifted, Leonardo looked down at the items and said aloud, "Never again."

He would just have to explain to Rosa that-

A great pounding sounded at the front door. Leonardo grimaced. That was probably her. Well, this would be sooner than he expected but-

Just then something occurred to the artist. Rosa never used the door.

Simultaneously, a familiar voice demanded, "Leonardo! Open up!"

Leonardo paled, his voice barely a whisper as he breathed out in disbelief, "Ezio…"

Panic overwhelmed him as he saw the evidence scattered all over the floor. If the assassin saw all this…

Before his senses could come to a complete and useless halt, Leonardo forced himself to act quickly. He gathered up all the items from the carpet, shouting out, "Just a minute!"

He rushed to the nearest closet and dumped them all inside, closing the door all the way before remembering that he, himself, was naked. Opening the door once more, he grabbed the closest robe and threw it on.

Rushing to the door, Leonardo cursed as he remembered the makeup he still wore, and doubled back towards the bathroom.

"Mi amico! Hurry up!" Leonardo heard the assassin, ever impatient, demand through the heavy wooden door.

"Hold on!" The painter replied, all but plunging his entire head into the basin of water, scrubbing his face furiously.

Leonardo was wiping off his face with a towel, heading towards the door, when Ezio pounded more insistently, "Leonardo!!"

"I'm coming, I'm coming." The painter replied, tossing the small towel over a chair.

He reached for the door handle with one hand, the other nervously stroking his chin. Just as he unlocked the door, he realized one big problem. His face was clean shaven.

As quickly as the door swung open, the painter had turned and snatched the towel from the chair. Bringing it up to his face, he did the only thing he could think of and coughed.

He heard the door swing shut behind him as Ezio stepped inside. The assassin's hand patted the artist on the back, "Are you all right, mi amico?"

"Si, Ezio. I think I may be coming down with something." Leonardo said, turning to give the assassin a brief smile, behind the cloth of course, before leading the other into the living room.

"Really?" The assassin sounded surprised, "You sounded fine just a moment ago."

The artist coughed once more, before choosing a seat before the fireplace and plopping unceremoniously down on it, "That's the thing about sicknesses. They come as suddenly as they go."

"I see." Ezio said, leaning against the wall next to the fireplace. But something about his tone prompted the artist to take a closer look at him. And sure enough, Leonardo was able to note that the assassin looked extremely distracted.

"Is something troubling you?" Leonardo asked, concerned.

"I…" Ezio looked around the room, his expression perplexed. When his brown gaze finally fell to meet Leonardo's, there was only one word to describe it. He looked lost, "I cannot find her, Leonardo."

The painter nearly choked, his throat suddenly dry, but covered it up with a cough instead, "Find who?"

"The girl… the girl I was talking to you about the other day…" Ezio said, starting to pace the room.

Leonardo sighed. If Ezio only knew… would he still be pining like this?

"There are other girls, Ezio. Surely you can-" Leonardo started to say.

But the assassin threw up his hands in defeat, interrupting the painter to state, "No I cannot, Leonardo. This one was different from the others."

"Different?" The artist inquired, curious.

"Yes, different. I… I cannot explain it. She just was. It was like…" Ezio looked around the room, seeing nothing and yet everything as he sought the answer he couldn't quite grasp, "… it was like… she was so familiar… and yet…"

Leonardo frowned in surprise. He had never seen his friend like this before. What had gotten over him?

Leonardo was so lost in thought that it took him a while to notice that Ezio had gone silent. Looking up, the artist was surprised to see the assassin totally immobile, simply staring at him.

"Leonardo… when did you shave your goatee?" The voice echoed around the suddenly quiet room. Even the fire didn't dare crackle.

The painter cursed himself for forgetting to keep the cloth over his mouth. Coughing once more, Leonardo smiled weakly, "I-uh, this morning… I cut a little too much off and had to shave the whole thing."

"Oh, I see…" The assassin replied, not quite sounding as though he believed the painter.

Leonardo began to fidget as the assassin continued to stare him down, those eyes seemingly trying to pierce his very soul.

"Where did you say you've been these past couple days… mi amico?" Ezio questioned, his voice light enough, but his gaze sharpening.

"Here and there," Leonardo replied, trying to keep the tremor out of his voice by clearing his throat, "you know, with Rosa."

The moment Ezio's eyes narrowed, Leonardo knew he had given the wrong answer, "Rosa informed me she was busy with an assignment. I never saw you there…"

Unable to take his heated gaze any longer, Leonardo tore his eyes away and let them wander the room, "Ezio, it's no big deal. You probably just… missed…"

Leonardo's eyes widened as his gaze took in something he should never have forgotten on the table. His mind told him to look away. Look away before it was too late. But as he darted his gaze back towards the calculating assassin, he knew those perceptive eyes never missed a thing.

"…me…" Leonardo finished his excuse, feeling as though he was on a train that had just derailed, with no other way to look but towards his inevitable demise. His eyes were glued onto Ezio's, and sure enough, the assassin slowly turned his gaze sideways to see what had bothered the painter so much.

Unwilling to see Ezio's reaction and the betrayal that would fill his eyes, Leonardo quickly got up and distracted himself with the bookshelf that was behind the couch, his back to the assassin. He could hear footsteps, and waited for them to end with the front door slamming. But there was a pause.


Leonardo's heart thumped loudly in his ears. A million thoughts ran, scattered, throughout his mind. He could run, jump out the window, and seek refuge in the thieves guild. He could beg Ezio's forgiveness and pray the assassin wouldn't kill him. He could get Rosa to calm the other down long enough for Leonardo to escape Venezia.

He was so caught up in his escape plans, he didn't catch the sound of quick footsteps coming up behind him until it was too late.

Leonardo was so startled when Ezio spun him around to face the assassin, that he dropped everything he held to the floor, including the rag and a new book he had pulled out without thinking.

He blanched to see the stone expression on Ezio's face. As his eyes traveled downward, he saw the green half-mask he had worn earlier dangling in the assassin's grasp. The white armor-clad form was as tense and unreadable as the look on the man's face.

"Ezio… I… I can explain…" Leonardo stumbled over his words even as he stumbled backwards, down the narrow walkway between the couch and the bookcase. The assassin followed him step for step, which didn't help the artist's nerves one bit, "There was… it was… I never meant… to…"

Leonardo felt the end of the bookcase halt his retreat. The bookcase to the left and behind him blocked his way, as did the silent white assassin before him. The only way to go was right, and Leonardo had only taken a fraction of a step before Ezio's arm shot out to block that particular path as well.

"Mi dispiace… Ezio…" Leonardo said shakily, as the assassin leaned closer.

The painter was surprised to find Ezio placing the green mask over Leonardo's face. Immediately, he squeezed his eyes shut, refusing to face the inevitable.

"Open them." Ezio demanded.

But Leonardo merely shook his head, keeping his eyes shut.

"Open. Them…" The assassin commanded, a deadly edge dripping into his tone.

Gritting his teeth, the painter finally complied. When the recognition flashed through the assassin's eyes, Leonardo knew his fate was sealed.

"Maledizione." Ezio growled, "I knew it."

The assassin tossed the mask aside, his eyes having never left the painter's face. Leonardo steeled himself, wondering whether it was to be a dagger in the gut, a punch to the face, or a few choice words that Ezio would start off with.

But Leonardo could never have predicted this.

Stepping forward, the assassin bodily pressed Leonardo against the bookshelf behind him as he proceeded to kiss him with a flaming passion. It was so heated, it made the time on the rooftop pale in comparison.

Leonardo made a desperate grab for the shelves behind him as his legs gave way, both turning into two useless piles of goo. But the painter only succeeded in pulling a couple books out of their place, falling into disarray around him, reminiscent of his own thoughts.

Ezio didn't let him fall, however. One arm around his waist and the other around his upper back, the assassin gently lowered him to the ground.

When Leonardo's head rested softly on the carpeted floor, Ezio finally pulled back, allowing both of them to breathe. Leonardo had a hard time getting his eyes to focus, much less get his mind together to form a coherent thought.

"Ezio…" Leonardo breathed.

"Yes…" The assassin replied, trailing kisses down from the painter's chin to the top of his robe and back again.

"We… cannot…" The painter said, much to the protest of his own body.

Ezio nipped him lightly, making the painter cry out, as he growled, "Why not?"

"We…" Leonardo found it extremely difficult to concentrate when the assassin kept kissing his neck like that, "Ezio… we are men…"

The assassin pulled back to look incredulously at the flustered painter beneath him, "So? It's been done before."

That said, he went back to work, trailing hot kisses along Leonardo's exposed skin, his hands trailing over places the robe kept hidden.

Leonardo gasped as the assassin continued to play his body like a finely tuned instrument, throwing his head back even as he continued, "But… Ezio… I thought…"

The assassin sighed impatiently and pulled back to let Leonardo finish his statement, "Ezio… I thought you like women…"

The dark-haired assassin chuckled, "True, I like women. But you… Leonardo Da Vinci… you are the one I love."

Leonardo blinked, his ears hardly believing, "…love…?"

Ezio seemed as surprised as the painter that he had said the word, but Leonardo could see the assassin immediately tense, as if going on the defensive. As if he were preparing to get hurt and steeling himself for it.

Leonardo smiled. For all the violence Ezio dealt with, all the killings and dangerous missions, this was the one thing the man feared? To get his heart broken?

"I thought… I was the only one who fell in love with you… Ezio Auditore." Leonardo stated in disbelief. For it was true. Since the moment he had met the man, the assassin's strength, his pure heart, it had all drawn him in like a moth to a flame.

In the blink of an eye, all the tension dissipated and they both smiled warmly at one another, as if for the first time.

"Will you let me up now?" Leonardo asked, feeling trapped and pinned between the assassin's lethal, muscled body and the floor.

"No." Ezio answered, a mischievous glint in his eye as he dipped down to continue his previous ministrations.

"Ezio…" Leonardo gasped, the man having found his weakness on the neck, "please, mi amico, have patience…"

"Tell me…" The assassin said between each roaming kiss, wanting to sample every inch of exposed skin, though it hardly seemed enough, "were you ever going to let me know it was you?"

"No…" Leonardo's breath hitched, as Ezio chose just then to suck a spot on his collarbone with a little intensity.

Breathing deep and hard, the assassin raised his head to look into the flustered painter's eyes, Ezio's brow creased as he inquired, "Never?"

Leonardo shook his head, his voice breathing out in a whisper, "Never…"

The painter bit his lip, then, unsure of what sort of repercussions could come from an enraged assassin. For he saw the spark that ignited within those brown eyes from his answer. Leonardo opened his mouth to calm the beast-

-only to moan in ecstasy, Ezio holding down the painter's hips as he positioned his thigh just right and ground in between Leonardo's legs once more. The painter flushed darker, another moan escaping as his hands scrabbled for purchase on the carpeted floor.

"E-Ezio…" He groaned once more as the assassin repeated the motion a third and fourth time.

"How can I be patient, Leonardo, knowing how close I came to losing you forever?" Ezio breathed out, nipping the painter on the shoulder. He brought his lips close to Leonardo's ear as he said, "I heard what you said on the rooftop… I read your body language. You meant what you said, that I would never see you again."

Leonardo held Ezio's face in both hands, bringing the raven-haired assassin to look him straight in the eye, "Never again dressed as a woman. Never again would I deceive you in such a manner. But *I* would still be here, mi amico."

"But would you have been able to act on feelings you thought were okay to act upon as a woman, but not a man?" Ezio asked.

"Would you, if I hadn't?" Leonardo countered.

There was a brief pause. Then a slow smile broke out on the assassin's face, "Touche, Leonardo."

After which point, Ezio continued to devour his body as though he had a hunger that could not be sated.

"Ezio…" Leonardo writhed, as the assassin grinded against him again.

"I like your choice in wardrobe…" Ezio commented, his hands undoing the tie, pushing the fabric farther apart to expose the painter's chest.

"…please…" The painter moaned as Ezio teased his hardened pebbles, "…we shouldn't…"

"You shouldn't have worn this…" The assassin growled, before trailing kisses down his abdomen, halting just above where the robe still overlapped and covered his hardened cock.

"Please… mi amor…" Leonardo gasped as the assassin lifted the painter's hips to rest on the crouching assassin's thighs, the robe finally sliding off in the process.

His weeping erection hitting the cool air was so distracting that Leonardo didn't even notice Ezio had stopped. After a moment, the painter opened his eyes, wondering if he had done something wrong.

The assassin was kneeling before the painter, resting on his heels with Leonardo's thighs angled on top his own. What caught Leonardo's attention, though, was the look on Ezio's face as he whispered, "Say it again…"

"Mi… amor?" Leonardo asked.

After which the painter could no longer make any coherent statements, Ezio having taken it upon himself to grasp Leonardo's cock, one deadly hand dancing up and down the shaft with speed.

Leonardo gasped, unable to hold back the small sounds of pleasure that would escape every time that firm, calloused hand glided back down his heated shaft. He bit his lip in frustration, as his attempts to raise his hips to meet the pumps were foiled by the other armored arm, firmly keeping his body in place.

"Ezio… please…" Leonardo pleaded, not quite sure what it was for that he asked, but incoherently asking for it anyway.

The assassin, however, was content to go at his own pace, marveling at the slender, sweat-drenched body splayed out before him. To think that he had almost lost him…

Ezio started pumping Leonardo's cock faster.

Leonardo gasped loudly, feeling his toes beginning to curl and his abdomen starting to tighten, "Ezio… mi amor… I'm gonna-"

"Cum for me, mi amor." Ezio growled, pumping the painter's shaft hard, as he slipped one cum-slick digit into Leonardo's opening.

Leonardo cried out at the sensations. His cock being worked, the intrusive feeling of Ezio's finger, and the assassin's voice all worked together to wrench out the painter's climax.

His whole body tensed as he moaned Ezio's name, streams of cum spurting out of his hardened shaft. The fact that he knew the assassin was just sitting there, watching, made him cum all the harder. When Leonardo was finally spent, he dropped his head back to the floor, feeling a little weak.

He was just gaining back his breath when he gasped, eyes widened. He looked up at Ezio accusingly as the assassin merely smirked, caught red-handed trying to lubricate Leonardo's entrance with his own cum, "You didn't think we were finished, did you… mi amor?"

"No… o-of course not." Leonardo gasped, the assassin still working his entrance with his cum-covered digits as the painter spoke, "I just thought… you would give me… a slight… reprieve?"

"I am an impatient man." The assassin replied, freeing his own straining erection as he held Leonardo in place. He fixed the painter with one of his cocky smiles from under his cowl, and in an innocently berating tone noted, "I thought you already knew that, Leonardo."

"I did," Leonardo gulped inaudibly at the intense hunger he found in Ezio's eyes, "I just didn't realize just how much of a sex fiend you are."

"Sex fiend?" Ezio gave a devilish smirk, "Is it really so bad for me to want to fuck you until we both cum?"

The assassin had been teasing the painter's entrance with the tip of his cock the whole time, and Leonardo found it a little difficult to concentrate as he swallowed, "… hardly."

"Tell me, mi amor, how badly do you want this?" Ezio growled roguishly, intentionally dipping his cock a little further into Leonardo, before pulling out just to hover.

Leonardo made a frustrated sound when he attempted to drive his hips downwards, only to be stopped by those maddeningly strong hands on his thighs.

Leaning forward, a slight smirk to his lips, the assassin demanded in low, velvety tones, "How… bad…?"

Pushed to his limits, Leonardo growled, pushing himself up and forward with one arm, the other hand grasping Ezio on the side of his face and slightly behind the neck.

"I *AM* a patient man, Ezio. And you… are starting to test me. If you are not going to fuck me, then I am going to go out there and-" Leonardo cut himself off with a loud moan as Ezio chose that moment to penetrate.

His arm buckling, the painter dropped his upper body back down to the floor, cursing aloud as the pleasure rushed through him. He could feel everything. The rippling of Ezio's thighs underneath his own. The assassin's fingers gripping his hips. The heated, throbbing cock pushed deep within his depths.

"And what?" Ezio prompted, grunting, "You'll go out there and what?"

Managing to get a breath, Leonardo pried his eyes open to glare accusingly at the assassin. The killer looked so smug right now, that Leonardo couldn't help but growl, "Bastardo."

Ezio smiled wider. The painter just looked so… delectable. Holding Leonardo's hips in an iron-clad grip, the assassin drove deeper into the painter's heated core. Leonardo cried out, hands scrabbling for a purchase on the rug underneath them.

"Think you can find someone who can fuck you like this, Leonardo?" Ezio demanded, watching the painter's face, which was twisted in ecstasy.

Shifting ever so slightly, calculating, Ezio shoved his cock deeper once more, aiming for the spot that would make Leonardo scream. And scream he did, body tensing as a heated charge of pleasure shot straight through him. By now, Leonardo's erection was back full force.

"Someone… who can-" The assassin grunted as he penetrated once more, hitting the same spot, "-pleasure you like this?"

"No." Leonardo gasped, his toes curling from the jolts of pleasure spiking straight from the pulsing spot Ezio had the knack for ramming his cock into.

Driving deep once more, the assassin leaned in, his white robe pooling around them as he teased, "What was that, Leonardo?"

"No, maledizione…" The painter was barely able to whisper, sweat dripping down his brow. He gave up trying to grab the rug and fisted his hands into Ezio's white robes. The extra weight threw the assassin off a little, and Ezio had to release his grip on the painter's thighs, falling forward slightly as he braced his arms to keep from falling on the other.

Gripping the top of Ezio's chest plate armor, Leonardo pulled the assassin closer, "I want all of this off. Now."

That seductive smirk graced the handsome assassin's features as he replied, "You are free to try, Leonardo."


Leonardo: … You knew?... you KNEW it was me??

Ezio: … what?...

Leonardo:… … …

Ezio: I was just saying that I recogni-

Leonardo: Just because I have long-ish hair with feminine features does not make me a potential girl!

Ezio:… (looks up at the artist's sentence, brow cocked)… Leonardo… read over what you just said and try telling me again.

Leonardo:… I… uh (blushes)… maledizione (runs off into the distance)

Ezio:… (blinks)… wait, Leonardo! I haven't finished ravishing you yet. (runs after the retreating figure, triggering his sprint)

Leonardo: (notices he's being chased and let's out an indignantly high-pitched yelp, running faster)

Ezio: Leonardo!! We need to finish our beautiful love scene!!

Leonardo: No bastardo! Find somebody else! Where's Rosa? I need to kill her!

Ezio: (voice fading into the distance alone with Leonardo's) That reminds me. Tell her thanks from me before you end her life!

Leonardo: Like hell I will…

BlueBastard: I know, horrible place to cut it off. But I figured I had to give you guys something, right?