Author's Note: E/O Challenge for Platinum Rose Lady, the word was "touch", the additional challenge was getting her hometown Boston into it. I'm awfully late but at least it's still 2009 for a few more hours. I couldn't let this marvellous lady author down by allowing her birthday to pass without chipping in. Here's to you, dear.

Disclaimer: If Supernatural was mine I'd share. I would! Hear that, Kripke?

Word Count: 100 in each

Warnings: After season 3

What's In A Name?

Dean had found a hunt in an area known as "Mystic Country" near Boston. Sam had jumped at the name and very reluctantly agreed to go there. It had taken Dean two hours of silent driving until he'd remembered their Trickster encounter at "The Mystery Spot". Sam had watched Dean die, repeatedly, and obviously wasn't keen on anything touching the memory. Dean slumped in the seat. He wanted to say something soothing to his little brother like… he'd died every day for thirty years in Hell since then... No big deal. Except… Sam hadn't been able to stop that either.

Things To Do In Boston - Die

While driving across the country Sam had researched their goal with relish. The Museum of Fine Arts, he'd rejoiced. The Symphony Hall, he'd squeed, though he'd probably call it 'exclaimed'. And the Freedom Trail he'd sighed reverently. Civilization!

Kid had behaved as if it was a school outing.

Well, Dean thought darkly as he squirmed in the rusted chains, Sam had better been taking notes on the tour.

Because Captain Green of The Spirit of Boston was about to keelhaul him to his death, turning him into one of the cast of the authentic, touching ghost stories haunting it.

I'm late, but better late than never, eh? Er... Ok?