A Dreamers Dream:

Prehistoric Park: A New Begging a Better Start

The world looks perfect, alive, and complete. But there is something missing. Something Important, necessary, Dinosaurs. But they're extinct. But what if extinction doesn't mean forever, what if we can bring them back from the edge of extinction. Back to the present day.

Hello fellow adventurers. Are you guys ready to go to the past, to bring back prehistoric creatures to the present day? And care, house, feed, find and save as many as you can. If you agree then dawn on your adventure clothes and sign up for a part as a worker, intern, veterinarian, chef, or a rescuer of these prehistoric treasures. The chouse is yours.


Past job description (Be creative):

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Character's Name (first and last):




Likes and Dislikes:


Courage level (1 Scared-10 Brave):

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