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Chapter 1


I couldn't let him turn me, I just couldn't.

I was still sitting on the ledge of the bridge, about to jump. I couldn't even think about the value of my life right now, how many people I was going to hurt. All I knew is I would not become a monster.

I hesitated to jump and looked down into the water. But, that was a mistake.

I looked back up and felt a sharp pain in the back of my head then, nothing…


I would not lose my Roza again. Standing there in shock watching her climb on the ledge was one of the scariest moments of my existence. I knew I couldn't let her do this. She was going to be mine, forever.

I ran up to her at my strigoi speed. It pained me to do this but I needed to awaken her and now I knew she wouldn't let me do it willingly. I struck the back of her head to knock her out. She immediately fell backwards into my arms unconscious. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her neck where all my previous bite marks were. But, none of those mattered any more. As soon as we got back to Galina's estate, well I guess my estate now that she's dead; I would bite her for the final time and make her mine for eternity.

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