Aiko waited for the teacher to stop talking about her family and tell her where she was sitting. There was only one desk open and it was almost right between Rin and Rei's desk.

Aw Crap! Aiko thought as her heart started to race again.

Suddenly the teacher started to teach but all Aiko was focused on was slowing down her breathing and her heart beat, or one of these times she was going to have a heart attack. Suddenly a folded paper landed on her desk. She looked around then opened it. Her heart once again started to race.

"You look beautiful! when I happened to walk by your gym class I saw you in those cute shorts! I was wondering if you would sit with me at lunch, Or I could sit with you. Either way. Answer after class. Rei."

Aiko sighed and rested her head on her desk. she let her eyes wonder, and they so happened to land on Rin. He looked so cool and handsome, as he worked hard.

suddenly he glanced over to her, and she quickly sat up and started to scribble on her paper. she heard a chuckle and glanced over to see in smiling. Aiko suddenly was hypnotized as she stared at him again. His snow white hair hung down in front of his face, as he wrote down notes, or his work.

Finally the bell rang and Aiko stood up from her desk.

Suddenly someone grabbed her arm and she turned around staring into Rei's eyes.

"Well Miss Aiko will You come sit with me at lunch?"

She blushed, "how about you come sit with Yoshi, Toshi, and I."

He nodded, "Okay… see you at lunch." Suddenly he kissed her forehead and walked off.

Aiko stood there memorized in her thoughts. Wow! that hotty just kissed me! Not really my first kiss but it was still a kiss on the forehead.

"Aiko why are you just standing there! Come on!" Yoshi suddenly had her hand and pulled her to the lunch room.

They all got their food and sat down.

Aiko suddenly started to think of random questions, then she said, "How old are you guys?"

Yoshi and Toshi both smiled and said, "15."

Aiko Then said, "how old is Rei and Rin?"

"Rin is 17 I think, and Rei is 16." Toshi said.

"16 in a half." a voice said proudly then sat down next to Aiko smiling.

Aiko blushed and then smiled, "Well thats awesome!"

"How old are you Aiko?" Yoshi asked.

"16." she said after swallowing her salad.

"cool." Everyone said.

"somethings bugging me though. why is it that Rin is in our class when he should be up higher or something?"

Yoshi laughed, "we don't do it that why anymore. Kind of do it by knowledge now. You can't leave school till your 18 or 19 and have all A's."

"That's why Rin is still in beginners Math. He's passed everything else he just can't get any higher then a B-." Toshi then said.

"Wow… that's strange." Aiko said then started to drink some pepsi.

"who cares." Rei said stubbornly, "I don't find Rin that cool." He glared at his food, "He's a loser."

"How would you know? You haven't even met him." Yoshi yelled.

"Yep! never will too… everything about him sends bad signals to me." Rei closed his eyes.

Suddenly someones tray slammed onto the table and another (only not slammed.) then another one. Aiko looked at them and saw Rin, Asumi and Yumi's faces. They all sat down. "what's that doing here?" Yumi growled looking at Aiko.

"she's our friend Yumi!" Yoshi said.

"what's IT doing here?" Rin barked glaring at Rei. Rei glared back then smirked rapping an arm around Aiko, "I'm sitting by my new girlfriend." Yoshi looked at me with an open mouth, Toshi and Rin looked shocked, Asumi didn't care and just kept eating, and Yumi was glaring.

Aiko's heart fluttered but she turned to Rei and asked, "we are?"

He nodded, "Yep! sense this morning!" he smiled looking at me. Then smirked towards Rin, "whats wrong? Jealous?"

Rin smiled looking at his food, "Not at all, You can keep that idiot girl." He then stood up and walked away. Aiko watched him walk away open mouthed then looked at Rei in confusion. Yoshi was now glaring at Rei, "You idiot! Why in the world did you do that?"

Rei smirked, "cause I love Miss Aiko." He looked at Aiko and smiled, "she's just so cute!" Then he kissed her forehead.

Aiko stared at everyone in total shock but said without realizing, "Yes, Rei cares for me and I love him." suddenly her heart started to flutter when she looked at Rei. "You don't even know him!" Yoshi shouted then walked away from the table. Aiko now watched Yoshi walk away a little worried.

"Don't worry about him. He's just jealous." He smiled and closed his eyes. Aiko sighed and looked at Toshi who ate his food quickly then to assume who was doing the same, even Yumi, but was also smiling as she ate.

This suddenly told her something was wrong. Aiko looked at Rei. No I'm wrong… she thought.


Aiko smiled to herself. Things were going great! although she never saw Rin around anymore. Maybe he might have gone to a higher level of math. Both Yoshi and Him wouldn't sit with us at the table. Rei allayed hugged me and kissed my forehead but I'm going to get my first kiss from him sometime. Aiko's eyes flashed as she thought about this when suddenly someone stepped in front of her. "Please listen to me Aiko…" Rin said staring at her with sad eyes.


"He's using you, or just trying to hurt you… getting you away from some of your friends." Rin sighed softly.

she laughed, "Why would he do that?"

He sighed again then asked, "has he kissed you yet?"

"No… but I'm…" suddenly she was stopped short when Rin's lips touched her's. Her heart pounded loud in her chest. Thats when she suddenly glared and pulled away, "I have to meet Rei, and I have to get there early so WE can kiss."

As she walked away Rin shook his head and started to walk into a classroom. Aiko then walked outside and noticed Yumi and Rei. She sighed, "Didn't beat her…" she whispered.

Suddenly she watched Rei wrap his arms around Yumi smiling. Yumi giggled then Rei bent down and kissed her. (with Tongue)

what? Aiko thought. No, this can't…

Yumi then pulled away, "we better stop or we'll be caught by your stupid girlfriend Aiko."

Aiko then walked back into the school confused, her heart felt shot at she looked into some of the empty classrooms as she passed by, when she then noticed Rin in one of them. she opened the door and Rin looked over his shoulder to see who it was. When he saw who it was he dropped his stuff on the desk and turned around and faced her. Tears were pouring out of her eyes, "You were right…" she muttered, walking towards him, "I'm so sorry Rin!" she sobbed. Suddenly he wrapped his arms around her, "Your okay… you don't need to apologize." soon both of them were on the ground. Rin held Aiko in his lap as she cried herself to sleep. He rested his chin on her head and sighed, "I won't let anyone hurt you… ever again…"