Dance in the Dark


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Summary: Can a true love survive destiny? Grace has a nephew and he's sort of crazy. Don't worry. He has good reasons. Language, MM, OC, Violence


It was difficult for someone like Kerry to understand the concept of a mother goddess. In fact, it was quite hard for him to really understand the concept of any deity. Something like Eywa was just too much for him to even try and comprehend.

Religion and spirituality made his head hurt. The pain would first strike right behind his blue eyes and then spread like a plague. He didn't have time to listen to fairytales and other such terrors Grimm. All he wanted to do was escape and pick flowers to play with under the microscope.

"Oh, come on, Grace," he finally growled. "I want to come with you. I want to see this new world the way you do."

"You do, do you?" She asked, turning away from her specimen to look at him. "And what did I tell you?"

He rolled his eyes. "I either have to put aunt or doctor in front of your name, but you prefer doctor."

She nodded. "It all has to do with respect. The Omaticaya are all about respect and reverence."

And she was off again. He sat back, making himself as comfortable as he dared. With the way she was speed talking, he could tell this might take a while.

He would nod ever so often and agree at pauses just to fool her into thinking he was actually paying attention. All of this talk about Tree of Voices, Tree of Souls, Wells of Voodoo, was really beginning to make his left eye twitch.

"Not that I believe in that stuff myself," she went on and on. "But, I do believe there is something happening biologically within these scared sites."

He nodded again.

"Let me go with you this time," he said. "I want to see the outside world without there being glass in my way."

"Your avatar body is not fully formed yet," she said, looking at him with her head cocked to the side. "And you're not putting that skin on until you learn their language and as much of their culture as you can. Until you learn to take your studies seriously, you'll be looking through glass behind these walls for a very long time."

He pursed his lips. And it was time to commence with the really loud shouting and the mean name calling. It was really beginning to become a nice little ritual they had, the only culture in his life.

"Fine," he said out of the violet light.

She cocked a brow. "Is that it? That's all you're going to say? No yelling or breaking a beaker this time?"

He turned away. He wasn't even going to grace those questions with an answer.

If there was one thing he had gotten from his mother, it was her ability to give a devastating silent treatment. It was one of the reasons why his father had blown her brains out and then his own.

He had come out of his room, yelling for them to turn the volume on the fucking television down. He had then slipped in his mother's brains and fallen on his ass. Two years of therapy and six years of Sleeping Beauty Syndrome and he was here on Pandora with his mommy's twin sister.

His dad had murdered his mom and then took his own life when he was fourteen. He was in the crazy house with all the nuts and squirrels until he was sixteen. Now he was 29, but in a 22 year old body that still looked youthfully teenaged.

"I keep telling you to get Norm to help you," his Aunt said. "Now that Sully is…"

Kerry hissed, getting to his feet. "I have to go…watch something."

"Wait," she called, making a little noise as she got up. "I didn't mean…"

He practically fled from the lab without running this time around. He walked as far away as he could before he finally collapsed back against a metal wall.

He closed his eyes, pressing his palms against his temples. He didn't want to see and he didn't want to think about it.

Tom had been his friend. The two of them had been a lot alike. They both had come from broken homes, but Tom had never been all alone though. He had been lucky for having a brother.

"Stop," he whispered to no one, his mind flashing back against his will.


The darkness smelled like some faraway nightmare he could never really run far away from. Shadows danced and he slipped in something thick.

"Tom?" He reached out, catching his balance. "I don't like this game."

He moved ever so cautiously and suddenly tripped over something large sprawled in the floor. He hit the ground hard, getting thick wetness all over his hands as he tried to get up. It was so cold.

"Lights!" He shouted.

The dark blood under his fingernails was the first thing he saw. Then it was the blood all over his hands and under him.

When he turned his head and saw Tom's empty eyes looking at him; that was when his mind relapsed again.

"Not again!" He screamed, pulling Tom into his arms. "Tom!"

He shook him so hard, making his head loll like some dead weight.

They had found him holding his friend in his arms, humming some long forgotten song.

"Stop it!" He snapped, hitting himself over and over in the temples with his palms.

It had been six years, six long years of sleeping with that pale and empty corpse.

Four of those six years had been in what his Aunt called a "healing sleep" and it had given his mind a chance to rest and heal itself, while Sleeping Beauty kissed him again. For the last two years he had been coping with the loss of his…friend.


Why had he been murdered? Who had taken his life?

There were too many unanswered questions.

"Eywa," Tom had once told him in secret. "If I die here, I hope my soul goes to her. She seems nice."

Kerry shook his head. He believed in no gods. He told himself he had good reason not to.

Why would such a loving goddess allow a kind man to be murdered in cold blood for him to nearly drown in? Why would any loving god allow a father to take a mother's life for him to nearly lose his mind?

Gods are useless creations.

"Hey, beautiful," a cheerful voice called. "Why are you out this way for?"

It was Trudy.

"Escaping," he answered.

She laughed. "Again?"

He nodded. "I had to. She was driving me crazy."

She walked up and gave him a warm hug. She smelled of machine oil and some kind of flower.

"I have to see your aunt," she told him, letting go. "She's heading out again tomorrow."

"I know," he grumbled. "I'm stuck here as always."

She ruffled his shocking white hair. It had once been darker than deep space, but the "healing sleep" had bleached it to snow. At least, that is what the color snow looks like in history books. He had never seen snow.

"Why don't you go talk to him?" Trudy asked, making him blink. "I'm sure he would like a visit."

He fought really hard to keep the stinging from making his eyes all red. It was a battle lost.

"Do you think he was murdered because of…"

Trudy took hold of his trembling shoulders, telling him to look at her in her commanding voice. He did as he was told. You never argued with her. She would smack you down, hard.

"You did nothing wrong," she told him. "The bastard who pulled that trigger is to blame."

His bottom lip trembled. He was losing it again. He could feel that terrible coldness sliding back inside.

"Tom made a choice," she said. "He chose a side and he stood for it."

"It killed him."

She gently played with his hair. "He knew what he was doing."

"Did he?"

"Go see him."

Kerry shook his head. "It is just an empty shell."

She smiled. "That moves…that dreams of waking up."

She ruffled his hair and walked away from him. He just stood there, watching her go.

He sniffled and wiped at his nose with the back of his palm.

Ten very long minutes later, he stood before the giant glass tank in the empty lab. A large, blue foot kicked and he walked around very slowly up the long length of the clear tube.

He put his pale hand up to the glass. It was smooth and body temperature warm, like the fluid inside.

"Hi," he whispered.

Tom's handsome, blue avatar face turned towards him with closed eyes. It looked just like him. His right knee trembled a little.

"Miss me?" He asked, stepping up closer.

The muscular body twitched slightly and the right hand flexed a little bit. It was such a big hand, too. The avatar body looked strong enough to punch through walls. He bet it could lift a person up and toss them clear across a room.

"I miss you," he said, putting his smooth forehead to the glass. "I couldn't wait to see you in this form. You were so excited about it. You were going to be ten feet tall."

Painful silence followed.

"Do you want to hear a story?" He asked. "I just made this one up."

He took the sudden movement of the broad, striped shoulders as a yes. It was all he really needed.

"Once there existed a happy little boy…"

Kerry didn't know his Aunt was watching and listening. He was too lost in Tom's sleeping, serene face.

"He believed in things like love and happy ever afters…"

He closed his eyes.

"He really should have snorted a lethal dose of harsh reality and read between those prettily painted lines…"

To Be Continued…

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