Dance in the Dark


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Chapter Eight

Norm rushed into Kerry's darkened little room and froze there in the open doorway as if he had hit a wall made of thick glass. The young man on the bed was trembling and huddling away on the far right hand corner of his small bed. He had his face hidden completely from view and he was pressed up against the wall as far away as he could get.

Glass was all in the floor, but that wasn't what had the young botanist gawking like a fish drowning in oil. His wide eyes were witnessing wild roses sprouting, growing at a rapid rate and blooming all throughout the room. Thorn covered green vines covered the walls and snaking across the low ceiling. Falling blossoms littered the floor and bed like discarded gems, but not a single one touched Kerry. It was as though he were in some kind of an invisible bubble. It was all taking place just around him.

Started by the sheer impossibility playing out like a movie before his stunned and dazzled eyes, Norm took a swift glance back out into the empty hallway and quickly stepped back inside, closing the door behind him. He had to get to Kerry and make sure he wasn't injured. At least, that was what his heart was yelling for him to do, but his brain was far more concerned about the sharp looking thorns which obstructed his route. Each one looked as if they could rend flesh from bone and looked hungry enough to enjoy doing it, too.

Kerry was mumbling under his breath and shaking his head back and forth as though he were arguing with himself or something unseen. Norm could make out a few of the words. Kerry was speaking fluent Na'Vi.








Drive out.

His words were harsh and guttural. They were not angry words. They were pissed the fuck off words. They were words thirsting to be written in blood.

Norm shivered and realized the room was colder than a meat locker. The smell of roses which permeated the very air was causing his head to spin.


Kerry's head snapped around and Norm's sweaty back hit the door. Kerry cocked his snowy head to the side with a hiss from his blood red lips and Norm could see his breath in the air. Crystalline green tears streamed like blood from his glowing, insane blue eyes.

Kerry crawled forward on his knees all animalistic like, crouching at the very edge of the bed. Rose vines parted their thorns and he stood with feline grace.


"Interlopers!" Kerry shrieked higher than the Hallelujah Mountains.

His voice was not his voice and his face was not his face. It was bestial, beautiful and crazed. He pointed a knife sharp finger at Norm and Norm felt his bladder release.

"Ravagers of our body! Rapists!" Kerry cried, rose vines rattling like venomous serpents. "Murderers of our chosen!"

Norm could feel his own warm urine trailing down his trembling legs, growing colder by the second. The ground rumbled and shook under his feet as Kerry's form became a monstrous shadow.


Vines were unleashed and attacked like whips with hungry fangs and before Norm could feel his flesh rendered an unknowable agony, he woke up in a tangle of his own bed sheets, in a pool of his own cold piss.

His breathing was labored. He was soaked in sweat, piss and his skin was covered in goose bumps. Every hair on his body was standing on end.

He took a quick glance around his quiet quarters and got up. He cleaned himself as quickly as he could, got dressed and left his room without checking to see if the door had locked itself behind him.

Something was terribly wrong. He knew this because he had not pissed himself in his sleep since Tom's murder.

He could still smell roses.


Kerry was sitting on the bottom end of his bed, looking across at the roses in front of him. Bits of broken glass and potting soil lay at his bare feet.

The once little green bush was now at least three times its normal size and its deep red rose blossoms had to be five times that. The thorns were big enough to be used as sewing needles.

He took in another deep breath. His room now smelled of their pleasing perfume and he still didn't know what to do.

So, he very simply decided to water the damn things and be done with the whole event. He could write it off as a biological mishap and pretend it was all perfectly normal.

Hell! For all he knew about plants, this could be normal, like once upon a field of moonflowers blossoming under the moon.

He observed his smooth violet scar on his hand and how it spiraled up and around the length of his entire arm. Every so slowly, he extended his hand towards the roses and using his mind, he asked them to do something.

They did.

They just sat there looking like a bunch of fucking roses. Totally abnormal.

He felt like an idiot.

What did he expect them to do? Dance?

The sudden knock at the door nearly caused him to yelp and cut himself on the broken glass.

He knew that knock.

"Give me a minute," he called, quickly snatching up his bed covers and tossing them in the floor, using them to hide the bits of broken glass and soil.

The last thing he wanted was for his trip out in his avatar to be cancelled. He would just keep this to himself for the time being. It was nothing to get worked up over. Maybe he just hadn't been paying attention to how well the roses had been growing. He could have just dreamed the whole thing where they had been growing rapidly before his eyes and glowing scar.

Yeah! Yeah!

A few roses magically growing bigger and bigger was nothing to freak out over and scream about. His pillow had handled his mouth very well. It had certainly helped keep the noise of his hysterics down to a minimum.

"You may come in now," he said, greeting Norm with a big smile.

Norm walked inside, did a nonstop U-turn and exited the room, slamming the door shut behind him.

Kerry looked after the older man's wake with confusion. He scratched the back of his head.

What the fuck was that?

Feeling a slight draft, he looked down at himself and promptly blushed pinker than a crayon.

He was naked.

To Be Continued…

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