He could've chosen anyone. Yet he chose him.

Their days on the Islands had been cliché perfect ones. Blue skies, warm breezes, sand and the sea. The only home she really knew. Such beauty…

…Suddenly went ugly...

…When he chose him.

She had rationalized that the two hanging out together so much were just boys bonding. She was a girl after all, and not everything that happened with guys might be chatted over with girls.

She went through years of confusion and denial as she sorted through her emotions. Silly days when she was younger, doing "He loves me, he loves me not" on flowers that never seemed to be able to make up their minds. Moments of heart-fluttering happiness when he would give her such a smile that it seemed all her doubts had finally been washed away.

Instead, a different tide was rising.

"Kairi? I…keep having these strange thoughts and feelings about Riku…" Sora had told her in the utmost confidentiality one day.

What could she say? What were the words burning inside of her trying to tell him?

"Don't fall victim to experimentation, Sora. You're stronger than that. Besides, you have your whole life in front of you. You'll meet someone that's a whole lot more compatible and for goodness sake isn't a boy."

She would've loved to say that.

"Well…if you have feelings for him…then I suppose you should tell him. It'll never do to keep them bottled up inside you. Who knows? He…might have feelings for you too…"

Her lips spoke her heart's words. The lines she had been trying to follow herself. Now they were Sora's to be led by and with it, to pull him farther from her.

But oh, he looked so happy when he came back to tell her the good news! Riku reciprocated his feelings! He had hugged her and whispered in a half-choked voice, "Thank you" to her. Her words that had helped to lose him. Forever.

Ha, she was being too dramatic! Oh poor her, spurned by her secret love! Wasn't it her stupid fault for having never said anything to him? And besides, if he liked boys then she would've been rejected even if she had said anything.

These were the rational answers, but the mind and body are not always so willing to be such. None of what had happened was anyone's fault, just a series of unfortunate coincidences for her. Nor did she want to be rational. She wanted…

Well, him. There was simply no other way to put it. She had loved him first, she was sure of it! He belonged with her! How dare he decide to flip everything around like it was nothing!

And so, she distanced herself from him. Physically there, for she could never fully abandon Sora. No…a piece of her still cared for him too much. Mentally, she saw him as a traitor though. He didn't need to know it. In fact, it would be better off if he never knew it. So, Kairi allowed herself to continue being the ever-supportive best friend to her hopeful boyfriend and his boyfriend which was also her best friend.

And yes, she knew on the inside she was becoming a bitter witch. But this was a bitter pill to swallow. Ever so slowly, within herself, she was trying to love Sora (and even Riku) in a different way. Of course she didn't want to harp on this matter for the rest of her life. Besides, there were other worlds to explore with bigger and better fish in that proverbial sea. Sora wouldn't be her last.

But she would've given anything for him to have been her first…

I'm still pretty new to writing things that are on the total opposite end of comedy, so I hope this didn't come off as sounding too much like a soap opera.