Hello everyone I am going to write a Junie B Jones story but you already know that anyways i want everyone who reads it to comment please tell me if it is bad or good so i will know to make it better or not ok lets get to the story. :) GOOD MORNING WORLD!!!! I hollerd Junie B you woke Ollie up! Mother hollerd. Mother Jones you woke Daddy up!! Mother rocked Ollie to sleep and Daddy went to work. Than we ate breakfast i screamed MOTHER IT LOOKS LIKE YOUR HAVING TWINS WITH THAT BIG BELLY YOU GOT THERE! Junie B Jones dont you ever say that to me or anyone else she said in a low angry voice. Cause that is calling them fat she added in. I know Mother i knew that because i ment to call you fat but i didn't just wanna say MOTHER YOUR FAT! Now did i? I said. Junie B say your sorry to me. she said. All i was doing was telling the truth i whispered. I put covered my head up with my sweater and whispered sorry. Than when breakfast was over i wrote mom a note saying mother you need to go to the docters office asking if you are having a baby. than i went outside and put it in the mailbox. Than when Daddy got home from work he checked the mailbox and gave thhe note i wrote to mommy and than mommy told me that she would go to the docters office to see if she is having a baby just to poove me wrong. See if Junie B Jones mother is having a baby or twins in chapter 2! Remember please comment :) -Olivia09