An Overpowering Love

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… … …

"He wants to get into your pants."

Vincent didn't look up from the forms he was filling in. Lucrecia paused in the doorway, hands on hips.

"I beg your pardon?"

"Hojo," said Vincent with a shrug. "He's only being nice to you so he can get into your pants. He's had his eye on you from day one."

Lucrecia pursed her lips and took a step into the Shinra Mansion sitting room. "And I don't suppose it could be anything to do with the fact that I got full marks on all my practice exams, now, could it?"

Vincent gave another infuriating shrug, raising his palms but not looking at her. "Hey, who marks the exams? I'm telling you, Luce, he wants you. You should be careful around him."

Lucrecia strode up to Vincent, and slapped the back of his head. It was a good slap, too; his neck was already going pink and he'd nearly hit his head on the table.

"Vincent Valentine," Lucrecia started, taking a deep breath as fury rose in her chest, "has it never occurred to you that maybe, just maybe, I might actually be halfway decent at science? That not every man spends his whole time thinking about his next date? That the Professor and I are scientists?"

Vincent finally turned around. He looked vaguely bored.

"He's a scientist who isn't getting any. You should watch it."

Three hours later, and Vincent could still make out the imprint of Lucrecia's hand on his left cheek.

Oh, he was impossible!

Lucrecia was sitting on her bed that night, thinking about the handsome Turk.

(Correction: handsome ABSOLUTE DICK of a Turk)

Of all the men in Nibelheim, she'd had to fall for that one. Well, alright, he was tall, dark and strong (and we've already mentioned the handsome) but ugh! He found everything boring or suspicious, he was cynical about everything, he didn't have a clue how to have a good time

(except when he's with Cheryl, or Mindy, or whoever it is this week- ugh!)

and he was so condescending and so damn rude! Lucrecia hugged her pillow to her chest and screamed into it. He drove her up the wall, and made her act like a teenager with her first crush. Which was, quite frankly, embarrassing, because she was twenty-two and should know better. Vincent was twenty-six. He liked to lean back at the breakfast table, eyebrows raised with his infuriating 'I've seen things you could never even dream of' air, and damn him, she found it sexy as hell. And she wanted to smash the teapot over his skull.

Why? Why do I like him? Why?

Well, that was easy enough. When he wasn't being a pain in the arse, Vincent was her best friend

(only friend)

and a sort of big brother, rolled into one. He could make her cry with laughter with a sharp comment

(or cry in any other way with a sharp comment, like last week when we had that argument and he lost his temper with me)

and she just felt so safe when she was around him, it was like he was a… cuddle blanket. Yes, that was it, a deviously sexy cuddle blanket with soft brown eyes and a sharp nose and a wicked tongue.

(don't think about his tongue… too late)

Lucrecia gave another sob into the pillow and fell down onto her side, curling up in a foetal position. Her legs were cold below the hem of her short cotton nightdress. She wondered what Vincent would say if he could see her right now, biting a bloody pillow with desire for him. Oh, Odin, how he'd laugh!

With a half-indulgent, half-miserable sob, Lucrecia crawled under her covers and tried futilely to get to sleep.

Vincent lay on his mattress, listening to the sounds of the night. He was meant to be patrolling the mansion, but he really couldn't be bothered. Fine, Hojo was paranoid (like he even needed a Turk to begin with), that was his business, but Vincent was damned if he was missing out on sleep because of it. If they all got murdered in their beds, Vincent would write a formal apology. Or, more likely, leave the continent as fast as possible, to avoid being executed for failing his duty.

And, speaking of failing, great job getting through to Lucrecia today!

Shut up.

Vincent punched his pillow with a low growl. Bahamut, that woman was dense! Well, no, she wasn't, but she was as naïve as… as… as a really naïve thing. Vincent swore. He was supposed to be a poet (well, he did some writing between missions, and Lucrecia would sometimes read his ramblings with an adoring expression that he couldn't get enough of). Ugh, just thinking of the lecherous way Hojo looked at her…

"Oh, Miss Crescent, would you mind climbing up on this stool and fetching the rack of test tubes from the cupboard so I can look up your skirt so I can rest my weary old legs? I've been up all day!"

"Ah, Lucrecia, how lovely you look this morning! May I go down on you, right here, right now compliment you on your choice of lab coat!"

Vincent knew he needed to do something, but what? Lucrecia wouldn't listen to him in a month of Sundays. And if Hojo wanted to perv on her, and she didn't mind, then technically it wasn't any of his business and technically he should just keep out of it, but then technically Turks didn't get socking-great-big crushes on their clients and technically they should not spend every waking moment thinking about them.

Damn Lucrecia.

Damn her to hell.

Vincent sat up. It was no good. He was never going to get to sleep. Maybe he should patrol the mansion, just for the hell of it. It'd give him something to do. Or he could read, he supposed, and finish that novel that'd been languishing at the bottom of his suitcase for a couple of months. Then again, there was the novel he was always planning to write (but never quite got around to, somehow) and the endless unwritten letters to Lucrecia.

He groaned as he realised that his thoughts had cycled back round to her again. When was he going to be able to think of something else? He hadn't slept properly in, what, months? With a grumble, Vincent slid out of bed, plodded to his light switch, flicked it on and then stared at his reflection in the mirror on his chest of drawers. The sight wasn't a pretty one. Bloodshot eyes, the nose he'd never been fond of (Lucrecia was lucky with her unobtrusive Nibel nose. Everywhere Vincent went, he got 'ooh, you're from Cosmo Canyon, aren't you? I'd recognise that hawk nose anywhere!') thin lips and masses of messy black hair. His skin was pale at the moment, a side-effect of living in Nibelheim's ridiculously cold and cloudy clime, and it made him look like a bloody vampire. Actually, now that he thought about it, he really did look like a vampire…

Maybe that's why Lucrecia's not interested.

Well, not that he'd actually asked her out, or anything. Yeah, like he was stupid enough to risk his job and his life (rule #84: no screwing clients) on something like that. But he could normally tell when a woman liked him (maybe because most of them did) whether or not he was seriously considering her. With Lucrecia, though, everything was different.

And why? Because she's so damn naïve, that's why, and so sharp at the same time!

He wanted to protect her from everything, but then sometimes it felt like she knew it all already, and she was just humouring him. She came out with such cold things, sometimes, too… Vincent knew that she and her mother didn't have the, ahem, best of relationships (read: Lucrecia had been disowned aged sixteen) but some of the things she said seemed like overkill. Like when they'd been watching the news, and there had been that article about that missing girl, and Lucrecia had rolled her eyes and said,

"She's obviously dead."

"You really think?"

"Of course she's dead. I daresay her parents killed her. Didn't you hear, they said she was a runaway, and that family isn't exactly gutter trash… She was probably a stain on their honour, or something. Mother would have done the same to me, if I hadn't got into Shinra before she could."

"Er… really?"

"Heh, Vincent, it's a different world to you, isn't it? Anyway, if you ask me, she was a pretty stupid girl, anyway. Fancy running away from home without a backup plan! You're just asking to be raped and murdered, aren't you?"

Vincent shivered. He knew he shouldn't find her cold-hearted unflappable air such a turn-on, but there was something about her at those moments, so fragile, so beautiful, a combination of ice and fiery anger that he just wanted and wanted and wanted so hard it hurt.

He raked a hand through his hair and counted to ten, taking deep breaths. He needed to stop thinking about her. Right now.

Yeah, 'cause that works.

Growling, Vincent threw himself back down onto the bed. Damn, if she could see him right now, she would…

What would she do?

Be appalled, probably. Yeah, that sounded about right. Or maybe he was being hard on himself, and she'd just find it funny. He pictured her standing in the doorway (she liked to creep up on him and stand in doorways. He wondered if it was some sort of medical condition) muffling her laughter with a palm. Then he whipped his head around just to check.

Nobody there.


As Lucrecia headed down the stairs the next morning, she could already smell coffee. Sure enough, when she opened the dining room door, Vincent was sitting at the table, cup in hand, poring over another bunch of forms. She crept up behind him and slid her hands over his eyes.

"Boo," she murmured.

"I saw your reflection in the coffee pot," he replied, yawning slightly. Lucrecia glowered.

"Spoilsport." She pulled out the chair next to him and sat down, looking at the forms he was going through. "What are those?"

"The things I have to fill in if I want to lodge an official complaint," he sighed, and yawned again. "They don't make it easy."

"Complaint?" asked Lucrecia. Close-up, she thought it looked like Vincent hadn't slept. He had soft bags under his eyes and his skin was grey.

And a very sexy grey at that!

"Mmhmm…" Vincent mumbled. "Bahamut, I'm tired… I don't know if you've noticed, but Hojo's been taking liberties. I've had enough of it."

Lucrecia found herself tensing. "And what might that mean, exactly?"

Vincent looked at her for a long moment, and then raised an eyebrow. "The world doesn't revolve around you, Luce. No, I'm not complaining because he spends half his time staring down your top and the other half staring up your skirt, much as I'd like to."


"Much as I'd like to complain! Bahamut!" Vincent shook his head irritably.

"You say that a lot…" Lucrecia mused. Vincent shrugged.

"You say 'Odin' a lot. And?"

This time it was Lucrecia's turn to shrug. "Yes, but that's because Odin is a god of Nibelheim. It's a regional thing. What's your excuse?"

Vincent gave her an incredulous look. "Er… Canyon? Bahamut? Ring? Any? Bells?"

Lucrecia blinked a couple of times, and then laughed in surprise. "Wait… you're from Cosmo Canyon? I never knew! You don't have an accent…"

Vincent shrugged. "My parents were. I've lived in Kalm since I was five. And hey, are you serious? You really couldn't tell?" For some reason, he seemed ridiculously happy about this.

"How would I be able to tell?" asked Lucrecia confusedly. Vincent gave a quick grin.

"I don't know if you don't know!" Yes, he was definitely in a very good mood. Lucrecia felt annoyed. He was having some kind of joke at her expense, and she wasn't going to let him laugh at her!

"So, what are you complaining about, then?" she asked. That should depress him! Sure enough, Vincent's smile vanished.


"This and that," said Vincent, sighing. "Hojo's been abusing the contract somewhat. I'm pretty sure I didn't sign to do his dishes, or to get his laundry, or to make his breakfast."

Lucrecia burst out laughing. "So why are you doing it, then?" she said when the giggles finally subsided.

"Shinra company policy. You keep doing the work until the complaint gets processed, and then with any luck they blacklist the client and you get to go and bodyguard someone else." He grinned. Lucrecia's smile died on her lips.

"Wait… so you'll be working elsewhere, then? If it goes through, I mean?"

"That's the general idea…" Vincent gave her a funny look. "What, don't tell me you'll miss me…"

"No!" Lucrecia shook her head so hard she was sure he'd see through it in an instant. "As if! No, I'll be counting the days!" she forced another laugh and elbowed him in the ribs. He suddenly wrapped an arm around her.

"Really?" He looked serious. Lucrecia felt a blush rising on her cheeks, and avoided looking him in the eye.

"N-not really…" she mumbled. It wasn't fair, the way he could just change from jokey to serious in a moment and leave her out of step like this…

"Good. Because I will. I'll miss you, Luce. You're cute, you know."

And, at 9.10am on April the third, let it be known that Lucrecia Crescent officially died of hopeless desire for one Vincent Valentine! DAMN YOU, VINCENT, I HATE YOUR GUTS!

Lucrecia pressed her head to his chest and gave a muffled sob.

"Er… Luce? Are you laughing?"

Lucrecia didn't even bother to shake her head. After a while, she felt Vincent's chest rise up as he yawned again.

"Crap, I'm tired… Lucrecia, can you do me a massive favour and tell Hojo I, er, had to fight off bandits in the night, or something?"


"Yeah, that sounds good, good thinking!" He patted her head, and Lucrecia realised he was more asleep than awake. "I'm going to go back to bed, just need an excuse, so tell Hojo… tell Hojo… that stuff you just said. Sounded good. Night." He pushed his chair back from the table and stood (swaying slightly). Lucrecia giggled.

"Want me to tuck you in?" she joked, half-hoping he'd say yes.

"Er, yeah, sure, sounds good…" he yawned. Lucrecia wasn't sure if he was making fun of her or not. She decided not to risk it.

"I think you'll manage," she said with a fake smile, and started buttering some toast.

"Damn it… night…" Vincent mumbled. Lucrecia laughed as he left.

Oh, he was an idiot, but she loved him!

… … …

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