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Will was angry. There was no doubt about that. Standing directly outside of the two Cheerio coaches office were all of the Glee kids along with Emma. After the kids had told Will what was going on, he'd left the room immediately to confront a certain evil cheerleading coach. The kids had followed and, apparently, so had Emma.

"Didn't your mommy teach you to knock, Schuester?" Sue glared.

"Will," Terri immediately stood up and approached them. "What's wrong, sweetie?"

"Don't." If glares could kill, then Terri would've been six feet under. "I can't believe you teamed up with her, of all people." Will pointed angrily at Sue. "I can't believe you did this, Terri."

"No, Will, you just don't understand—,"

"I understand everything." He growled. "And I want you to know that my lawyer will be contacting you soon regarding you signing our divorce papers."

Terri opened her mouth to say something else, but Will spoke first, his anger aimed at Sue this time.

"You knew what would happen but you still decided to go after Glee, didn't you?" He asked rhetorically, pointing at Sue with anger blazing in his eyes. "I can't say I'm going to be sorry to see you go."

"If anyone is going anywhere then it's going to be you, Schuester, going far, far away from me before I vomit on you." Sue snarled.

"I have to disagree." Figgins obvious accent cut through the arguing in the room, and all three people turned around to see the principal making his way through the crowd of Glee kids. "Sue," He said when he finally made it to the office. "You're fired."

Figgins looked just a tad too excited to fire Sue, but Will really didn't mind. The Glee kids all erupted into cheers, except for Santana and Brittany who looked at each other with mixed emotions.

"Does that mean I'm the head Cheerio coach?" Terri asked quietly while Sue stared at Figgins unblinkingly, not quite believing what he had just said.

"No." Figgins rounded on Terri. "You're just as bad as her." He waved one arm towards Sue. "You're fired too!"

"But—," Terri spluttered.

"Tanaka is on suspension as well for conspiring with you two." Figgins said, glaring at the two women. His gaze flickered back to Terri. "This school has enough crazy as it is. I should've known better than to hire you."

Will couldn't agree more, but he didn't say anything. He smiled happily as Sue and Terri begged Figgins to keep their jobs. Everyone in Glee was high-fiving and cheering and Will even thought that he heard Finn shout something about geeks.

Emma stood quietly off to the side, smiling happily, and Will smiled at her with a twinkle in his eye. Her smile grew even larger as they looked at each other. Their moment was interrupted, however, when Sue marched over to Will with a scowl on her face.

"You may think you've won." She growled, jabbing him in the chest. "But you haven't. You'll never win, Schuester."

"I'm pretty sure I just did." He growled right back.

"I'll be watching you." She pointed at him as Figgins roughly ushered her and Terri from the office. "I'll be back, Schuester! Mark my words! I will be back!"

"Bring it on!" Rachel stood with her feet spread, hands on hips, a glare set on Sue. She would've been a little intimidating if it weren't for the knee socks and cat sweater. Sue growled, a sound that made more than one person shudder, and Will grinned. He put his hand on Rachel's shoulder, and she relaxed and moved back towards Finn.

A comfortable silence fell over everyone as they watched Figgins escort a still seething Sue and a crying Terri out of the building. Then, Will let out a low whistle.

"Well, I'm glad that's over."

Everyone muttered their agreement, and Will walked over to Emma, slinging his arm around her shoulders. A few of the guys whistled and made suggestive remarks but both Will and Emma ignored it.

"I really want to thank you guys." Will said, looking at each and every student. "I had no idea about Sue and Terri working together—,"

"Coach Tanaka too." Brittany added.

"Yeah, him too." Will said. "But I want to thank you guys, because you're the ones who saved the club. Not me, and not Emma. It was all you."

"And don't we know it!" Mercedes exclaimed, and everyone laughed.

"I'm feeling a group hug." Rachel said, smiling.

"Ah, hell." Puck scratched his head, trying to sneak off but failing as Mike grabbed his arm.

"DMWTGC!" Rachel cheered.

"Would you give that up already?" Kurt rolled his eyes at her. "You're more annoying than usual when you try to come up with cheers."

"Fine." She grumbled, then smiled and imitated Finn by punching the air and shouting, "YAY GLEEKS!"

Everyone echoed her with, "YAY GLEEKS!" except for Santana, who muttered something about Rachel never becoming a cheerleader.

Will looked at Emma, and her smile was just as large as his.

"Yay Gleeks." He chuckled, staring straight into her eyes.

"Yay Gleeks." She echoed, and leaned up to kiss him on the cheek.

Could life get any better?

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