Author's Note

Hey, folks! Long time no see!

So I've gotten questions over the years about versions and AEM and where to read it, and I apologize for jumping all over the internet and revising this fic so many times. For those of you who had questions or who generally are awesome enough to keep this on your subscriptions (And I thank you if you're in that second group, oh my goodness!), I have good news!

The short of it is I'm leaving/fantastically decreasing my time on the forum scene very soon due to ~reasons~. And the effect of this is I'm coming back to FFNet on a full-time basis for the first time in probably a decade. (Oops?) What this means is for those of you who're following this fic on this site, you now no longer have to boot up Serebii or some other forum to do it! Updates will come to you first and foremost!

But here's the tricky part. As some of you know, we're now on the third iteration of the fic. This was done because I started editing to fix a few things brought up in reviews and just sorta completely rewrote the fic from the ground up in the process. On the positive side, this will be the last version of the fic. On the negative side, what do you do with a new iteration when you have two already on your account?

The answer, according to a poll posted on my profile sometime ago, is to start a new story. In doing so, however, I'm planning on deleting this version and the older version to avoid confusion. (Links to their forum-based mirrors will have permanent spots on my profile.)

But! If you feel particularly passionate about me sticking to a single story thread (meaning, you want me to edit over older chapters of this story, rather than create a new one), there's still time to let me know! Both PMs and reviews are open for your feedback!

Otherwise, should you want in on the new version, either keep an eye on my profile or drop me a line (via PM or reviews) to ask to be notified when the new version goes live. For those of you who're too shy or would otherwise prefer the first option, the story will go up either this weekend or next. There's a bit of editing I've yet to do on the prologue and first chapter, so it really depends on whether or not I get those done quickly enough.

And finally, for those of you who're right now pointing out that I keep dropping off the face of the earth so seriously Jax how can you possibly guarantee that you'll be sticking with FFNet this time around, I just have to say you have a very good point, and the only guarantee I can offer is the fact that I'm seriously looking to duck out of most places I used to hang out. For ~reasons~.

If you read all that, I'd like to thank you profusely, especially if you read all that because you got a subscription notification. I'd like to apologize again for all the shenanigans, but I hope that this time, I'll be coming home.

See you soon, folks!