Thanks for clicking onto my story. You have just found my first story! Although I would like constructive criticism, please don't just be plain mean if you don't like it. Please point out grammatical/spelling errors; I will correct them as soon as possible. Thanks.

Also note, this is a fictional story, I do play RuneScape, but I'm Level 90, (when this story was written) and the story is meant to be as if RuneScape was real-life. This is going to be a comedy/action story, if you are wondering. I will be spelling words like they do on RuneScape (e.g. instead of "armor" it's "armour", or instead of "defense" its "defence".).

WARNING: Bad language, alcoholic drinks, and descriptive scenes of blood and such are contained. Reader Discretion is advised.

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-RuneScape – Preparing to defeat the beast=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Chapter 1: Who am I?

I'm strong.

I'm smart.

I'm agile.

I'm not a noob.

I will win.

I am Chase.

Before we get to today, you need to know my past. Something sad about me is that I don't know much about myself. The year I was born, places I've been, things of that sort. But something I will never forget is the day my parents died—before my very eyes. I had left Gertrude's house when the sun was starting to set. I went to Gertrude's a lot because of the kittens she had, I was weak then. I got home and the smell of burnt tuna hit me. Mom was never a great cook; she was always burning things, even while wearing cooking gauntlets. So that night we ended up eating bread…again. Before Mom got the bread ready, Dad came home. He hung up his Quest Cape, and then put away his Bandos Chestplate, Tassets, Helmet of Neitiznot, Dragon Boots, Berserker Ring, Barrows Gloves, Amulet of Fury, Dragonfire Shield, Saradomin Godsword, Abyssal Whip, Dragon Claws, and Dragon Dagger (p++). I never understood why he always needed four different weapons; he said it was because he needed to always be prepared for anything. He fought monsters for a living. We have all this money because once we were going to go get our haircuts in Falador, but when we went by the bank, the bankers were shouting that there was something expensive being dropped in the Party Room. It was a 20 minute wait, and when our haircuts were done, there was about two minutes before the item was dropped. Back then Dad had a Dragon Scimitar and full Rune; he couldn't fight very strong monsters. I was new to the Party Room, and everybody was talking, dancing, shouting…it was strange for me. We lived in a quieter part of Varrock, so this was new. Then these balloons started to fall down!

"Chase, the drop party is started! Pop any balloons you see on the ground as fast as possible!" said mom excitedly.

"Ok, Mom!" I said.

I kept popping balloons, and soon none were left. People were angry because nobody got anything, some colored hat was supposed to be dropped I guess. Then I decided to hide under the table in the middle, wanting Mom to find me, as I was 8, and very bored. Then I saw a balloon that must've rolled under the table. I sat on it and popped it, and all the voices from the Party Room stopped. I looked where the balloon, and there was a Blue Partyhat where the balloon once lay. I put it on my head and got out from under the table. Then I saw everybody staring at me, some mouths dropped open, some teleported away, grumbling, and Mom fainted! Then Dad took the Partyhat when Mom came to and started dancing!

"Ahahaha! We're rich! We're filthy stinkin' rich! Woohoo!"

Of course, I didn't understand the value of gp then, so I wanted to keep it, but Dad sold it in a heartbeat.

So back to when Dad got home.

Dad sniffed and said,

"Is Jane burning food AGAIN?"

Then Mom looked around the corner and glared at him,

"Uh, I mean, what's cooking into a delicious, tasty, edible meal, honey?" Dad smiled nervously.

Mom had a temper, especially with cooking. I lost my last cat because of that…she burned some bacon and meant to slam her hand on the counter, but she accidentally hit the handle of the pan, so hot bacon grease flew across the room…onto Mr. Snuggie Kins, it hurt him obviously, especially in the eyes, and he bolted as fast as he could…running into a wall. It dazed him, but then he ran the opposite way. He happened to trip on the pan that flew across the room, he was in the air, and his head landed right on the blade of Dad's Saradomin Godsword, he was killed instantly, sliding slowly down the blade, leaving chunks of cat brain and some cat blood trails behind. A lot of cat blood was on Dad's Saradomin Godsword, and of course, Dad cared about his precious sword more than Mr. Snuggie Kins.

"Yes Dad, we get to eat delicious bread again!" I said with an annoyed tone.

"Its fine," he said, "I went on a Treasure Trail today and have 500 Purple Sweets!"

Dad knew I loved Purple Sweets, and we had had bread the past five days, so I inhaled those. Dad went over to Mom and said,

"Hey honey. How was your day?"

Mom kissed him, then I, of course, said,

"Ewww! Cooties!"

Mom laughed and said,

"Same old, cleaned, burnt our food, cut a few gems for some friends."

"I went to the Duel Arena and made a few hundred thousand gp, and then I went to the God Wars Dungeon and killed Aviansies."

"I really wish you wouldn't fight those, dear. They are very dangerous!"

"Dangerous? Ahahaha! I'm plenty strong to fight Aviansies."

"Well, as long as you aren't killing any Saradomin followers in there, Saradomin will continue to be pleased."

Then…the bad things started to happen. Somebody banged on our door, Dad had me and Mom go hide, and he got in his armour. He opened the door, and there was a little hole in the closet where we could see everything. I remember it very clearly, there were three of them, one a warrior, one a ranger, and another a wizard. The warrior had full 3rd Age armour, a Strength Cape (t), and a Whip, the ranger had full 3rd Age ranging armour, a Ranging Cape (t), and a Crystal Bow, and the wizard had full 3rd Age Robes, a Magic Cape (t), and Zuriel's Staff.

"May I help you gentlemen?" my dad said.

"Yes, you can." said the warrior.

"Give us your Saradomin Godsword, if you value your life." threatened the wizard.

"I'm sorry, you people need to leave."

Dad attempted to shut the door, but the wizard put his staff in the doorway, preventing it. Then the warrior kicked the door down, Dad immediately unsheathed his Saradomin Godsword.

"Get out of my house!" Dad roared.

"We ask again," said the wizard, "give us the Godsword, and we will let you live."

"Over my dead body!"

"That can be arranged." said the ranger, pulling back the magical bow string on his Crystal Bow.

The ranger fired, and Dad blocked the magical arrow with his Godsword. Then Dad slashed at the wizard, as he was most vulnerable to magic, and he didn't know if the wizard was in possession of the complete set of Zuriel's, but he wasn't going to find out the hard way. The wizard teleported out of his path, then he put on his Dragon Claws and used Slice and Dice on the ranger. The ranger was seriously wounded from it, as the first slash when across his stomach, and then second on his left shoulder, the third across his chest, and the fourth slash went from his abdomen up to his chin. He was bleeding profusely, as the Dragon Claws had no trouble slashing through the cloth robes. He finished him by using his Dragon Dagger (p++) and slicing the two major arteries in the neck. Blood gushed out of each artery with each heartbeat, and he soon died, more blood pooling all over the floor. The warrior and the wizard were angered about their friend's death, and the warrior lashed his Abyssal Whip at Dad. If he had a full face helmet, he would have been fine, but the Helmet of Neitiznot left your face uncovered, and the sharp ends on the Whip gashed in his head. Dad ate a shark, and got out his Dragon Claws, using the last of his Special Energy for a second Slice and Dice. The first slash he knocked the warrior's shield out of his hand, the second slashed at the weak spot of the Abyssal Whip, near the handle, where the Whip can extend. All the warrior had was a useless Abyssal Whip handle. The third slash dug in the warrior's face, and the fourth slash actually when through the magical metal of the 3rd Age Platebody, and got slashed in the heart. Blood leaked out through the slash marks and the bottom of the Platebody, and Dad finished him off with a mighty stab of his Dragon Dagger (p++). The brain matter and blood that stayed on the blade he flung at the wizard, then slashed him with his Saradomin Godsword. Nothing happened for a moment, but then his arm slowly slid off and fell to the ground. He used some bandages, probably smuggled from Fist of Guthix, and covered the wound. Dad lashed his Abyssal Whip at the wizard, but the wizard was fast. The wizard dodged the attack, and then put on full Zuriel's. Dad looked worried, and he should. Since he had a Magic Cape (t) he could use Miasmic Barrage, which makes him attack 50% slower for 48 seconds! Dad's Special Energy must've recharged, because he used Slice and Dice on the wizard. Each slash easily ripped through the robes, the wizard was very bloody. He managed to get enough strength to cast Blood Barrage on Dad, and his wounds healed significantly. He then proceeded to casting Miasmic Barrage, and Dad was attacking slowly. He was weakened, but he wasn't going to give up. He grabbed the 3rd Age Kite Shield he knocked out of the warrior's hand earlier and blocked an Ice Barrage. Dad ate his last Shark and drank a Defence Potion, then prayed to Saradomin for protection from magic, and Saradomin showed he was protecting him with the magic symbol over his head. Finally, the Miasmic Barrage effects lifted, and Dad used some Special Energy to use Puncture, slashing the wizard twice with his Dragon Dagger (p++). He poisoned the wizard, and Dad had already stolen his Antipoisons. Then Dad, to my surprise, started running away. The wizard used Ice Barrage, and the spell went through the magical shield this time. Dad couldn't move at all, and he started eating some Purple Sweets. Dad recovered his Special Energy quickly, probably from his adrenaline. He obviously ran so he could recover some Special Energy, so he could use the Saradomin Godsword Special Attack: Healing Blade. He used it twice in a row, he recovered greatly, and slashed the wizard's other arm right off. It looked like Dad was going to save us. But what happened next totally threw me off guard, and something I will probably never see again.

"Oh my god…" said Dad grimly.

Mom gasped and put her face in her hands…