Post-game fluffy nonsense with Noishe, Lloyd and Colette.

I've used the term wireless instead of radio as that seemed to suit the setting (when the technology would be quite new to this world).

Dedication: to my "Lloyd", who dances with me.

Disclaimer: I don't own Tales of Symphonia. Namco do.

Noishe shook his head and rolled his eyes but couldn't help wagging his tail slightly and allowing a small smile to pass his lips at the sight before him in the living room.

It shouldn't have surprised him, he supposed, but every time they did it he still found it both embarrassing and amusing at the same time. Why Colette and Lloyd thought it was a good idea to dance in their dressing gowns and slippers, fluffy slippers even in Colette's case, was something he'd never been able to work out.

He vaguely wondered, as he hopped up onto the sofa, if what they were doing could even be called dancing. Sure, the wireless was on, playing music, and they were moving around but it was spectacularly uncoordinated and unsophisticated in a way only those two could manage.

He found himself sniggering slightly at the thought of them dancing like this at the fancy parties held in Meltokio they attended occasionally to be polite. The mental picture he got of the look on all the stuck-up snotty peoples' faces as they watched this was priceless.

At least, he thought, they were having fun. The silly grins on their faces and the giggles and laughs told him that. As long as they didn't start dancing on the furniture that was OK.

As crazy as it sounded he had believed Sheena when she had told him that, at one of those parties in Meltokio, they'd ended up dancing on the tables to try and encourage others to start dancing. Amazingly no alcohol was involved but, this being Lloyd and Colette, he had had no trouble believing this either.

He whined slightly in a worried tone as Colette spotted him and her grin became wider. Uttering words of encouragement she grabbed his forepaws and tried to get him to dance too. He was able to resist until she did the puppy dog eyes look, something she was even better at than he was.

Once again he found himself shaking his head as he half-heartedly shuffled around in time to the music, being careful to avoid bumping into the other two who, he found himself thinking, he thought he would probably never understand even if he lived to be a million years old.