The War of Love

I'm finally starting a new story, and I think if I put time into it, It'll be another great one! Please don' flame, unless you think it's absolutely necassary! And all characters belong to Sega, except Blossom, Rosalie, Crystal, Lightning, Tina, Ruby, amd Isabelle!

In the mid evil times stood a large, beautiful kingdom, called Manchorm. There was a bold king, King Martin The The Third, with his two twin sons, Prince Shadow, and Prince Sonic. All three were without a maiden, and all were looking fo one, except young Prince Shadow. He prefered to stay alone and be free while he still could. Down below their magnificent castle, was a small village. The village was neat with many villagers. What the whole kingdom was most famous for was their beautiful views. They could see the mountains, miles of tall grassy hills, clear rivers, and wild animals. Nothing could go wrong, right?

There I sat, one peaceful afternoon, on my usual spot up on the hill, out of the busy village, and under the cherry tree. I looked up at the breath taking scenery, then got back to my book. The wind blew slightly, waving the grass, rippling the creek water, But I knew it was time for me to go... So I shut my book, got up, dusted off my plain, dark purple dress, gathered my things, and strode down the hill and into town.

"Hello, Ms. Blaze!"


I said my Hello's as I winded through the crowds, until I reached my destination, the Tavern. I slid through the doors, and scanned the tables, befroe spotting my 2 friends, Amy, and Rouge. They worked here, but they were on break. They waved me over, and I took a seat in between them.

"Hey Hun!"

"Hello, Rouge."

"Hey, Blaze."

"Hello, Amy."

"Oh, Hun, did you hear the biggest gossip! Apparently, Prince Sonic is still looking for a maiden, and he's coming into town to look for one!"

"That's splendid! But when is he coming?"

"In a week!"

"Well I wish you both good luck!"

"What do you mean, aren't you going to try for him?"

"Of course not!"

"I think you hit your head, He's down right handsome!"

"He isn't for me anyways."

"Well I bet he'll pick you."

"I'll be staying either indoors, or go up to my hill. He wouldn't pick me anyways, it's bound to be one of you!"

"Well, Blaze, I think you should try."

"No thank you."

All three of us chatted away, about rumors, gossip, news, or anything else we could.

"Oh, pardon me, I must be getting home!"


"Yes, I'm afraid so. The rest will be waiting for me."

"Ok, well tell them I said hello!"

"Will do, now farewell!"

I waved goodbye, spread my shawl around my head and shoulders, and headed out into the dark. Very few people were out now, but I still made it to my small house at the end of the road. I walked inside, to be greeted by the family. My younger sister, eight year old Tina, came running toward me, arms spread out wide, giving me a hug.


"Hello, Tina!"

"I was scared you weren't coming home..."

"Oh, don't worry, Tina, I even brought home bread for dinner tonight!"

"That's awesome!"

"Can you go get the others please?"


Then the little light green hedgehog ran into the other few rooms, gathering the rest of the family. Our family was large, and poor. Mother and Father passed away. All I had left were my many siblings, and one of my sisters fiance. But with my family, there was a big secret... We had special... gifts. And these gifts weren't allowed, for they made the people who posess them seem evil, and dangerous. Tina came running back out, and sat at her usual seat. Next came the 18 year old twins, Ruby, and Isabelle. They took their seats, then came 19 year olds Crystal and her fiance Lightning, followed by the eldest, 20 year old Rosalie. Blossossom, my 18 year old twin, came in last. We all sat down, and I passed around a slice of bread.

"Thank you, sister."

"Yes, thank you."

They all said their thanks, and I said,

"Your welcome. You all deserve it."

We all had jobs, but none were too high paying jobs. I was a tailor, the best job in the family. I'd sew and mak new clothes. Blossom grew and sold flowers with the little land we had, which was the second best job. Next came the twins, who we weren't completely sure what they did, but they'd leave town, and come back with money, But we didn't bother them about it. Crystal's and Lightning's job would change, They'd go around town and offer help to anyone, for money. Rosalie stayed at home, and watched Tina. Yes, it was a busy family, but we would always stick together.

"Did anyone hear about the news with Prince Sonic?"

"No, do tell."

"I've heard that he is coming into town in a week, looking for a young maiden to take as his wife."

"That is indeed quite the news!"

"Blaze, you should go and qualify yourself as his wife."

"I've already heard that, but I don't love Prince Sonic, like the rest of the town does. I'd rather be free while I still can."

"Well one of us should try for him, for we'd get great fortune."

The twins spoke,

"It cannot be us, for we move too often to settle down and be married."

"Well what about Rose, or Blossom?"

"I am not fit to be married to a man a year younger,"


"If... If it helps the family, I shall try to be Prince Sonic's wife."