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Everything was done, and Blaze had a promise to keep; the family meeting. The beautiful feline was walking side by side with the young Cream, heading towards Blaze's house.

"Who do you think Sir Sonic will pick?" The rabbit spoke up.

Blaze was silent for a moment.

"I don't know. Rouge, Amy… maybe Blossom…" She ended quietly.

"Why not you?" She questioned.

"Well you know… I mean, do you think I'd last as a princess?" She laughed a fake laugh.

But Cream didn't answer, for Blaze is the one person who would last as a princess. The cat noticed Cream's silence, and continued on about her reasons.

"And then there's the fact that I just want to remain free…" Blaze sighed.

"Oh. Well everyone does. But if you're truly in love, you'd look past that, just to be with your love." Cream said simply.

The tailor was caught off guard by her response.

"Well I guess so- We're here!" Blaze exclaimed, glad to change the subject.

Blaze walked inside, followed by her friend.

"Welcome." The cat said.

Cream beamed, for the small house felt so cozy and plain. Nothing too extraordinary and fancy; making it special. This was the type of place you can call home.

"The visitor has arrived!" Blaze called.

A moment later, a whole group of people were standing in front of the small child.

"Everyone, this is my good friend, Cream. She's the one who helps me, and is someone I can call a friend."

Blaze looked down and smiled at the blushing rabbit. A young light green hedgehog, around Cream's age, stepped forward.

"Hi there, Cream!"

"Hello." She said quietly.

"No need to be shy! I'm Tina. Cream is a nice name."

Tina used her powers to boost up her mood so she wasn't as shy.

"Tina is a nice name too. It's really pretty."

Blaze shot a warning look at Tina for using her powers.

"Thanks. I think we'll be best friends!"

Cream beamed once again, and nodded.

"Tina, can you go get the dinner table set?" Blaze asked.

"Yes, sister."

Next was a feline that looked identical to Blaze, but was such a light pink that you could barely call it pink. She bent down to speak to Cream.

"Hello, child. I am Blossom, the twin of Blaze. It is a pleasure to finally meet you."

"Hi, Blossom."

She turned to Blaze and said, "You never told me you had a twin!"

"I never knew you'd want to know." She shrugged.

The next ones were an aqua cat, and a white hedgehog. The cat knelt down, so she was eye level with Cream.

"I am Crystal, Blaze's younger sister by a few months. This is Lightning, my fiancé. We bid you welcome."

The last one remaining was probably the oldest. She looked of a mix of both a cat and a bat. She was a light cream/peach color. She bore the face of a cat, ears of a bat, a cat's tail and bat's wings.

"Now, I know what you think, young one, but I am not dangerous nor evil. I do indeed bear the characteristics of the bat, as well as the cat, as you've probably guessed. I, Rosalie, welcome you."

She stood up and turned to walk towards the table where the rest were seated, but she stopped when she felt something around her waist. The batish cat turned again, and her eyes showed signs of being shocked when she found the arms of the rabbit around her, embracing her in a hug. Rosalie looked to Blaze, for help, who merely smiled brightly. Without knowing what else to do, Rosalie bent down and hugged her back.

Everyone sat around the table, enjoying the magnificent meal. Thanks to the stupendous job of Blaze's, which gave her a lot, she was able to buy the ingredients for a real delicious meal.

"Sister, I thank you, for cooking the meal, and for buying it." Crystal said.

Everyone went around in a circle, all thanking her.

"Your thanks is excepted." She answered, once again smiling.

They all ate their meal, then departed from the table.

Cream and Tina ran outside, supervised by Rosalie and Blossom, who were talking among themselves. Crystal and Lightning went for their usual walk after dinner, leaving Blaze alone, and deep in thought…

"Father, I do not wish for marriage." Prince Shadow said yet again.

"Shadow! It is your duty, and besides, your brother accepted nicely! Have him take you to the village and look for a young maiden." His father, King Martin, raised his voice.


"No! You shall find a maiden before the ball, which is in a few days. I want to see you there with a partner that you're willing to marry. And that is final."

Shadow clenched his fists, turned on his heels, then sped out of the room, ready to break something. He stormed into his room, and slammed the door, knocking Sonic off his bed.

"Brother! What ever is the matter!?" He questioned, rubbing his back and getting up.

"Father. He orders me to do something that I wish not to do, which is marriage." Shadow sat on his bed.

"But don't you wish to please father?"

"Not anymore. I used to, but on my own will. Not being ordered against it."

"There are beautiful women in town-" Sonic started.

"I do not care for beauty. I care for her inside." He cut him off.

"Then we will find a homely one!"

"Absolutely not! I will not try for one! I will try for a beautiful one, but also beautiful on the inside." Shadow raged.

"Then it's settled. Now, lets go! Time is wasting!" He smiled.

Shadow studied his brother. "You are very confident, are you not?"

"Indeed I am. She is waiting for you, out there. Now come!"

Sonic sped forward, and leaped out of the window.

"Brother!" Shadow yelled.

The black hedgehog ran to the window and scanned the area.

"I am fine! Again, hurry!" Sonic called, sitting on his palomino, Flash.

Shadow sighed. His horse, darker than midnight's shadow, the black mare, Midnight, stood waiting for him to jump onto her. He studied the angles, then freely jumped. He landed perfectly, without getting hurt. As soon as he landed, the horses took off, Flash already in the lead and heading towards the village.

"We shall start… In the tavern!" Sonic called over his shoulder.

"I am only following you… You are the leader!" Shadow called back.

Sonic smiled, then sped up.

Shortly later, they arrived at the tavern, They dismounted their horses and tied them to the pole. When they entered, the once noisy area became silent.

"Your highnesses!" Knuckles, the tavern owner, called.

He bowed down in front of them.

"Sir Knuckles! I haven't seen you in ages." Prince Sonic said joyfully.

Shadow merely nodded.

"Would you care for anything particular?"

The black prince held up his hand. "We come for our own business. But it does not concern you. All of you, continue on!"

"Yes, Sire!" Knuckles bowed wobbly again, then went back to his work.

The princes walked through the loud again tavern.

"Hey bad boys."

They gulped then turned to see none other than the white bat with her hand on her hip.

"Missed ya. Haven't been around to visit. What, we weren't good enough for you?" She crossed her arms.

"Rouge… Yeah, we've been busy…"

"Well, you get a special prize. AMY! YOUR PRINCE CHARMING'S HERE!" She hollered.

A moment later, a pink hedgehog was by her side.

"Well, I'll let you deal with her, Sonic. I'll err be getting fresh air." Shadow excused himself then flew outside away from Rouge.

"Hello, Amy…" Sonic started.

"You know my name!?" She shrieked.

"Well, we kind of knew each other before, a long time ago, and Rouge just kind of yelled your name…" Hr scratched the back of his head.

"Oh…" Her ears flattened against her head.

Shadow sat on the bench, his head in his hands.

"Why is this so complicated!?" He yelled to himself.

He didn't expect anyone to answer, and no one really did, but voices caught his attention.

"No, I'd say Amy. She's obsessed with him. And anyways, Rouge is not his type at all. I don't know about Prince Shadow…"The prince threw his head up to see a beautiful feline and a young rabbit holding hands, walk by.

"Come, Cream, your mother is probably worried!" The feline called.

Shadow stared after the beautiful cat.

"Blaze, it's Ok! She knows I'm safe when I'm with you." Cream laughed.

"But still…" Blaze said playfully.

"Blaze…" Shadow repeated her name and pictured her face in is mind over and over, until everything was memorized.