Chouji's Memory:

Chouji sat under a big maple tree and sighed as big, fat tears rolled down his chubby face. This tree was near the swings that Naruto always sat on when he was sad—perhaps this was just the area of sadness. Sighing again, Chouji continued to weep into his soaked shirt.

A few minutes later a head appeared, topped by a spiky mass of black hair. "There you are, Chouji!! When you disappeared after recess Sensei sent me to go look for you."

Shikamaru blinked when he realized Chouji wasn't listening to a word he was saying. Plopping down in front of his big friend, Shikamaru frowned. Why is he crying? Why does it always seem like the good guys are crying?"

Now, unbeknownst to most people, Chouji and Shikamaru had a strong unspoken relationship. Shikamaru knew that at this particular moment, Chouji wanted him to wait until he was calm enough to say what was needed.

"Hic—some of the kids..i-in our class…hic—they were makin' fun of me 'cause I'm fat and some of the guys just stood there and watched."


"Yeah". Sniffle.

"Who made fun of you?"

Chouji suddenly leaned over and started bawling his eyes out. "All of the girls!! They were being so mean!! I don't wanna go back in there Shika, I wanna go home!! I want my daddy!!"

Shikamaru quickly hopped to his feet and crouched in front of Chouji. "Well geez Chouji, no wonder they made fun of you! You're going about it all wrong."

After waiting a few seconds to make sure he had his friend's full attention, Shikamaru grinned. "If you sit there and cry, people are gonna think they can bully you whenever they want. What you have to do is get mad. If you start gettin' angry, ya know, and yellin' at them and stuff, they'll be sure to back off!"

Together, the two boys stood up and started walking back to the class. "You know, Shika, I think it just might work…I'm glad you're my friend…t-thanks."

The young, dark-haired boy merely glanced to his left slightly. "You know how this thing works?"

"Oh, uh…what…thing?"

The wise boy, too wise for any 9 year old, suddenly broke out into a true smile, one rarely seen by anyone.

"I helped you…so don't thank me…show your thanks by helping someone else."


Maybe this explains why Chouji is so sweet and kind, but becomes incredibly angry when someone talks about his fat?