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The Dare Master

Chapter 1: Nobody likes a chicken.

Darian Bailey was walking down the street, minding his own business. It was a rather ordinary day in the lives of ordinary citizens of Jump City. Darian walked among them, surprisingly okay with so many people around him. It's surprising, given that he's not an ordinary citizen.

In reality, Darian is a young superhero called Furball. Gifted with the ability to grow extremely strong hair at a visible rate, and retract it as well, he's part of the worldwide network of Teen Titans, on the lookout for crime. Using his status as a high-school student as cover, he was able to do some undercover work for the Titans.

He had no idea that crime was on the lookout for him....

As was said earlier, Darian was minding his own business, walking home from high school. He was congratulating himself on the fact that he actually participated in dodge-ball today. Sure, he totally sucked, but prior to that day, he was too unsure of himself to ever try it! People even cheered for him, saying he did his best, and that what counted was that he tried. People had never seen him as a person before! Heck, he was even sure that Tara had noticed him back there...


Suddenly, Darian felt an odd tingle in his back, and heard an equally odd sound. He turned around, and just saw some shady character in a thick coat, leaning against a building.

"Huh. That was weird." he thought out loud. Then, he turned back onto his path. But before he could walk away, he heard:

"Psst! Hey, Darian!"

He turned around again. The same character from seconds earlier was looking Darian down. He wasn't really any bigger than Darian, but the hood seemed to make him look bigger.

Darian, starting to get creeped out, said "How do you know my name?"

"I know a few of your schoolyard buddies."

"More like bullies..."

"Anyway, let's get down to business, Darian. "I dare you..."

As the odd man said those three words, something about the air around them seemed to pulsate. Not seeming to notice, the man continued:

"...to go break into that store across the street, and bring me the cash register!"

This, as could be expected, shocked Darian. He immediately said "Rob a store?!? You want me to go commit a crime?"

"Correction, Bailey. I dare you to." Again, the air vibrated.

"What makes you think I'll take a 'dare' like that in the first place?"

Tilting his head in mock confusion, the strange man said "Umm, it's a dare. And if you don't take a dare, you become a chicken. And nobody likes a chicken, now, do they?" (The air vibrated again when he said 'dare' and 'chicken')

Darian narrowed his eyebrows, and said "I'd rather be a 'chicken' than a criminal. Besides, I've changed. It'll take a lot more than bullying and blackmailing to make me do something like that."

The stranger sighed. "Suit yourself, chicken."

Suddenly, some kind of energy emanated from Darian's body. His skin felt like it was on fire. As he screamed, he failed to notice his body glowing...

This went on for a few seconds. Even more shortly afterward, his body had rapidly recovered from the pain, and he was on the ground. He pulled himself up, but then noticed something: His clothes felt slightly heavier than they did before! Looking at his hands, he saw they were covered in some kind of fluffy yellow fabric!

He felt all over himself, finding an odd crest on top of his head, and another thing on his butt. to make things even wierder, he could have sworn he heard a 'cluck-cluck' sound. Suddenly, he remembered the stranger's words, and quickly put two and two together:

"What? A chicken suit? You gotta be kidding me!"

The stranger pointed in a random direction, and said "That's not all, chicken. Look."

Darian did, and saw a whole bunch of people who were also walking down the street like him. Then, he saw them all turn in his direction, looking particularly angry. One of them pointed at him and shouted: "Look! It's that pathetic loser chicken! Get him!"

Upon those words, everyone within visible seeing distance started running towards Darian, screaming like a bloodthirsty viking horde. Panicking, Darian started running.

As everyone ran past him, the stranger lowered his hood, revealing a mohawk on his head, and a green mask over his eyes. Watching the rushing mob chase Darian, he said:

"I warned you. Nobody likes a chicken."

-------------------------------------------------------------------------(Insert Theme Song here)---------------------------------------------------------------------

-------------------------------------------------------------------------Titans Tower----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"You can't be serious, man!"

"Oh yeah i'm serious. Go do the Robot, Cyborg! At maximum speed!"

Grumbling, Cyborg started dancing. His movements were a little fast for most eyes to follow, but it was obvious he was dancing 'the robot.'

Beast Boy laughed. "Hahahahaha! Awes-s-some! You took the dare!"

Gears still whistling, Cyborg stopped dancing after a minute. His equilibrium sensors were out of whack from spinning his parts so fast. "I'll get you for this, Grass stainnnn…" he barely managed to say before falling on the floor. Beast Boy kept laughing.

Starfire, who was watching the whole time, asked "Could you explain to me again what the point of this 'Truthing or Daring' is, please?"

"I'm with Starfire. I don't really see the point in making Cyborg too dizzy to stand." said Raven, who was reading an old scroll from the library of Azarath.

Beast Boy was shocked at the attitudes of his friends. "Whaddya mean, you don't see the point? Truth or Dare is the most awesome teenage pastime when there isn't a TV! Either you force someone to reveal an embarrassing secret that you can use to blackmail them later, or you can make them do something really embarrassing that, if you have a video-camera, can be used to…umm… blackmail them later!"

"And the appeal of blackmailing your friends is…" Raven gave Beast Boy a lazy eye, waiting for a response.


Before he could respond, the alarm went off, and Robin stormed onto the main room.

"Titans! Trouble!"

Beast Boy sighed in relief, as he ran off towards Robin. Raven, saying "Lucky break for you." picked up Cyborg with her powers and followed, along with Starfire.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------In Town--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

"What exactly are we looking for, Robin?"

Over the roar of his R-cycle, he yelled "I don't know, Star. The police didn't get a clear look, but whatever he did, he's got an angry mob following him. We're supposed to remove him, then let the Riot police do their job."

Suddenly, Robin's communicator beeped. When he pulled it out, Raven's face appeared, saying "Raven calling Robin. There's an angry mob down Alameda avenue, and it looks like theyre chasing some guy in...A chicken suit? First, it was Beast Boy's weird dares, now this?"

"Got it." said Robin. He then activated the universal frequency, and said "Titans, head towards Alameda. Our guy's apparently wearing a chicken suit."

"A chicken suit? That's even more embarrassing than what BB made me do!" commented Cyborg, who instantly turned his T-car towards Alameda.


In no time at all, Robin and Cyborg both pulled their vehicles in front of the oncoming chase. Cyborg shouted "Alright, Chicken-man! You're stoppin right here!"

Upon seeing the Titans, the oddly-dressed pursuee suddenly turned down an alley, with every single person in the mob following him.

Robin, after thinking "What the..." for a few seconds, called Starfire and said "Starfire! Try and delay the civilians. If our mystery fugitive tries to fight, I don't want any innocent bystanders to be hurt."

In response, Starfire flew down the alley, and placed herself in between the people and the chicken-suited person. "Let us deal with this -OOOF!"

The people, instead of listening to their protector, trampled her beneath their feet. After the stars stopped spinning around her head, she called Robin and said "They will not be stopped!"

"Then we'll have to try a different tactic. Beast Boy, form a roadblock. Raven, bring him to the Tower."

"Got it." they both said.

Beast Boy, in the form of a Peregrine falcon, dove right between the people and the chicken-guy, turning into a Triceratops just before he hit the ground. It took a little bit of time for the mob to clamber over his gigantic bestial form, time which Raven needed.

The chicken-guy kept running, seemingly without pause, until he realized that the shadows in front of him were moving! They congealed to form Raven, who said "I have the feeling that this is for your own good." As she enveloped him in her cloak, he screamed.

Within seconds, he was gone, and Beast Boy suddenly noticed people stop climbing over him! As he paid attention, he heard them all say things like:


"What the..."

"How did we get here?"

Cyborg, Beast Boy, Robin, and Starfire all looked at the scene in confusion.

-------------------------------------------------------------------Meanwhile, in the Tower-----------------------------------------------------------------


"Relax. I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to ask you a few questions."

".......Then that weird guy didn't turn you guys against me as well?"

As Raven looked back at the mystery person, she suddenly saw something she didn't before:

"Furball? Is that you?"

"Yeah. Man, I've had the weirdest day ever. I don't know where to start!"

"Tell me about it." With that, Raven activated her communicator, and said "Guys, it's Furball in the chicken suit. You might wanna come over here and hear him out. It may be an interesting story...."

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