This is written for someone...I cannot say her name, but after reading this she'll know who she is. Writing this has made me feel a little bit better. I hope you enjoy. Sorry for it being kinda short.

Dear Haruka,

You keep saying that you'll hurt me, that I should run while I've still got the chance. But if I run, who would hurt more? I've asked you if you wanted me to leave and never look back. You didn't hesitate when you said no. I was prepared, as well as I could have been, for you to tell me to leave, to never talk to you again.

When I look at you I see a person full of love. I know that love isn't for the person you live with. That love is for me. Isn't it? Deep down inside I just know the love in your eyes is for me.

I don't even know how to describe it. It's going to sound cliche, I know it is, but even though I haven't known you that long, I feel a connection to you that I've never felt before. It's like you've filled this hole in my heart that I never knew existed. I feel like we connect on levels that I've never shared with anybody before. There's much we have in common, while there's an equal balance of interests we don't share.

I want to give us a chance. But the only way we would work out is if you left your girlfriend. That's all I ask is that you dig deep to find the courage to walk away from her.

I'm falling in love with you. Much faster then I know I should. Yet, I feel whole whenever I talk to you. Please Haruka, I'm asking you to consider it. I know you're very unhappy with her.



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