Title: Turn

Author: Personification of Fluff

Rating: G

Genre: Drama/Romance

Disclaimer:I wrote this story, but the characters are not mine. I don't own Inuyasha, and if I were making money on this, I would own a lot more anime. And my house would have more heating.

Summary: When I was reading the end of Inuyasha, I remember how Miroku was writing stuff in the dirt and it was all about girls. This is a possible conversation that could have happened between Sango and Miroku to explain why he had girls on the mind. Another possibility could ave been that Sango's prengant with a girl at this time of the graphic novel, but how she knew it was a girl so early without an ultra sound escapes me, so if you're looking for sex, it's found here. I did actually have the comic open in front of me when I wrote this, so it should be accurate to the graphic novel, but is miroku actually writing hiragana? I think so, but it's been years since I spoke to my Japanese-reading/writing friend, so if I'm wrong on that point I will do my best to correct it post haste.

2nd Disclaimer:I was cleaning my desktop when I found this. It is, at this point, about a year old. The crazy thing is that I was certain, certain, that I had uploaded it already, but apparently not.

2nd summary:I have two more of these. The goal was to do a whole Miroku/Sango focus of what goes on behind the scenes in the graphic novel. They will be uploaded... eventually.

Prologue: Miroku's Dreams

I watch her kneel by Kohaku; the way her long hair falls to just barely brush her shoulders, the part of her soft mouth as she looks at him. Her gaze and the rise and fall of her chest is like a constant meditation... it is a meditation. Occasionally, I am jealous of Sango, thinking that perhaps she has found the enlightenment I should have been able to achieve, but mostly I am jealous of Kohaku.

We had been becoming close, Sango and I. She had risked her hiraikotsu in order to save me. I drank poison in order to help save her. Sometimes I could elicit the smallest smile from her just from gazing at her--the way maybe I should have begun courting her from the start, with longing and adoration. When she does smile, her cheeks burn and she quickly looks away. I delighted at her responses, wondering what made her blush. Did she know what thoughts ran through my head? Did she find herself dreaming of a future together? Even, as of late, when she would help me bind wounds I could not reach after a fight, her fingers would linger against my skin. Sometimes, when the shouki wound spread, she would brush her fingers beside the twisted route of the expansion, and she would let me hold her against my naked chest, comforting each other.

Then Kohaku became unconscious, and now she does naught but stay by him. I do not hold the grudge against Kohaku himself. I wish the boy would get well earnestly. I'm merely upset that he has been set between Sango and I. I feel bad now when I disturb her. I bring her food, on the occasions where Shippou or Kaede-chan do not, and I cannot even bring myself to speak with her. I sit by her in perfect silence. When Rin, Jaken in tow, comes to visit Kohaku, she fills the room with idle, friendly banter and brings Sango back to reality for brief periods of time.

On the fourth day I brought her lunch. I sat across from her, Kohaku between us, lowering my eyes slightly, but still watching her eat. Sango took a few bites of the rice and vegetables and then set down the bowl carefully beside her.

"I'm sorry that I've been ignoring you, Houshi-sama." Her words were gentle, but they had a rough, unpolished edge. She had been quiet for so long that her voice felt unused.

"There still hasn't been a change in Kohaku?" She shook her head no. "Sango, I think you need a break. You've been waiting so patiently for him to wake up. You need proper rest. You need fresh air." I reached across and put my gloved hand on the ground. It was an offering for her to take it without the embarrassment of leaving it there, hanging, if she didn't want it. I smiled at her softly; the kind of shy smile I should have given her when we first met. "Sango, let me take you out for a walk."

Once upon a time I think she would have gotten furious with me for ever having tried to make the suggestion. Once upon a time she would have shrunk away and called me a pervert, or a lecher, or accuse me of trying to take her from Kohaku, but not now. Not with all the times we've bled together, and cried together, and thought of each other as we lay dying. Yes, had something like that incident with Hatchi and that village happen now, I have no doubt in my mind that Sango would stand up for me and support me. This afternoon she smiled at me, and slipped her hand into mine.

"I would like that very much, Houshi-sama."

I took her hand and led her outside, leaving Shippo and Kaede to keep watch over Kohaku. The air outside was dry and hot from the summer air, and yet it seemed so much cooler than in that hot house. I guided her towards the fields. We walked on the sandy shores along the rice fields, the gentle waters calm and as clear blue as the sky. It felt...

It felt safe.

I think she felt that way too. The further we got from the village, the more she seemed relaxed. She even leaned her head on my shoulder as we walked, our hands still entwined. I did not take us far from the village, in case something should happen, but instead I took us around it, and I stopped for a brief time around a cliff I had found, overlooking the village. Sango was comfortable. I did not want to make her think I was taking her too far from her brother. All it would take was a cry for someone to come to us, or vice versa, but we had privacy enough that we were, as Kagome would have put it, cuddling on the cliff. I had my arm around her shoulders, and her head was tucked under my chin. I could feel her warm breath through my robes.

"This is nice," she sighed.

"Mh hm," was about all I could say in agreement. I know that Sango would never believe me, but sometimes when she was close to me I felt as if my mind shut off. "I hope that after we defeat Naraku we can spend more afternoons like this. I've become used to taking walks with you, Sango."

She was quiet, but it was a reflective kind of quiet, rather than a nervous one. She lifted her head a little and I could feel some of her hairs shifting out of her soft ponytail. "You think about that a lot, dont you, Hosuhi-sama? Life after Naraku, marriage, what we'll do when we're married and children I imagine, too."

"Oh yes. I think about children a lot. I wonder what my child will be like, what we might call them, how many we'll have, what gender they'll be..."

"And what do you imagine our child will be like?" she asked with a slight purr in her voice from the subject matter. I smiled, all but floating in pleasure. We were fantasizing together.

"Oh, I imagine that if we have a girl she will be much like Kagome. She'll be loud, and rambunctious, and want to climb anything she can. She'll probably break her arm at least once falling from something high and steal your weapons to practice them. Maybe she'll have power like mine, and she'll learn to be calm and reserved, and if not I imagine she'll take a liking to fighting and be much like Inuyasha in that manner. I can't imagine the two of us having a girl and having her be quiet and thoughtful and polite like you, Sango. You'll fill her head with stories of great heroines from the past--I'll fill it with stories of you--and between that and rebelling against my over protectiveness, she'll be anything but quiet and demure.

"Should we have a boy, I expect that he'll be much like me."

"Perverse?" she interrupted. Sango yelped when I pinched her side, though I was grinning like a fool at hearing her tease me.

"No. Well, maybe. I will, of course, have to teach him about the opposite sex and all the good they do for men. And I will have to teach him letters and how to fight. But I just can't imagine a rambunctious boy. There's Inuyasha, and I think he's the only male I know who is uncontrollable. Hatchi, myself, Mushin, Kohaku, even Sesshoumaru-sama and Shippo! All of them are very calm and serious. Alcoholics? Maybe. Young? Yes, and cold aristocratic bastard, without a doubt, but none of them seem to have the same energy that people like you, Kagome, and Rin seem to have. Even Kaede has that same energy--the ability to keep going and run like clockwork."

Sango seemed to reflect on that for a moment. Eventually she lifted her head to look me in the eye. In our walk her hair had become loosened and some of it clung to her cheeks and neck. Her cheeks had darkened from the wind. She looked healthier and more alive already. "Houshi-sama, I'm sorry if this offends you, but if you're right, then I want to have girls rather than boys. We've been so busy that while a vacation and a chance to relax is nice, the last thing I want is a life of boredom. If a girl would keep me on my toes, I think I would like that more."

I tapped her nose playfully. "Just remember that there's no vacation for motherhood, Sango."

"Sure there is. It's called 'go bother your father for an hour'." I laughed heartily at that and Sango pulled her body back from mine to fix her hair. "And when that fails, its called 'go and bug your uncle Kohaku for an hour'."

"We're not even married yet, and yet you're arranging your brother for baby sitting." I stood up and took her hand again. "Let us walk back to the village, Sango. I don't want to take you out too long or for too far with your brother hurt."

As we walked back, Sango asked, "Would you mind if we did this again tomorrow, Houshi-sama? I could use the exercise and the fresh air and the company," she added with a fetching blush.

I grinned like a fool. I should have known that something bad was going to happen when I was started feeling that way, but I was too happy to think about anything but her. I leaned over and I kissed her head, but I did so deceptively. I doubt that anyone watching us or even Sango knew that I had done it. To others I would have looked only as if I were kissing her hair, or enjoying the scent and feel of it. I was very much in love with her, and when she asked questions like that, or leaned on me when we walked, I didn't care who knew it--in fact, I wanted people to know that this dazzling creature whose hand was in mine, this beautiful warrior and gentle nurse, was mine. I had caught her, I had seduced her, and I didn't care that I had lost my heart to her in the process.

"I would be more than happy to have another walk with you tomorrow, Sango."

The bad thing I now know I should have been expecting happened the next day. I was waiting near the hut for noon to pass so that I could ask Sango for another walk. I was still feeling warm and floaty (not that I would admit such) even twenty-four hours after our first promenade. I almost felt giddy. And young--I felt very youthful. If I had thought about it before hand, I realized that I should have brought Sango flowers. I doubt she had ever been given flowers, and Kagome had once told me that girls like that.

Which is really rather funny when you take into consideration that taking a womans virginity was also call....


I felt foolish and I started to write in the dirt. Children came to flock by my, curiously watching me write hiragana in the dirt.


"What's it say, Houshi-sama?"

"This is 'daughter'," I said.

"And this one?" they asked me.

"'Princess', 'Big Sister', 'Little Sister'." My stick scratched in the dirt. Thinking about a family, about a family of girls I could care for, made me so excited that a large part of me was ready to run to Sango and wed her then and there, and start making a family right away. Thinking of Sango made me think of marrying her, of carting her away and finally getting to kiss her, of exposing all the parts of her I had only seen in tantalizing glimpses during our time together, to hold her close and love her... forever. I scratched a final picture in the dirt, my energy still raging but my head so full on fanciful visions that moving seemed a waste. "'Bride'."

I was going to do it. I was going to marry Sango and have a dozen beautiful children with her.

"What's going on?" the children cried, looking up at the sky. "It's getting dark!"

I looked up too. I had just begun to debate etching Sangos name into the dirt and then fetching her to see the progression of my thoughts, beginning from the result and then up to the cause. When I saw that the darkness was a swarm of demons, I lifted my voice and turned my energy into something else; something dangerous. I grabbed for the beads covering my wrist. My pleasant dreams were dashed. "Quickly, everyone! Into your houses!"

"Ho... Houshi-sama?!" The children were scared.

"It's okay," I told them, though I was not sure it would be. I was about to tell the children to run and get Sango, but the whole town could see the crowd of demons above us. News would spread without them. I glanced around to make sure that the children weren't around. I wanted to make sure that the unleashed kazanna would not hurt them when I opened it, though I was well aware that I was taking a risk. My kazaana had been weakened and I could not guarantee that I could close it in time... though I never had been sure of that when I used it, had I?

The demons began attacking. I opened the kazaana to destroy them, and when I happened to glance down, I saw that the force of the wind had destroyed the characters I etched in the dirt for the children.

I only hoped that it would not be some portent of things that were to come.

To be continued.