Summary: A small town girl named Bella Swan has lived in forks for too long and is tired of it. Her dream is to do what she loves to do…act. So when a TV show is in need of a new main role character she sends an audition tape. After a few weeks she got news that she has been chosen to become the new member of the hit TV show "Roommates". When she gets there people are nice…but not everyone. Can she handle the TV show's main star moody and player, Edward Cullen, Tanya, fame, drama, and jealousy?

Author's Note: The TV show is going to be like the show "friends" because I love that show but it's not going to always be like the friends episodes. Also some parts might be similar to the show "Sonny with a chance" because I was in the living room the other night and my sister was watching the pilot and that's when this idea sort of hit me. Oh and throughout the story when someone is reading an article or I have an author's note it will be written in bold. When someone is acting in a show or movie it will be in italics. When a character reads a text from there phone and are sending back and forward it will be in bold and italics.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything to twilight Stephanie Meyer does nor do I own anything that has to do with the show "Friends" or "Sonny with a chance".


I cannot believe that this is actually happening to me. I'm actually going to be on the TV show "Roommates". I love that show it's so funny and dramatic all at the same time. All I have to do is get on that plane and goodbye Forks and hello Hollywood.

"Well Bells I guess this is it" Charlie said

"Yeah…I'm going miss you and try not to burn the house down while I'm gone"

"I'll try" he chuckled

Charlie gave me a hug, I grabbed my bags, and I boarded the plane. I can tell this is going to be the start of a great and unforgettable adventure and nothing can stand in my way. I found a window seat and sat down.

"Would you like something to drink miss?" A lady asked me with a food and water cart with her

"Oh, no thank you" I said as the lady walked off

"Bella? Bella Swan?"

"Um…yes do I know you?"

"It's me Jacob…Jacob Black"

I tried to remember if I knew anyone named Jacob Black and then it hit me. "Oh your Billy's son right we used to make mud pies when we were little" I chuckled

He smiled "Yea that's right"

"Oh sit down, sit down I need someone to talk to for these few hours"

"Great cuz I was looking for a place to sit anyway…thank you"

"No problem…so how have you been?"

"I've been good actually and you?"

"I'm great"

"So I guess congratulations are in order?"

"Why" I asked puzzled

"Because you're going to be starring in the show "Roommates, am I right?"

"Yes, yes I am…how did you know?"

"Bella it's in all the magazines…do you want to see one?"

"Yea definitely" I wanted to see what Hollywood has said about me already. I guess I was to caught up packing and being excited that I didn't figure it would be in the magazines. Then again I don't read magazines to begin with.

"Here you go"

"Wait so where are you heading to?"

"Well it just so happens that I too am going to be in a TV show. As a matter of fact it's the runner up to "Roommates""

"Oh you're going to be on that TV show called "Wolves", right?" (AN: I know it's convenient that he's on a show called wolves but it's all I could think of bare with me)

"Yea, I am I'm so excited"

"So what's the show about…I never really got to see it?"

"Basically its about this group of FBI agents called "wolves" and they have different scenario's of cases to uncover, people to save, oh and the best part is it has a lot of action"

"Wow, I'm already hooked I'll have to check it out"

"Great and to make it even I'll watch your show"

I laughed and shook his hand "You've got a deal"

"Are you going to look at the magazine now?"

"Oh yea I forgot about that…but I don't want to be rude and you not have anyone to talk to"

He laughed "It's okay Bella I brought more than one magazine with me"

"Okay" I flipped through the magazine to find the page where it talks about the show. Ah ha here it is:

The hit TV show "Roommates" has kicked off one of their members Lauren Mallory off the show. She has notified that it was because she wanted to quit and do just movies rather than a show and playing the same character all the time. Well who can replace Lauren Mallory you may ask. Well Bella Swan can! Bella Swan is a small town girl form Forks and will be joining the cast for a six month trial to see if the audience will enjoy her character. If the audience likes her character after the six months then it looks like "Roommates" will have an official new star. Can small town girl Bella Swan handle the pressure? Will all the cast mates like her? Who Knows? All we know is that the show will be ending with Bella Swan's big entrance as she will play Rosalie Hale's (Samantha on the show) cousin who will be visiting New York for six months. Will her character be romantically involved with a character? I guess will all just have to stay tuned to find out.

Wow Hollywood sure does know how to make a girl feel pressured. Well I might as well read something else in here since Jake seems to be busy in his magazine. As I was flipping through the pages I saw a picture of Edward Cullen with a girl and his arm around her coming out of a night club. Well I guess I might as well get to know my cast members I guess. The article said:

TV show heartthrob player, 22, Edward Cullen was spotted a week ago with a lady coming out of a night club. Edward Cullen was never seen with her after that week. Edward Cullen and Tanya Denali both stars of the TV show "Roommates" were dating for a year and then broke up. Insiders say 'the two keep there distance and only associate together when there at work other than that they do not talk to each other'. Ever since their break up Edward Cullen and Tanya Denali are seen with different people every week. Is this the only way the two know how to handle a break up? Will they ever stop and have a serious relationship? Will someone ever have a long term relationship with Edward Cullen? Only time will tell.

I feel bad for the guy. Reporters make him seem like this jerk but maybe he's not really like that. I bet he's a nice person and just needs a break. Well I'll know for sure when I get there I guess.

"So did you enjoy the magazine article" Jake asked

"Yea, I did but now I feel more pressure" I laughed

"You'll be fine I know it" he said smiling and patting my hand

"So how old are you now Jacob?"

"I'm 21 now and you?"

"I just turned 22"

Jacob and I went on and on with questions and then as soon as we knew it we were in Hollywood. We got off the plane and into the pick up area they had. Jacob and I traded cell phone numbers so we can keep in touch and he had to leave because the people from the show were there to pick him up. Now all I had to do was look for a sign that said Bella Swan on it as I was told. I kept looking until I finally saw I sign that said Bella Swan. I walked up to it to find a tall man that seems to be in his 30's.

"Hello Ms. Swan right this way" He said leading me to a huge limo. I could definitely get use to this.

We got in the car and that's when we started to talk.

"I'm Aro Volterra I'm the creator and director of "Roommate""

"It's very nice to meet you"

"Are you excited to join our family?"

"Yes absolutely"

"Well I inform you about your living arrangements and so on and so forth"


"Well you will be sharing a dressing room with Rosalie Hale she has kindly offered you to share her dressing room until one is made for you if the audience enjoys your character. You will have your own room of course for you to sleep in, read the scripts, and to just have a place to stay. One of the benefits of working here is that we offer our stars a place where they can stay unless they prefer to stay somewhere else.

"That's great…um where are the rooms going to be?"

"There located right behind the studio don't worry will have someone show you where everything is. I have informed the cast to help you with all the details on how to handle the public, paparazzi's, going to clubs, etc. Also your fashion designer is Alice Cullen who also happens to be Rosalie's designer. Any questions?"

"Not really except…is Alice all of the main star's designer because you didn't mention Tanya and—"

"Well Tanya prefers a different designer and her own dressing room so we gave her what she wanted to avoid any…diva tantrums shall I say"

"Oh" the car pulled to a stop and we got out

"Welcome to the studio Ms. Swan…David make sure Ms. Swan's luggage is taking to her room"

"Yes Sir" said a tall buff guy answered carrying away my luggage

"Shall we go inside" Mr. Volterra asked

"Yea" I said excited as we walked into the room I had my breath taken away. It was a huge studio with lights, camera's, and more. Also the stage where all the cast has been and soon will I.

"Wow" was all I could say

"Come with me Ms. Swan" as I followed him we ended up in a room that was like three master bedrooms put together. It had props that I have seen from previous episodes.

"This is where the cast as well as you will be hanging out. This is where they do there talking and hanging out and it is our prop house"

"This is amazing" suddenly people began to come in and I knew who they were they were my cast members.

"Hello kids this is Bella Swan"

"Hello Bella it's so glad to finally meet you we are going to have so much fun shopping" I had a feeling this one was Alice because I didn't know who she was unlike the cast members whose names I know by heart.

"It's nice to meet you Alice, right?"

"That's my name" she said proudly

"Hello Bella it's nice to meet you I'm—"

"Rosalie…it's a pleasure meeting you"

"What's up, I'm Emmett" he grabbed my hand and kissed it "but you knew that" he said trying to act funny but I couldn't help but laugh.

"Hi I'm Jasper I'm so happy you could be part of the show"

"Thank you I'm glad to be here" wow they are all very nice people.

Then I noticed Tanya she didn't say anything so I decided to introduce myself "Hi I'm Bella it's nice to finally meet you Tanya" I held out my hand for a shake. She just looked at my hand with disgust and walked away out of the room. I took back my hand slowly.

"Don't worry about here she's just jealous because your character is going to be Edward's romantic relationship" Emmett said

"Well it's not like is real"

"Ha, to Tanya everything is real I mean the women convinced herself that her hair was originally strawberry blonde when she got it done…OW" Rosalie hit Emmett in the stomach and I had to laugh. Just then a tall, green eyed, reddish brown haired guy walked through and I knew who it was…Edward. He walked right past me, went to the couch, and turned on the TV.

"Hey Edward how about try to be a gentleman and say hi to our new cast member" Alice said

He never turned away from the TV and just said "Hi".

Alice and Rosalie took my hand and we went out of the lounge

"You will have to excuse Edward he's been a little moody now a days"

"It's okay…um where are we going?"

"We are going to show you your room and then we are going to get you ready for your first night out on the town"

All of them are really great and nice people. The only ones that seem to have a problem with me are Tanya and Edward. I have a feeling this is going to be a long six months.

Well I hope you like this first chapter I really like this story and have a whole lot of ideas of what is going to happen. So please review and I'll post the second chapter as soon as I can the second chapter is where its going to get good.=)=)=) PLZ REVIEW!!!