Hey guys sorry I haven't updated my stories for a while but I've just been so busy with the end of school and now I can finally work on my stories…before I continue I would just like to thank everyone for liking this story it means a lot to me Well without further ado…


Wow….This is amazing! I looked around the movie theater that was now also mine and was in awe. I've never seen anything like it.

"Hey Rose, Bella, glad you two could finally make it!" Alice said with joy

"So what movie are we going to watch?" I asked

"We're going to watch Avatar!" Emmett said joyously

We laughed at Emmett's expression as he looked like a child who just got the best Christmas present a child could want.

"Well hurry up and put the movie in Emmett for goodness sakes" Rosalie demanded

"Okay okay jeez" Emmett said while heading toward the dvd player

We all began to get seated and I have to admit these seats are really comfortable. As the movie was about ten minutes into the itself we all turned as a fraction of light came in. It was Edward coming in as he whispered sorry to all of us. Everyone just turned they're heads away and gazed they're eyes back onto the screen. While I kept staring at Edward as he approached the empty seat that was right next to me…..of course. I thought as I rolled my eyes. Could he make this anymore uncomfortable! I could feel his eyes on me and I just wanted to go back to my room. But I really wanted to see this movie for one thing and I was here first.

"Hey" he whispered

"Hey" I whispered back

"Look about what happened back there I—"

"Edward I don't want to talk about that and especially not right now because honestly I'm not even sure I wanted to…" I pointed to my lips

He laughed "what kiss?" he noted giving a cocky grin


"Oh relax there all to into the movie to hear us"

"Well in any case yes that's what I meant because I barley know you and if I were to ever kiss you or anybody for that matter I would want it to be meaningful and not just for the sake of doing it"

He just kept looking at me "I guess I see your point"

"Well I hope so"

I turned my attention back to the movie and I had no idea what the hell was going on…ugh! Freaking Edward! After a while I kind of got the hang o what was happening and Edward still hasn't said another word to me.

"Now that was an amazing movie" Emmett said as we were all walking back to our rooms

"Yea it was pretty good" Jasper said

"Well now I know why it made so much money" Alice said

"I only hope to be in a major motion picture like that someday" Rosalie said

Edward laughed "Good luck with that Rose"

"What do you mean by that" Rose said with a hint of madness in her voice

"Nothing it's just that those kind of movies and fame like that don't happen to every celebrity so I'm just saying don't get your hopes high"

"Since when were you so concerned about our feelings Edward?" Rosalie said and none of us not really noticing any anger just curiosity.

"I've always been concerned for all of your feelings" Edward said in a serious tone

Everyone laughed "Yeah right" Emmett said

"Whatever" Edward said

We finally reached all of our rooms "Well goodnight everyone" Jasper said

In unison we said "Night" Everyone opened and went inside they're rooms. I was about to open and close my door until I heard "Bella, hold on"

I peeked out of my door to see who it was and of course…Edward.

"What?" I asked a little irritated

"I just really wanted you to know that I'm sorry for being like that at the movie theater but it's just—"

"You know you sure apologize to me a lot maybe you should try doing that to the rest of your friends that you're always being a total asshole to all the fucking time…goodnight!" and with that I slammed my door and went straight to bed.

I woke up, got dressed and went down stairs to the hangout room before we rehearse and what not. In a way I feel bad for cussing to Edward but I was tired from the whole day. Then when he kept apologizing it made me just ticked off. I shouldn't feel bad because he's a real asshole to his friends and they're my friends as well and I don't like anyone treating them like shit. I opened the door to the hangout room to find everyone there even Tanya.

"Good morning Everyone" I said

"Good Morning" everyone said except Tanya and Edward…figures.

I walked to the couch where Alice, Rose, Jasper, and Emmett were.

"So what are you guys talking about?" I asked

"We're just talking about the new restaurant that opened a few blocks away from here…it's suppose to be the best and we were all thinking that we should go tonight want to come?" Alice asked

"Ummm sure…I have nothing else to do tonight"

"Great" Alice said

I just sat back watching them talk and eventually didn't listen to their conversation anymore and began reading the script again. Buzz buzz buzz! I grabbed my phone to check who was calling…Jake!

"Hey Jake what's up?'

'Hey Bells I was just calling to see if you wanted to come hang with me on the set of "Wolves" since I'm not doing much right now…did you want to come over?"

"Ummm…yea sure I'm not doing much either I'll be right over"

"Awesome…okay see you then"

"Bye Jake"

I looked up to find everyone staring at me

"What?" I asked

"Who was that?" Rose asked

"Oh it was my friend Jake he's and actor and he asked me to come hang out with him on his set"

"Oh…well what show is he from"


"What!" everyone screamed

"How could you go to that…that…possessed place?" Emmett asked
"Oh calm down Emmett….what's so bad about their set?" I asked

"It's not their set it's them...we don't associate with them because they always prank us then we prank them back and then start publicity shit and its only gotten worse throughout the years"Emmett said

"Well don't you guys think you should just stop and try to be nice to them or oh I don't know…be the bigger person"

They all looked at each other "Nah" they said in unison

"Well feud or no feud I'm going to visit Jake so see you guys later"

"Don't do it Bella!" Emmett screamed "They'll eat you alive!"

I rolled my eyes and got out of there this whole feud thing is ridiculous and it doesn't matter because Jake and I are good friends and would never take part in this stupid feud.