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Chapter one: Siblings

A roar struck on the sacred ground of the Pride Lands.

More like a thunder in a storm that refuses to touch the ground, but its presence itself is imposing, and it shakes the very foundations of the earth.

The animals raise their heads, knowing exactly what it means. Such a presentation and demonstration of power.

And, like an invisible strength that ties them all together, they follow in unity in the same direction, knowing exactly where to go and what they should do. Gazelle, elephants, zebra, and others, all steer in a single line towards the same spot.

Pride Rock... Where the king of all the animals imposes his presence, not like a tyrant, but like a true leader, grand and mighty.

The lions... For no species was more qualified to rule than these imposing beings. Today, the one in such position was a brown furred lion, with a vast dark brown mane.

His face, once young, now had a mature and calm air to it. Kovu had become a king like everyone had expected, and an even better one than they had.

He had been reigning for some time now, and somewhere a bit behind, a proud Simba was observing quietly. Even still being alive, he had decided to give the crown to the youngster—and discovered that it had been the right choice, for he knew in his heart that there was nothing left to teach him.

Worthy heir… Worthy son.

The crowd suddenly opens in reverence while a figure crosses towards the stone and climbs it easily, one as ancient as the kings themselves.

The shaman baboon Rafiki, an old friend eternally tied to the royal family. He smiles at Kovu, who smiles back, and the two hug each other momentarily.

After the greetings, both look backwards, towards the cause of such a gathering. It was Kiara. She was laid near her parents, and between her paws, two small and sympathetic figures. Two newborn cubs.

Rafiki walks towards her. Kiara smiles and greets him, knowing exactly what was about to happen. The two cubs were quite different. One of them had the dark and mighty fur of the father, but the amber red vivid eyes of the mother; while the other, on the contrary, had the beautiful and shiny golden fur from Simba's family, and the emerald green eyes of Kovu.

Rafiki swings his hand a bit above the head of the newborns. Both try to catch it, thinking it is some kind of toy, which makes Kiara smile warmly.

He plays a little longer with the light mocha one, and smiles as the small baby tries to seize his hand. Beginning his ritual, Rafiki breaks the royal fruit and soaks his thumb, grabbing the one he had been playing with.

Without receiving protests from the mother, he marks his forehead, which represents his future crown.

With an approving glance from Kiara, Rafiki takes the baby to the edge of Pride Rock, looks at the animals below for a second, and then swiftly raises the baby for all to see.

Scandal takes care of the lands while the animals vibrate and made several types of sounds, to acclaim the king to be. After that, all of them bow in reverence of an uncertain baby, who couldn't quite put his finger on what was happening.

After a long ceremony, Rafiki takes the baby back to his mother, Kovu by her side. After being placed again between Kiara's safe paws, he starts playing with the other cub, and the two parents nuzzle them happily. The grandparents Simba and Nala approached, smiling at the image of the two cubs under the protection of their daughter.

"Kiara… They're beautiful." said her mother, Nala, with a smile.

"They're perfect… Just like I dreamed." Kiara replied happily, nuzzling her children once more.

Near, the ever loyal family friends, Timon and Pumbaa, seemed happy too. "Oh… Look at the little babies, Timon…" said a weeping Pumbaa.

"I know, Pumbaa, I know… The family just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Now…" the little meerkat leaps from his friend's head, where he had been hanging up till now. "There's two of them Pumbaa. One for me, one for you."

"Uh… Why's that?"

"Isn't it obvious Pumbaa? We're gonna raise 'em! Just like we've always been raising this family. Look how Simba turned out! And Kiara! Sure, she doesn't eat bugs… But who cares! She's a great queen, and we did our part in this."

"We did?"

"Sure we did. Who taught her how to roar? And how to scout? And the best way to win a fight?"

"Uh… Her parents?"

"Pumbaa, I swear to God…"

"Oh… Sorry…"

"Now is finally time for our face off my friend!" Timon swiftly makes his way to Simba's head, pointing his grandchildren. "Each one of us is gonna raise one of the cubs, and we'll see just who can grow the best king!" he quickly leans to talk to Simba. "Simba, which one do you think is the best?"

"And you're gonna ask me?" Simba replied while laughing.

"It's the one the monkey took, right? I knew it! I'm taking that one! Take your eyes off him Pumbaa."


Those two could always make the family laugh. "That won't be necessary boys…" Kiara said while laughing.

"Really? Why is that?" Timon asked, curious.

Rafiki, also joined the conversation. "One is a boy, the other is a girl."

Timon looked at the old baboon for a moment, then swiftly made his way from Simba's to Kiara's head. "I'm raising the boy! Kiara, which one is the boy?" Kiara laughed again, and Kovu made the introductions.

"Our little sunshine is Zuri," he said, as Kiara nuzzled the golden one. "And our king to be is our little Ikkena. Aren't you?" he purred with a smile, making the darker cub laugh, along with his mother.

"Little Ikkena, huh? Like that, Pig Butt? Me and little Ikkena here are gonna make one hell of a team. Isn't that right, buddy?" Timon reached his hand to caress the cub, which happily grabbed his arm and knocked him out of Kiara's head. They laughed away, as Timon regained his balance and stood up, cleaning his fur. "First battle lesson is over."

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