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Don't Say A Word - Chapter 1
By megamijuhachigou

Bulma stumbled quickly as she could in her unnecessarily high heels along the nighttime streets of Satan City, clutching her briefcase tight to her chest. She had stopped keeping track of time around 4, but guessed it was somewhere between 8 and 9. Most of the shops were closed or closing, and the more respectable patrons of the city moved indoors away from what might await them in the darkened alleys of the teeming urban night life.

"Damn Vegeta and his damn training," she muttered as she caught her heel on yet another sewer cover. She lurched forward, but straightened up and continued along her path, sweeping her gaze from side to side, watching if anyone had managed to notice her blunder.

Ah, yes, Vegeta, the source of one too many problems and more to come. She had called the arrogant Saiya-jin from the north office telling him she would be running late and asking him to come pick her up. He had "humphed" and since there was no blatant refusal, it was the closest thing to a yes she would have expected to come from his lips.

It wasn't that the walk home from the north office was far, but it was night and there was the matter of those heels…

Just as if the thought triggered it, a crack in the sidewalk caught Bulma's shoe, and this time she did topple over, waving her arms to no effect and slamming face first into the concrete, her briefcase sliding a good ten feet away. "Owiee…" She pushed herself up onto her knees, and tore a run into her pantyhose. "Fuck. These were new too…"

"Do you need some help, miss?"

"Huh?" Bulma looked up to see a man standing next to her, holding her bag in one hand and offering the other to help her stand. Her face flushed, and felt like such a klutz, making herself into a complete fool by falling like that and even worse that this time someone had noticed, even if he was helping her, and even if he was pretty cute. She took his hand in hers and his strong grip pulled her back to her feet.

"You shouldn't be alone out here on a night like this." He handed her the case and she took it obligingly.

"I know. A…friend was supposed to pick me up but he…got sidetracked." Ha, a friend, that was good. Sidetracked? Even better. A rude bastard who thought training was more important seemed like a better response, but Bulma said nothing to this effect. Being a business woman as well as a scientist had taught her that sometimes, there are just certain things that should remain fogged over.

"There are some real creeps out at a time like this, just looking for a woman like you to take advantage of."

"That why I'm in such a rush."

"People like me for one."

"What!?" As Bulma let that statement sink in, the man knocked her to the ground and covered her mouth with one of his large hands before she could cry out. She struggled against his grip, kicking and flailing her arms, but to no avail. He was much to strong and easily over-powered her.

"Take whatever you want," she was close to tears, but managed to regain some of her composure, "just don't hurt me."

He laughed, a harsh bitter sound like metal scraping against glass. "You're in no positions to be making offers Miss Briefs…"

* * *

"…injuries aren't too severe. She should be recuperated by morning."

Bulma struggled to open her eyes to the unfamiliar voice talking about her. She was lying on a table at the nearby doctor's office. "Wh-wha…"

"Bulma, you're okay!" Chichi pushed her way forward to be by the woman's side. Goku was there also, so Gohan wouldn't be far off.

"We were really worried about you, you know," Goku said in his jovial way that just made Bulma smile, "after what the doctor said and all about you…" His voice trailed off as he couldn't bear to say the words.

"What do you mean?" Bulma struggled to sit up.

"You were raped, woman."

Bulma turned to the side, eyes wide with shock to see that Vegeta had even come, but even more in shock about what he had said. He memory of what had gone on avoided her. He had thrown her to the ground and then everything was just…black.

"Vegeta!" Chichi snapped.

"Well, it's true. Why shouldn't I tell her?"

That made even Goku mad, and his voice got that serious tone. "This is serious Vegeta, not some laughing matter."

"Well then, perhaps I should just step out of the room. With that, he turned and left, without another word.

Bulma opened her mouth to say something, but the doctor stepped forward. "Don't say a word. You need all the strength you can manage. It would be best if you could go back to sleep for now." Bulma nodded and lay back on the table, a muddle of emotions trapped behind her closed eyelids.

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