"Haruhi Fujioka, as of today you are kicked out of the yummy host club." (Tamaki)

"You have been shamelessly shown yourself as a female in the club, and so our reputation is falling." (Kyouya)

"Friggin' useless." (Mori)

"Really, really bad!" (Hunny)

"You've been fun and everything..." (Hikaru)

"...But this time even we are sick of this shit." (Kaoru)

I, Haruhi Fujioka, find myself sitting in the club, all eyes on me.

They've even convinced the school to expel me for my 'identity exposure.'


This is why I hate the rich.

I'm gonna get revenge.

That's right... revenge....

Tamaki wakes up in his deliciously large and comfortable soft canopy bed with soft pillows and elegant laced satin.

"It's a LOVELY day today..." he sang as he opened his window. "I~ don't feel like going to schooool~!"

The birds chirped and landed on his arm as he reached out for them.

"Teehee twiddle dee... I'm gonna watch some tv... what's on today seems to be Glee..."

He reached for the phone and dialed a certain person's number.

"HAAAEY!~" he screeched as soon as the person picked up. "KYOYOYOYO YO WASSUP HOMIEEE~"

"Shut the fuck up you gay douche. It's not even 7am yet WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT?!"

"Hey hey, since we got rid of Haruheeeeee can we have those parties we used to have beforrrrrrrre?"


Tamaki sobbed dramatically as Kyouya hung up.

"I feel sorry for.." (Kaoru)

"..Haruhi, I know." (Hikaru)

"She wasn't that...." (Kaoru)

"Bad, yeah I know." (Hikaru)

"Don't you think we were a little too..." (Kaoru)

"Harsh, I know." (Hikaru)

"Stop completing.." (Kaoru)

"Your sentences. No way, it's fucking hilarous." (Hikaru)

"SCREW YOU. Great, now I don't feel like..." (Kaoru)

"Going to school. HAHAH me neither I'd love to stay here to bother you." (Hikaru)


"Hey hey, don't have a cow my brother!" (Hikaru)

"This isn't worth bending over for, Mori!" moaned Hunny.

"Don't worry, I got it all covered." the tall male replies as he grabs something long. "Wow, this is going to be hard. The hole's really small, how am I supposed to insert this in?"

"JUST HURRY UP AND DO IT. QUICKLY." cried the little blond male.

Mori grabs whatever he was holding and thrusted in...

...the thread through the needle that Hunny was having trouble with. "Here." he said as he gave Hunny the needle. "Be careful."

"Okay thanks!" Hunny replied as he stopped bending over the couch and reached for his Bun-Bun.

"Skipping school is funn!"



Ouran Academy blows up to bits, leaving no survivors as the explosion burned them all to ridiculous ashes.

"Heheheheh, victory is MINE." Haruhee says as she dances around.


She turns around.

The host club,who decided to come to school eventually, were still alive and intact.

And they stared at each other.

"Well FUCK." she yells.

And then she kills the whole world with her time bomb.

Don't take this seriously, I've actually never read/watched OHSHC. I've only read enough to know the characters.

And i know they are completely OOC.