I all started at the bottom of that vodka bottle. It seems like that's where it always started lately. She went out almost every night, leaving her five year-old son all alone, and she got so drunk that when she finally stumbled through the door, if she actually did, she just passed out on the floor. Well tonight Parker wasn't so lucky.

It was about nine o'clock on a Wednesday night and Rebecca had left the bar early, well not so much left as got kicked out for starting a fight with her ex, and she wasn't as drunk as normal. So she got home and noticed a noise coming from her son's bedroom, like a soft whimpering, and went to check it out.

Parker was lying in his race car bed and he was shaking with sobs. He saw his mother open the door and ran to her, but she held out a hand and stopped him before he could hug her legs. He took a step back and looked into his mother's face. She grabbed the back of his collar and threw him back into his bed and shouted at him to shut up. Then she stormed out of the room and went on a drunken rampage and started throwing things at the walls and breaking everything in reach. This went on for about the next half hour, the whole time her son was terrified in the next room.

Parker didn't understand why his mom had been acting like this lately. She left all the time and he had to fend for himself. When she was home she was always asleep or she wouldn't talk to him. It had been like this for the past three weeks and he wanted his dad. He could make this better somehow.

There was suddenly a knock at the apartment door. He heard it and so had his mother. Everything went silent and there it was again. Rebecca went and answered it and then she started yelling at whoever it was. Something about it being her home and being able to do whatever she wanted in it.

"Ma'am is there anyone else here with you?" the officer asked.

"What does that matter?"

"We are going to look around and see. Why don't you sit and calm down?"

"Don't tell me what to do in my own home!"

"That's assaulting an officer ma'am and we are going to have to take you in." There was a jangling noise and Parker heard her screaming as they removed his mother from the apartment.

A minute later a man was standing in his doorway. It was a police officer and he said he was going to take him some place safe. He carried him from the building and put him in his police car.

"You aren't in trouble, we just need to take you with us for a little while. Ok buddy?"


A/N: I just felt like writing something a little angsty and I needed a story all about Parker, because I love that little boy. I know this story probably doesn't show that well but I do.