Well this is awkward.

Really awkward.

Silver's not looking at me.

We're alone.

We're room-mates.

We've been stuck like this for almost 4 hours now.

There's a problem with the train.

The doors won't open.

The windows won't open.

It's dark.

This is not what I planned.

Gold, age 14 and not at all sure what to do when in an awkward situation.

I pat Explotaro.

"Thanks for the warmth, buddy." I smile.

The fire Pokémon purrs.

Silver doesn't move.

He's in a corner with his Feraligatr.

He's shivering.

That does it.

"Look Silver, if you don't suck it up already and come over here to get warm, you're gonna pass out freezing cold." I said to him.

He doesn't reply.

That kiss must've been a little too much for him.

It feels like hours later.

They still haven't fixed the goddamn train.

I must've dozed off.

"Silver?" I called out.

He's still not answering.

I decided to take chances and crawled up to him.

He's sound asleep. Sort of.

I touch his face.

It's freezing cold.

Without thinking I grab his arm and pull him towards Explotaro.

"Hey you, Feraligatr." I say to his Pokémon. "Get over here too."

I get out my own Pokémon.

"Alright team, you know it's getting cold here. Obviously I'm warm, but..."

I look down at Silver.

He seems so peaceful and innocent when he's asleep.

A fuzzy, tingly feeling rises up in my body.

"..Uh yeah, Silver is not. Let's warm him up." I finished.

I have to stop thinking about these things.

Everyone piles up together and starts to doze off.

It's getting warmer now.

Silver stirs. I quickly pretend to fall asleep.

"Gold?" I hear him say.

I feel him touching my face. It was all I could do to not grab his wrist and..

No. Shutup shutup shutup. Do not think. Pretend to sleep.

"I'm not shivering anymore." I hear him say to himself.

"Damn it, I guess he was right about warming myself up." A sigh, then scratching sounds.

"I always end up owing him one. Stupid, stupid dumbass."

I hear him get closer to me. Ohhh crap.

I mentally brace myself for the lashing of curses and the shaking to 'wake me up'.

It doesn't happen.

"How can I, when I can't even go near you without losing it a little?" his voice is closer than ever.

Egaad, this is a little awkward for me now.

"Let me take my time...."

I can't force him into anything now that he's said all that.

Not that I would.

And I feel a little guilty that I am hearing all the things he thinks I can't hear.

That's it, screw this.

I open my eyes.

Silver's face is right in front of me.


He backs up quickly and puts his hands over his face.

"That didn't happen, that didn't happen, you didn't see anything....." I hear him mumble.

"Silver?" I ask him.

"Nothing, nothing, that never happened..."


"Don't ask, don't ask, I don't owe you nothing..."

"Silver, look at me."

He turns around.

I kiss him.

His face is red as his hair again.


"Now I owe you one for putting up with me." I grin.

Silver doesn't say anything. He's looking away.

We're back to square one.

The lights turn back on and the intercom goes off.

"Attention passengers. We're sorry for the inconvenience and we thank you for your co-operation. The train is now running and we will now depart to Johto."


"Return!" I say as I withdraw my team.

"Hey Gold."

Silver's voice.

He's talking to me again.

The angels in my head are singing with joy.

"Yeah?" I replied.

"I'm cold."

There's a hint to that short sentence that I immediately recognized.

"Okay." I crawled up to him and hugged him. "Better?"

He's not looking at me again, but I know he's blushing.