Gold narration;

You're shatting me right?

This isn't happening, is it?

Oh my god, but it is.

I don't understand.

I'm standing here, in the front compartment of the stopped train, Silver completely bound by web and useless.

Facing Red, Red in rocket attire.

"What is this... what is this all about?" I asked him, on guard.

He picks up Silver with ease, single-handed. "Just picking up someone."

Adrenaline flies through my veins in a surprised fury.

"What are you doing with him?" I yelled. I was itching to throw out my Pokémon at him just then.

He stared at me with an intent look in his eye.

"........I'm collecting people." he replied after a while. "No reason."

He smirked a little and smacked Silver's back. "I'm on the hunt for something."

"And that would be what?"

He turned away and waved with his free hand. "That's for you to figure out."

He snapped his fingers. "Kotone!"

The girl called Kotone straightened up and flinched. "Yes..."

She followed him, opening the door leading out of train and into the open plains.

"Oh HELL no you aren't!" I shouted, and tossed out my Pokémon.

"Ataro, scratch!"

Ataro jumped up, snickered a bit and managed scratched the web off Silver, enabling him to wriggle free and get away from Red's hold.

"Agility, then Baton Pass!"

Ataro easily obeyed, faster than ever and disappeared into my Pokéball.

Just as I was about to send out Poltaro, Red flicked out his Pika faster than I noticed.

"Too slow."

I was zapped, too fast, by Thunderbolt.

Paralyzed, I watched in horror as he reached for Silver.

Silver, thank god for his attitude, smacked his hand down in fury.

"What the HELL do you think you're doing, Red?" he asked.

I noted the slight hysteria rising behind his tone.

"I ask you for one simple favor, and you.. you... and those clothes! ARGH!"

He twitches.

"Take those OFF!"

I automatically averted my eyes sideways as Red just easily takes off the Team Rocket uniform.

Just like that.

"I never asked for anything like this!" Silver screeches back a reply to something Red said.

That I didn't hear.


"But you know our exchange." Red said in a cool tone.

"I get Gold to love you, and I get you or something in return."

I froze.

In spot.

Not like I had a choice to freeze anyway.

I was still, you know.


But the words... 'Get Gold to love you'....

They swirled in my head until I was dizzy.

Was this what Silver hid from me?


He knew I loved him more than


more than my Pokémon.


Get Gold


Love you


I see Silver, looking at me.

His eyes full of horror at Red's words.

His secret exchange revealed.

He seems so far away.

Like when he found out about his father.

"Oh, that was a secret?" Red snorted. "I'm sorry."

He walks over to me. Bends down.

"He really does love you, you know."

I try to turn my head away from his gaze.

He grabs my chin and twists it to his face.

"He was oh-so wondering if you really meant what you meant."


And then everything snapped in place.

Silver. Of course, he was all so, so insecure.

Afraid that I'd abandon him, hurt him.



"Then..." It took a lot of strain to look up and speak.

Stupid paralyze.

"Then take me."

Silver, on the ground now, snapped his head up.

Watching me.


"Take me instead. I don't want you to... uh, hurt him."

Wow, those words are harder than I thought it would to say.

It's so ridiculously cheesy.


Red looks at me, his trademark "...." face pasted on.

Silver, amazingly, regains energy.

"Gold, are you INSANE? This is my problem!"

He stands up, shaking.

"My exchange... my deal..."

He lunges for Red, but Kotone blocks him and hits him right in the weak spot.

"Oh ffffff-"

He keels over, groaning.

Red suddenly nods, and I was picked up.

My paralysis was wearing off, but I wasn't going to struggle now.

It's all about protecting whatever Silver agreed to.

"I don't know what exchange you and Silver did..." I began.

"And I'm not going to bother explaining." Red interrupted.

"...Just don't touch Silver." I finished.

He simply chuckled, re-opening the door to the outside.

I hear the police.

"Love to stay Silver, but your darling insisted I take him instead, so I'm out."

Silver jumps up, and pushes Kotone aside, regardless of his obvious pain.


He runs up to me.

Or rather, Red holding me.

"Don't go." he said.

I smiled.

Flashed my old grin.

"All's good buddy."

I see his eyes glisten and I reach out for his hand.

He takes it, and we entwine our fingers together.

"I'll find you, you weak idiot." he whispered.

Red rolled his eyes.

I ignored him and grinned to Silver again.

He smiled back, first in a long time

An honest, darling smile.

I was momentarily stunned.

"Kotone. We have to go." Red was snappy, suddenly.

Sirens were getting louder.

"Knock him out, we gotta roll."

I feel Silver being wrenched away from our grasp.

I gasp.

Even if this was inevitable, it was still heartbreaking.

I suddenly smell something sickeningly sweet, and struggle against it as it slowly ebbs away my consciousness.

All I remember before I black out was...

"I'll find you."

And Silver's smiling face, promising.


Its the end gais

the end

i apologize if this ending made you rage



i think

anyway, many thanks to ma bud Prisca for making me finish this last chapter. lololol

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