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Their postures stiffen, whispers fade out, and some even act as if they've actually been doing work. It's time for school. And I've never looked forward to this more than I have today. The gang of middle and high school girls, the oldest ones only two years younger than me, huddles by the wall they've barely touched. Their gossip has taken a painfully obvious focus on me as they openly gawk with a hand cupping one side of their mouths as if I don't know what they're talking about. Well, I don't know exactly what they're talking about but I can only guess it's about something Clique Kim has spread. Probably some sort of exaggerations about where I've been sleeping for the past week. The phrase "sleeping in Quinn's room" can easily be mangled into "sleeping with Quinn," which can mutate into other crude expressions.

So yeah, I'm incredibly relieved when the group of teenage girls parts and I see their red haired teacher. She gives them some instructions and they walk off in their separate little groups of friends, but today she doesn't follow them. We make eye contact and she appears to study me as if she might know who I am. There's a spark in her eyes and she smiles as she seems to gracefully glide in my direction.

"Hi, you're Kristen, right?"

"Yeah," I say. My voice is a little more hesitant than I like, but I'm suddenly regretting my decision to take a break.

Something about her being a teacher makes me think I'm going to have to clean chalk boards or sit in a corner. Not that she looks like a teacher, because she doesn't fit in with any of the memories I have from grade school. She's about two or three inches taller than me, has a glowing complexion with a few freckles, shockingly bright blue eyes, and almost unnaturally gorgeous hair. The only thing remotely scholarly about her is her very Posh British accent.

"Quinn told me you like to work with kids," she says. "We actually need more people to read to the younger ones in our kind of…preschool program. Would you be interested?"

"Sure," I say. Finally, a better job than digging, a job that doesn't require manual labor, and I get to work with kids!

"Great!" she says before sighing. "I have to go explain Shakespeare now, but I'd like to tell you more about the program. Are you going to Quinn and Creedy's performance tonight?"

"There's a performance?" I ask. I haven't heard anything about this.

"Yes, it's this play their doing. It's great, really. It has action, suspense, comedy, romance," she says. And her eyes brighten just a little too much when she mentions romance. "They've created the whole thing themselves."

"I didn't know Quinn was keeping any hidden talents from me," I say, jokingly of course, but her mouth does this weird twitching thing.

"Hmm, well, how about we meet in the common area around six?"

"Sounds good, but…um, I didn't get your name," I say as she's already walking away.

"Oh, excuse me, what am I thinking?" She says with a chuckle, tucking a strand of her shimmering auburn hair behind an ear. "I'm Rebecca."

And it all clicks; the hair, freckles, and model good looks. She's "Quinn's" Rebecca.

So we're going to a play together, to watch a guy who I'm rumored to be banging and who also might possibly still be her boyfriend. Well, this isn't going to be awkward at all.


A few hours and a brief panic attack later, I'm sitting next to Rebecca on a low wooden bench in a room I didn't know existed. She's very talkative, and her hands move almost as much as her mouth. But, I try to pay attention as she talks about the reading program.

"Right now it's just me and two other mothers. We could really use someone younger. We meet every day and we usually go for a few hours with a lunch and play break in between. I…." She pauses and waves to a little girl who takes a seat a few rows behind us.

"Where did all the children's books come from?" I ask.

She strums her fingers along her jaw line. "My mum used to be a librarian. She was very adamant on saving these books. She's the reason I became a teacher." Her expression is peaceful, her face so bright I could swear she's wearing makeup. "I think you'll do great in the program. Plus, you won't have to dig anymore…which will be good for your leg."

I grimace slightly, because even if Quinn did mean well, I don't exactly like people discussing my injury. And the small tick of paranoia about their relationship sucks a little more of my blood. I mean, why would they even have the opportunity to get in a conversation that serious if they weren't, well, serious? I can't imagine that coming up in passing. Quinn didn't say anything about these plays since we met three months ago, and Rebecca apparently goes to these all the time.

"Hey, Quinn!" Rebecca says.

She throws her arms around him, hugging him very tightly. Quinn is decked out in some weird all black getup. He smiles at me and I do that stupid, awkward wave-thing again. Their close body contact is another bite, and I'm suddenly not too thrilled to be watching this play.

"I'm so excited about the new installment tonight!" she says, pulling back with a grin. "Last night's was amazing."

"How come you didn't tell me about this?" I ask, light in tone. He has been my roommate for almost seven nights, not counting the few times it was his term to have night duty. Well, unless night duty was code for Rebecca.

"It's just—" He starts to say, even raising his voice because the whole room is now full of children. But, the lights flash on and off. "I'm on. We can talk later tonight, okay?"

From the corner of my eye, I see Rebecca's mouth twitch again, her eyes looking sort of angrily at Quinn. I can almost swear Quinn sees her too. Then he leans forward and kisses my cheek, soft but fleetingly like the first.

"In our room, tonight, okay?" he says.

I nod, hoping I don't appear too spacey, because he just said ourroom. If I do he doesn't seem to notice as he walks on stage. Right before the lights go out, Rebecca crosses her arms.

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