A/N: Redone June 3, 2016. Edited for clarity and to flesh out the ideas of the story. I started this story almost 7 years ago and I want to give it a real ending. I've come a long way from where I was, I started this story at 16 years old, and I didn't know much then. Not about writing or about real life, but I want to finish. Bear with me :)


"Hurry up Sango, gosh! I have to be home before 4 or my mom will start blowing up my phone" hollered Yura. I stood beside her, our fingers intertwined in the chain link fence, we could see Sango standing near her team and coach, finishing up their afternoon practice. Of course Sango had to be late, she always was. Yura was impatient as always.

"Hold on, I gotta grab my bag" Sango yelled back. She made it obviously clear when she bent over, making sure her shorts didn't ride too far up and she shoved her volleyball into her bag and waved goodbye to her coach. Some of the girls from her team waved to her as she trotted over to us.

"Finally, I thought practice would never be over" Yura complained, giving Sango a look. I just walked silently beside them towards the parking lot. I glanced over my shoulder to see Sango gave her a little frown but Yura's attention was on someone up ahead.

"Hey Yura! What's up, good looking?" A boy asked, appearing almost out of nowhere. I had never seen him before but he obviously knew her He was tall, blonde hair, blue eyes, and a senior. Yuri knew all the popular people around school cuz of the way she dresses. He gave her a quick hug

"Nothing cutie, what's up with you?" Yura replied, she battered her eye lashes and gave him her full attention. Typical Yura behavior.

"Just spreading the word about this party at my house for Halloween, you wouldn't be interested would ya?" The boy shrugged. He had some brightly colored flyers rolled up in his hands.

"Hell yeah, me and my girls are real interested. Who's gonna be there?" Yura asked, taking a flier from him. I walked backwards to be able to see better. We all glanced at the bright colored paper in her hand.

"All the juniors and seniors, a little old for you but I'm sure you'll be able to get in" The boy answered, then some of his buddies pulled up in some old BMV and he hopped in. With the flyer still in her hand, we followed Yura out to her car. I believe Sango held shot gun but I couldn't recall because I was mesmerized by the flyer, so I just sat in the back seat.

Yura was the oldest of all of us; a sophomore but 16 years old and a license. She started the engine, reversed out of the parking spot, and sped off. Sango lived the farthest away so she was dropped off first. We sat in silence in the car, nothing but some old school songs playing softly from the radio.

"Sounds cool, doesn't it? I want to go" Yura exclaimed once she pulled up in front of Sango's sprawling 2 story house.

"I probably won't go, you know my mom wouldn't let me go to a party anyways" I said calmly. I had no interest in going, honestly, what am I suppose to do with older boys? Yura was the school "party girl" and Sango was basically a jock. But me...I don't have a niche at this school.

"Come on Kags, we're all going together. Don't you want to see how the upper classmen live?" questioned Yura, rolling her eyes. I glanced at Sango in the front but she either didn't see me or pretended not to.

"I don't think so. I mean honestly, I have so much homework and studying to do that I wouldn't have time" I added. Between AP World History and Honors 10th English, I had no time.

"Stop being a baby Kags, we have to live a little" Sango chirped, finally acknowledging me in the backseat. I looked over at her bewildered. Sango must have some of Yura rubbing off on her because she would never talk to me that way, especially after being friends for so long. Sango started to get out of the car and grab her volleyball bag from the floor of the passenger seat.

"Whatever, if Kags wants to be a baby, do her homework and stay home all weekend, we can still go" Yura insisted, looking out to Sango as she straightened out. A porch light came on by Sango's front door which spooked us both a little, almost like her mom knew what we were talking about.

"Well I don't know either, I mean it sounds cool and all but how do I sneak out?" Sango asked shakily. She had never been a rebel girl either, between volleyball games, practices, and school she was extremely busy as well.

"I will pretend we're having a sleepover at my house and then we can sneak out. Don't worry, my parents sleep hard and won't wake up until we're already back" Yura said confidently. She probably used that same trick every weekend.

"Fine, if my mom says yes then I'll go" Sango agreed, and I just sat quietly. Hopefully that was the end of it.

"Kags? You in or not?" Yura asked, her tone was rough and impatient. Sango even leaned back into the car partway to hear my answer.

"I'm not sure, I gotta think about it" I answered truthfully and I knew that would only buy me a little bit of time.

"Bye you guys talk to you tomorrow" Sango said, waving her hand back and she ran up into the driveway. I remained silently in the back seat and waited until Yura dropped me off in front of my house.

"Good bye Kags, be sure to think about the party" Yura said to me as I got out in front of the shrine I called home. It was the only thing I thought about that night, it distracted me from my homework, from my chores, and all night because I wasn't sure if I wanted to go.

Mama would kill me if she found out, plus I have no business at an upperclassmen party. I'm not one of them, I won't know anybody except for Yura and Sango there, and what if something bad happens to me? I wouldn't want to get hurt or worse over a stupid party. But then again, I'll have both of my girls there with me, so I won't be alone and I can mingle to meet new people. I guess going to the party is alright…

"Mama, I was wondering if I could spend the night at Yura's this weekend." I asked, throwing my backpack on the floor by the door. Mama was in the kitchen, washing dishes or something in the sink. She looked up to see me after hearing the sound of my voice, and dried her hands on a towel.

"Are her parents ok with you staying? Who else is gonna be there?" Mom asked as she strolled into the leaving room to greet me.

"Her parents are fine with it, just me, Sango and Yura" I answered honestly. I could feel my heart beating in my chest, hoping Mama wouldn't notice me lying.

"Alright then, make sure your homework is done first" Mama said quietly, she was still dressed in her waitress uniform and black shoes. She looked fatigued and I knew she wasn't going to press the issue anymore.

"Thanks mama, I will" I gave her a kiss on the cheek and went back up to my room to go to bed. I left my backpack downstairs and sent a group message to Yura and Sango to let them know I was down for the party.