100 Moments of Rose & Scorpius

This is a response to the "100 Drabbles/One Shots Challenge" by ..

I'm probably going to alternate with Drabble and One Shot. Some words require a longer word count, after all!



Rose Weasley hated frogs, ever since one of them had scared her into falling into a river. She glared at them when she saw them by the Blake Lake. But when Professor Reynolds told them to pair up into groups during Potions, she knew there was no hope for her. They were, after all, using frogs today.

Rose groaned and looked at the dead frog in the jar.

She wasn't touching it.

"I'll do it."

Her Potions partner tossed the frog into the cauldron.

"Albus warned me you hate them."

Maybe Scorpius Malfoy wasn't so bad after all.