My eyes snapped open quickly, then closed in shock as the bright lights my face was exposed to burned my pupils. I reopened my eyes slowly, and was faced to three strange humans – or at least I thought they were human. The three men all wore dark grey cloaks with the hoods up and had the exact same red milky eyes. Two had jet black hair and one had long white hair. The bizarre eyes seemed ancient, yet there was no signs of old age on their near perfect faces.

"Welcome, child." The middle man with black hair greeted in a calm voice. His attempts to reassure – or at least not frighten me, further failed miserably. He seemed like the cheeriest of the three, of which one seemed bored and uninterested and the other just smiled with an evil glint in his burgundy eyes.

I tried to reply to his greeting but I couldn't will my voice to do it, my lips just quivered pathetically. I sucked in a deep breath and went against my instinct to stay silent. "Hello," Though I'd managed to get out two whole syllables, my voice was so coarse and leaking with fear that it was barely audible.

"Well, child, it seems to be time to explain to you what you are." The evil looking one with snow white hair spoke, his voice frightfully close to the first mans', though a bit lower.

What I was? I'd barely the time to comprehend what he could possibly mean before the middle one spoke again. "You, like us, are what humans call, 'ghosts.'" He explained while the white haired one smirked at my reaction, which was no doubt one of fear and shock. "Humans cannot see, hear or touch us. Ever."

The cheery one smiled as well, the hanging lights that illuminated the dark room reflected off his teeth, which were almost as white as the meaner ones' hair. "You see, child," the white haired man began, gesturing with his hands as he spoke. "We have our own little mini world, although we can visit the human world if we please, but most don't find it very enjoyable."

"So I . . . died?" I croaked out, not really wanting to ask, because where there's a question, there's an answer.

"Yes," the other dark haired one spoke at last. "Peculiar." he added simply, before turning away again.

His brief commentary appeared to have intrigued the other two. "What do you mean, Cauis?" The first dark haired one said, his voice filled with the newfound curiosity.

"Well, it is not exactly common for someone not to have remembered they died." The man, Cauis, said, as if it were one of the most trivial facts. Clearly, he was not a lively one.

"Peculiar indeed." The first finally said, then tilted his head a fraction to the side in deep thought before continuing on. "Anyhow, we are here to help you. You see, child, it is our job to the recently dead about their new life and the journey in which they will embark on."

"I am Marcus and this is Aro," he gestured to the one who'd just spoke. "And this is Cauis." He nodded his head in the direction of the smirking white haired man – or ghost, I suppose.

"Before we begin, we shall grant you a choice," Cauis began, and almost immediately after, Aro spoke.

"You may either accept our, might I add, generous, offer of guidance throughout your first few weeks of your new life," Aro's happy eyes sparkled a terrible red as he smiled, as if he was offering me ten million dollar mansion and a continent.

"Or you may return to the human world and decline our help." Caius finished, and the two turned their heads towards Marcus at the exact same time, almost eerily, and I followed the movement.

"Keep in mind, young one, that they will not see, feel or hear you, so it would be foolish and pointless to do so. " He rambled on, but I wasn't completely listening, I just waited in fear. "Now, make your choice," The finality rang clearly in his tone.

I sucked in a breath, I knew my answer, but I was intimidated to say it. "I'd like to stay with the humans," My voice only broke at the end, for which I was immensely happy about. I exhaled, "Please." I added on, knowing the three strangers would not appreciate rudeness, and I didn't want to push my luck.

Aro's expressive eyes visibly replaced the joyful glow they once held with a pitiful stare. "That's a shame, but do as you please. We won't be bothering you anymore." With a final wave, the four stepped back, and suddenly, I was outside the mall beside my house in Phoenix, Arizona.


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