I turned to match the voice with a face. I was met with perhaps the most stunning man I had ever seen.

He had aperfect, lean figure, angled nose, strong jaw, crooked smile, emerald green eyes and the oddest color of hair. Bronze, almost the color of a penny.

"You've kept me waiting for quite a bit."

I was still in shock that an actual person could see me and knew who I was, not to mention that he was absolutely gorgeous.

"Aren't you going to ask me who I am?" He spoke again, mocking me with his tone and the bitter look in his eyes, obviously aware of his beauty. "How I know you, what I am? Anything?" He rambled on while I continued to stare in awe.

I somehow gathered up enough will power speak, "Who...who are you?" My voice was raspier than I had imagined and I didn't doubt that I looked awful from crying.

"Very good question, my dear." His smile was very close to the verge of becoming a smirk. "One that I would be happily obliged to share with you."

He spoke with such superiority and obvious knowledge attained from decades of listening, that I subconsciously leaned back, preparing to run if necessary.

He spoke again, "My name is Edward Cullen." A Cullen, I sighed in relief. They were a well known family, big donators to the local charity I had volunteered at. Never had I heard of an Edward though. I pondered over the idea of why that would be, but decided I didn't really want to know the answer.

Upon knowing he was from such a kind family, I felt the need to respond in kind. "Bella. My name is Bella Swan."

His mischief filled eyes sparkled with delight. "Don't need to tell me that, little one!" He looked at my left hand then back to my face and took a slight step towards me. "I've been sent for you."

He stared, I supposed trying to frighten me for a moment before he laughed merrily.

I found my courage once more and stared back as hard as I could, "Sent? By who?" I tried to look like I meant business, but he found it no more than amusing.

"Well now, it's not much fun if tell you that, is it?" He asked rhetorically, his face still teasing but his eyes slightly cold. "Let me have my fun first."

I shivered. "What do you want from me?" I spoke again, quite proud of myself, though he was not even close to as frightening as the cloaked men were.

"Ah, I suppose you've dragged it out of me." He crept closer to me and whispered darkly, "To retrieve you." He smiled again, dropping the creeper act. "You've been gone almost two months in our realm."

I grasped who he was pretty quickly, though I think I knew all along. "That's not possible. I haven't even been here a day!"

"As you will soon find out, little one, time moves much differently here than there."

"They said," I hid my revolt at speaking of the cloaked men, "that I could stay here. Why would they send you to get me when they said that?"

"And that is where you are confused. They did not send me."I didn't bother pressing. "You can, I suppose, stay here. But, until you come back I must stay with you. Think of me as your personal imaginary friend."

"Were not friends." I stated bluntly, and before I could continue he made me aware of his feelings on the matter.

"And here I thought we were really hitting it off." He pouted, jutting his lower lip out and wiping a fake tear from his face.

I didn't reply.

"So have you already found out nobody can see you?" He spoke teasingly, but it brought back the earlier incident with Renee and Phil and Jake and Leah.

A tear fell down my cheek and I turned away from Edward. Several more followed and I wiped my face uselessly.

After a minute I felt a hand on my shoulder, "Hey, I'm sorry." It was the first thing I'd heard him say without mocking me.

"It's not you," I muttered and pulled myself together, feeling like an idiot from crying in front of him.

I turned to face him, looked up at him, gave him a small smile then turned and walked away. I got about ten feet before I heard his footsteps behind me.

"Where do you think you're going?" Whatever moment of understanding we had shared was gone, replaced by his teasing charm once again. I knew it wasn't going to last long.

"Town." I said simply, quickening my pace just a bit,

"Phoenix is a pretty big place." I stopped to look at him. "And town is a good twenty five minute drive from here. No way you'll be able to walk there."

I glared at him, taking my anger for my new 'life' out on him. "Oh yeah? And what do you propose? A car, cause I certainly don't see that one happening, seeing as we'll walk right through it!"

He stiffened a chuckle and my rage bubbled, "You'll learn to control that soon enough." He brushed past the sentence obviously not wanting me to press on it. "I was going to propose you let me take you."

"How?" I said coldly, wanting to get straight to the point. God, ghost Bella is hostile, I thought idly.

He took my hand and I tried to snatch it away until his other hand clamped around it in a vice.

"Close your eyes," He muttered and visibly relaxed himself.

I did as he said and when I opened them we were in town.

"How did you...?" I trailed off.

"I'll explain later," he let go of my hand and stepped away. "Where to, boss?" He smirked again and I couldn't help rolling my eyes.

We walked throughout town until we found a news stand.

He looked at me strangely when I stopped at the stand.

I took a copy of today's paper from the back where the man couldn't see and went to go sit down on the nearest bench. Obviously, Edward followed suit.

He tried to ask me what I was doing, but I was too preoccupied by skimming through the paper, flipping pages madly. SPCA holding their annual adoption day, drug bust with the mayor's son, car accident was among the titles. I selected car accident and flipped to the correct page. I found the victims and read carefully.

Angela Cheney

Ben Cheney

Daniel Cheney

Damn. Nothing else involving death.

"What are you doing!?" He ordered as hurried to the news stand again and took every paper within the last week.

I groaned loudly out of anger. Nothing in any of them.

"What's your problem?" He asked accusingly.

I clenched my eyes shut then opened them, staring into his emerald eyes. "My problem is that my mom doesn't care that I died yesterday, my boyfriend is off screwing another girl and nothing in any of these news papers mention how I died!"

He paused, pursing his lips and tilting his head a fraction of an inch to the side. "Oh." He said dumbly.

"Yeah." I replied, feeling stupid yet again for my outburst.

I pushed a chunk of mahogany hair out of my face and tucked in securely behind my ear.

"Sorry," I mumbled, staring at my shoes.

"Its fine." He said, obviously uncomfortable with the situation.

A loud ring erupted from Edward's pant pocket and he jumped, grabbing it quickly.

"Hello?" He said, almost in fear. "Yes, sir. No, sir. She refused. Yes, sir. I understand, sir. I assume, sir, seeking answers. Alright. Bye, sir."

He hung up and stared at me.

"Come along, little one." His mocking tone was back, proving that his fear of the caller did not affect me. "You need somewhere to stay the night."

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