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I've always seen Leah as someone who had a lot thrown at her at once. Her dad died and she phased for the first time all around the same time. Plus, she had her heart broken by Sam. Leah was then thrown into Sam's pack and had to hear his thoughts about Emily. (I'm a huge fan of Sam & Emily, by the way. Remember there are two sides to every story. Check out Sam's side in my story, "First Imprint.") Of course Leah acted out accordingly, was angry, and the guys thought she was trying to be a bitch. But I don't see Leah as a nasty shrew, and I'm not going to write her that way. Can she be bitter sometimes? Sure. But she's also tough, strong, vulnerable, caring, and a fighter. In this story, you'll see all sides of Leah.

Now, my stories follow the SM universe, meaning that everyone stays in CANON. I'm a huge fan of imprinting and of Jacob and Ness, and I've kept them paired in this story. I listed Jacob as a main character because he plays a huge role in Leah's life and will have a large part in this story...but nothing remotely romantic will ever happen between them.

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Absent Imprint (Leah's Story)


I've only had two great loves of my life and the first one was Sam Uley. I don't know if I could really classify him as a "great love." First of all, the bastard did dump me for my cousin. Yeah, I know…he imprinted on her, blah, blah, blah.

But to be defined as a "great love" by me means that the person should also bear the title "soul mate"…if you believed in that kind of bullshit. And being surrounded by imprint couples half my life, I had to recognize that there was such a phenomenon as soul mates. It's kind of hard not to when you have imprint love crammed down your throat every which way you look.

I was lucky enough to find my great love though without the power of imprinting. I wasn't blessed/cursed, depending on which of my brothers you ask, with being magically connected to my husband. (And yes, you read correctly. I have two brothers…trust me, it was a surprise for me too.)

But anyway…lol, my poor husband. He certainly had his work cut out for him by the time we met. The man really did have the patience of a saint. He needed it. Because by the time he found me, I was broken almost beyond repair. To the outside world, I presented the angry bitch exterior. I was the only one who knew how utterly defeated I truly felt…well, maybe Jacob guessed. Not only was he my Alpha and I his beta, but somewhere over the years, he also became one of my closest friends. But I'll get into that later.

I was one of a few in the pack who lived with the absence of an imprint in my life. That was always the way it's been with me. I've always followed my own path. I'm Leah fucking Clearwater-Gordon. Freak wolf…the only female wolf in the entire Quileute tribal history…or so I thought. But that's another story for another time. To explain my story, I need to start at the beginning. And that means I need to begin with the man who started it all.

Sam was my first everything. My first love, my first sex, my first heartbreak, and the reason for my first phase. Sam was the reason my life changed so drastically in such a short time. If it weren't for Sam, my life would have never taken the route that it did…

Chapter 1 – Sam

Leah's POV

I was about to head over to my boyfriend Sam's house when my mom called my name.

"Leah, I just talked to your Aunt Eva," my mom said as she walked towards where I was standing near the front door.

Eva was technically my dad's cousin, but I had always referred to her as "Aunt." Just like her kids, Emily and Ronnie, called my parents aunt and uncle.

My mom continued, "Apparently Emily isn't sure about whether she wants to go to college in the fall or not. Eva and Roger asked if we could let her work in the store for the summer. I think they're hoping a little retail experience will convince her to go to school."

My cousin Emily was like a sister to me. We were only a few months apart and though we didn't get to see each other a lot, we emailed one another all the time. I'm sure Emily was usually bored with my emails as they all pertained to Sam, but she never said anything.

"So…she'll be spending the summer here? That's great," I enthused.

If Emily wanted to experience life at my parents' Clearwater's Supply Store, then I was all for it. Especially if that meant I wouldn't have to spend as much time there this summer, and I could devote more time to Sam.

He had been acting so strangely lately. He had hit some freak growth spurt recently and he always seemed to have a fever anymore. He had also been complaining that his body hurt lately. And God was he cranky. Maybe if we could spend some quality time together, it would get us over this little hiccup we were currently experiencing.

"Emily will be arriving in town the day we're having your graduation party," my mom told me. I was graduating from high school in a few months and couldn't wait! "It'd be nice if you and Sam could welcome Emily. Maybe take her out to dinner once she settles in. Wouldn't it be nice if Sam could introduce her to one of his friends..."

My mom wiggled her eyebrows. I rolled my eyes in response. Emily was one of the sweetest people you could ever meet, but she was a little shy when it came to relationships. She always told me she didn't want to date a bunch of wrongs before Mr. Right came along.

"Yeah mom, that's not going to happen. I'm not fixing Em up. But I'll talk to Sam and we'll arrange to take her out, okay?"

"Thank you," my mom replied, coming over to kiss my cheek before walking down the hall.

I was out the door before I remembered I hadn't taken my birth control pill. Running back into the house, I ran into my room and grabbed my packet of pills out of my nightstand. Grabbing a cup of water from the bathroom, I quickly swallowed my pill and turned to leave, running into Seth who was coming out of his bedroom.

"Sam coming over today?" Seth asked eagerly.

Seth loved Sam. Sam didn't really have a family aside from his mother Dorothy, so my family had taken him in once we started dating. I knew that Sam considered my dad a second father to him and Seth was the little brother he always wanted. The guys would sometimes have days out where they'd go to Seattle to watch the Mariners play, or they'd have "bonding time" and watch football or baseball on TV. The whole family adored Sam.

"Sam hasn't been feeling well lately. I doubt he'll want to leave the house," I answered my brother's question, reaching up to rough his hair as I walked by him.

"Lee, stop," Seth complained, patting down his hair. He was getting so big. Already 14 and he towered over me.

"You're hogging Sam," Seth whined good-naturedly. I shook my head at him.

"If Sam's feeling up to it, then maybe we'll stop by later, okay?" I said as I made my way back downstairs.

"Okay," Seth replied happily before heading into the bathroom. I chuckled in response. Nothing ever got my brother down for long.

I made my way to my car and hopped in, heading over to Sam's. His mom Dorothy was still at work, but I knew Sam would be home. I checked my hair before I got out of the car and then made my way to the front door. Sam answered my knock with a pained grimace. The dark circles under his eyes made me immediately concerned, but my thoughts left my head when Sam brought me to him, kissing me lingeringly on the lips.

"Hey," he whispered.

"Hey yourself," I answered back, pressing myself against him. He really was the most beautiful man I had ever seen. Tall, dark, and oh so incredibly handsome! He drew me into the house, pressing me against the now closed door. His hot body made me break out into a sweat. I pushed away from him muttering "too hot" and we made our way to the living room.

"I don't understand what's going on with you anymore Sam," I said as I sat down next to him on the couch. "You feel like you're constantly running a temperature, you've been complaining that you don't feel well and your body aches, and you've hit some freakish growth spurt in the past few months. Why are you being so stubborn about seeing a doctor?"

"Who would you like me to see? Dr. Cullen?" Sam said in an exasperated tone.

I rolled my eyes in response. The moronic Elders, my father included, told everyone who listened that the Cullen family was to be avoided. They were supposedly "cold ones," part of an idiotic legend that was passed down from generation to generation.

"Please Sam, I know you place a lot of faith in the council and therefore you don't like Dr. Cullen," I said with a sigh. "But he's the most reputable doctor in Forks. Your health is a lot more important than some stupid old story. I mean, come on, there's no such thing as "cold ones." I'm really worried about you so will you please go see him?"

"I'll be fine Lee-Lee, give it a rest," Sam replied, pulling me towards him to offer a kiss meant to distract me. And of course it worked. He nibbled lightly on my bottom lip before running over it with his tongue.

Pulling away, Sam said, "Don't forget, I want to go hiking next month for our anniversary."

He cupped my face in his hands and I felt my heart speed up as I looked into his eyes. We had been dating for almost four years now. I had a sneaking suspicion that Sam was going to propose to me on our anniversary. We went into Port Angeles the other week and looked at engagement rings "just for fun." I was more excited than I could say. I loved Sam with all my heart. Although we were both going away to school together in the fall, I could think of nothing better than starting off my college life as Mrs. Sam Uley. Though Sam had graduated a couple of years ago from high school, he had spent the past two years saving money.

"Like I could forget," I responded to his comment about our anniversary. "You've only been talking about it for the past two weeks."

Hugging him close, I remembered what my mom told me about Emily. "Hey, my mom told me today that my cousin Emily's coming to town the week before our trip. We should probably take her out to eat or something before we disappear."

"Yeah, okay," Sam replied, staring at my lips. He pulled my head to him and tilted my head up before giving me another kiss. "Do you have any idea how much I love you?"

"Enough to love me forever and ever?" I asked. It was a game we played. He always said that to me and I always gave the same response. I smiled as Sam kissed my lips again.

"Hey, you read my mind," Sam responded before grabbing my hand and dragging me into his room.

He shut the door behind us and pushed me against the door. I instantly wrapped my legs around his waist. He pressed against my body and I felt his hardness. He leaned in and sucked on my neck causing me to throw back my head as sensual sensation raced over my skin. I felt wetness begin to form between my legs causing me to push even harder against him.

Sam groaned in response, "Lee-Lee."

He carried me over to his bed and took off his shirt. I lay down on my back, my elbows the only thing holding me up as I admired his body for a moment. Whatever strange changes had been happening to Sam lately, this was one area that had definitely improved. Sam had always been muscular, but lately his body had formed rock hard abs. I reached up and ran my fingers along the ridges before leaning up to kiss above his belly. Getting up on my knees, I moved my head and sucked on his masculine nipple, while my fingers played with the other. My mouth drifted to the other nipple while my hands moved to his jean shorts. I unbuttoned them and undid the zipper. I pushed the shorts down and took Sam's long length in my hands. Sam moaned in response as I began to move my fingers up and down his arousal. Bending down, I tasted him with my tongue. Sam jerked and pushed my hands away.

"I need to be in you," Sam said, quickly removing my pants and underwear. He didn't hesitate before he swiftly entered me. I felt my eyes roll in my head as Sam drove into me bringing us to an explosive frenzy. I grabbed his ass, holding him inside me even as I felt him soften.

Sam kissed my face before nuzzling my neck.

"Love you…so much," Sam said softly.

I didn't respond. I didn't need too. Sam was my everything.

I didn't have any inkling that the very foundation of my world was about to be broken forever.

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