"Hello, Isabella." The monster of a person said simply, before smiling slightly and perching himself onto the black stool.

"Hello, master." I replied, in the same dead tone I'd been using since the incident. It sickened me to refer to him as such now, though that didn't mean much; everything about him sickened me now.

I despised the way he looked at me, with fake innocence radiating off him. He certainly didn't know what it was like to be broken in such an awful manner; therefore he could not have sympathy. Or regret. One of the worst things about what he did was he didn't care. He was such a monster.

"Lady Denali has been punished. I thought you should know." He talked so calmly, his face and tone held no interest in the subject what so ever, as if he was only telling me out of mere politeness. His words hit a nerve though. I did not want anyone to be killed at my expense. How could he be so cruel? To everyone! All the time! It was times like this when I wondered how I ever even considered loving such an animalistic creature.

"What!?" I screamed, and anger glinted in his metallic eyes. I soon found myself pressed against the wall by his iron grasp.

"Foolish slave," He sneered. "I did not give you permission to speak freely."

"I do not need permission to talk!" I shrieked, struggling to get away from his imprisonment against the cold wall. "Your whole society is insane! It's horrible to treat people this way! I heard you all in the court room; Lady Denali was punished for 'harming a possession of the royal family.' I am not a possession, and neither is Alice, or Jessica, or Angela or any of the other slaves in your wretched country! Besides, what Lady Denali did to me, it was nothing Edward, nothing compared to what you did to me! What she did could hardly be considered pain!" I was panting when I finished, and the anger in his eyes had grown more and more with each word I spoke; he knew it was all the truth.

A cold hand collided with my cheek, the force of the slap yanking my head to the right, giving me whiplash in the process.

"You can think whatever you please, but you do need permission to speak. I own you, Isabella! Don't you understand that! Lady Denali does not have the right that I have to harm you." He spoke through clenched teeth, gripping my arm harder and harder as he continued. "Slaves are possessions. You are a possession. Get over it; you don't really have much choice! And don't you dare call me, Edward! Don't you know you're only setting yourself up for trouble and pain?"

"Trouble and pain?" I taunted him, almost choking on my laughter. "No one could ever cause me more pain than you already have, and if you do it again, maybe I'll get lucky and die! I hate you, Edward! Everyone hates you. Don't you see it? You're an evil monster, with no remorse for anything you do, and no care for anyone but yourself! You know what, kill me, or I'll have someone else do it! The all would, just to anger you. Like you said, slaves are 'disposable'."

Edward froze for a moment, before he moved suddenly. I clenched my eyes shut, waiting for pain that never came, though I did hear the distinct sound of a door slamming. I opened my eyes slowly, half ready to see Edward, ready to strike. No one was there. He left. I breathed in relief.


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