Hello. This is a list of words and translation used by Christophe in the books. I did quite a bit of research and you see before you the final result.

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Christophe's Pet Names for Dru:

kochana - beloved; (my) love

milna - a very grown up/seductive wayof saying 'sweetie'

skowroneczko moja - my pretty; my beauty

- Now, about this word. The reason I translated it like this is because it SOUNDS stunningly like a word that means "beautiful one" in Russian. However, a reader szabatka2 did some research of their own and came up with the following:

"skowroneczko moja - my pretty; my beauty

That doesn't mean that. True, 'moja' means 'my', but the former word is a diminutive for SKOWRONEK, which is a bird. A skylark, or lark, I think. Check Google :P

Nevertheless, diminutives add more difficulty to the Polish language- two words in English equal to a dozen combinations in Polish. For example, let's take the word 'dog' and 'doggy':

Dog- Pies

The diminutive for Dog- Doggy, in Polish can be:

Piesek, Pieseczek, Piesiunek, Psiunia. I'm sure others can add to the list, but those - are the usual ones. Not to menion NAMES- with names, the list is ENDLESS.

For example, OLA is short for ALEKSANDRA. How, I do not know. But it is, just as Sasha is short for Aleksandra in Russia and Ale in Mexico.

Ola is not the only diminutive of Aleksandra- you can have a diminutive OF a diminutive, resulting in: Olesia, Olusia, Olesinka, Olka, OleĊ„ka, Olcia, Olulka, and so on.

Therefore, Skowroneczko Moja does not mean my pretty, my beauty (I mean, it MAY. People are weird, after all- I, for one, have never heard anyone in Poland call somebody that.). It relates to Christophe's love for... ekhm, birds, and he makes the word 'lark' even gentler using a diminutive. I know this may put people off- I mean, how is being called a lark cute? But because of- or should I say, THANKS to the gentler tone of the diminutive, he manages it :)"

I am not agreeing, nor am I disagreeing with this. Technically speaking, either one can be correct. I'll leave this one up to your judgement.

moj maly ptaszku - my little bird

moj ptaszku - my bird

moja ksiezniczko - my princess

Ksiezniczka - Princess

malutka - little girl; little one

Other vocab:

moj boze - my God

dziekuje - thank you

Dyado Koleda - a religious/mythical character form European stories

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