Requim of a Pingas

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Well, this is part of the last eight fanfics I have for 2009. Ahh, 2009... what a year. And speaking of nostalgia, what a decade it has been. To think, come 2010, I would have been here as an author for more than five years... a lot came by, didn't it? And on the way, I matured, went through some typical internet drama at a young age (back when I was as typically stupid and insecure as your regular teenager), and overall had fun, needless to say improved on my writing. And although a certain few one-off fanfics that I wish to continue on have been short (including this one (cough cough)), they have been well worth writing, and so, on behalf on myself, have a great New Years.

PS: By the way, the 400th fanfic is coming up. Just guess what it's going to be. Heh heh.

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to everyone.

Dr. Robotnik sighed as he looked at himself in the mirror, unpleased with how fat he has gotten over the holidays.

"Look at me. My rrrobust figure... my powering fear over Mobius..." He sighed as he tried to stand up, but slipped on some ice cubes, landing on his butt as he slide across his lair on the floor, crashing head first into the closet. he growled as he got out, stuttering, "Scratch! Grounder!"

Scratch and Grounder screamed as they fell from the ceiling, moaning in pain as several of their robotic parts were scattered.

"The boss called me first," Scratch bawked as he smashed Grounder on the head.

Grounder retorted with a bite to Scratch's hand, putting part of his right side back together as he barked, "No, he called me first! You just cut in the line, see?"

"SILENCE!!!" Robotnik roared as he used his PINGAS to slap Scratch and Grounder silly, turning around and facing his window. "I need... a moment of silence." He moaned. "I've gotten so fat, I'm unable to figure out what to do."

Scratch and Grounder both stood there, staring at Robotnik's fat arse as they looked at each other.

"But... what about the hedgehog?" They both piped at the same time.

Robotnik slowly turned around, his entire face red as he was fuming by the steams. He screamed as he then proceeded to chase Scratch and Grounder, causing his entire lair to collaspe on all three of them.