"I see his face everywhere. I see him, and I hear him, and I feel him, all the time." I admitted, hoping that maybe, he would understand. "I can't take comfort from your touch, because all I will feel if his. Why don't you get that?"

Tears pricked my eyes and I clenched my jaw shut, making my face stone so I wouldn't show the emotions that everyone claims I don't feel.

I glanced up at Edward again, and noticed him walking towards me. I took an automatic step back, a knee-jerk reaction. His arm slid behind around my waist and he kissed me.

I froze; that was the only word for my response. I stopped breathing, and my head got fuzzy. My eyes, which were still open, looked straight into Edward's, long enough for the familiar gold to transform into the deep burgundy I had learned easily to fear. His bronze locks changed into limp brown ones, and his face grew stubble and a few shades darker. His face wasn't just in front of me anymore though, it was everywhere. There was no place I could look without his wretched face being all around me, coming closer each second. James` voice echoed throughout the room,

"Aren't you a pretty little thing?"

I wanted to scream, but my lips were covered. I wanted to push him off me, but my arms were too weak. I was defenceless yet again. There was no end to this, was there?

Finally, he released my lips, and he returned back into Edward, my fear transformed into rage."Why don't you ever listen? You're nothing but an arrogant ass!" I screeched, and Edward merely shrugged. I couldn't even slap him; damn vampire.

"Don't you have something to clean?" He smirked, obviously happy with himself. Amusement was clear in his eyes, always entertained whenever he got a rise out of me.

"Don't you have something to screw?" He flinched.

"You. . .You're just jealous!" He accused, knowing it was useless, but not wanting to admit defeat.

"Right, because I spend my days wallowing in self pity because I, unlike half of the people here, haven't screwed Edward Cullen." I took a breath before continuing on. "That may be how most of the slaves and all of the female vampires think, but you can be damn right it isn't how I do."

"Shouldn't you be doing dishes, or laundry, or something useful?" His fists were clenched as he spat out another of his bad comebacks.

"Oh, that's original." I taunted sarcastically.

"You are so infuriating!" He screamed and stomped out of the room, finally leaving me alone with my thoughts.

James surrounded me once more, as soon as the door slammed. As much as I hated to admit it, he made me feel safe.


Ahaha kinda werid, but whatever.


Please don't tell me im horrible for making Edward mean. Im not saying he is like this, he just is in this random oneshot.