Twilight Evolution



X Men: Evolution

Chapter Nine

Shock! Mutants Do Exist!


I nodded to the girl, unable to held feeling deja vu when I saw her, but in my mind I saw storm-grey eyes... Not Chocolate Brown...

I figured it was just my mind...

For now.

"You ok, kiddo?" I asked her.

She looked slightly confused, but she nodded, "Y-Yes, uhm... thank you, for before," she said.

I just nodded, watching the boy, who was looking at me with frustration, and I decided to end this.

"You aren't going to be able to read my mind, boy," I said, before looking at the girl, to explain, when she looked thoroughly confused.

"I'm a Mutant, you see, with Adamantium plating on my bones, and my skull," I said, tapping my head, and both their eyes widened.

Well, obviously they knew nothing about this, strange, I thought, but not so strange for the boy, if the Quileute tale was right...

"Don't believe me?" I said, though I knew they probably believed, but just to enforce it, I held up a hand, and formed a fist, letting the claws out.

"These are Adamantium, and they are real, kiddo. 100%..." I said...

And now, to wait for their reactions...

Once they stopped gaping like fish...


"These are Adamantium, and they are real, kiddo. 100%..."

To say I was shocked, was an understatement.

I was completely stunned -and by the look on Edward's face...

So was he.

"But What- How?" Edward stammered -yes, he STAMMERED.

Even I was shocked at that -or rather, I would have been were I not already in shock.


This was impossible. Undoubtably scientifically IMPOSSIBLE.

But... I hesitated. I was a Vampire... And The Wolves existed...

Why not mutants...?


The Vampire stammered and I had to smirk. It was rare to see a bloodsucker (ok, so I've never actually seen one so I couldn't be sure) stammer.

But then an obnoxiously familiar voice called out, and I sighed.

"What is it, Kitty," I said, turning around to see the girls all followed said Mutant though slower at a walking pace.

"What's going on? Why'd you run off like that?" she asked, "And who are they?" she added, seeing the girl and fang-boy.

"Uh..." I looked over to them.

The girl seemed to get the hint, "Bella, I'm Bella, and this is Edward," she said, introducing the two of them.

'Eddie' nodded, though he was starting to make a face -I'm just gonna go out on a limb, as say he was finding out what I said was true.

"Ooh~ Are you guys, like, boyfriend and girlfriend?" asked Kitty.

They looked shocked, and the Girl -sorry, Bella- blushed.

"N-No, I mean, we're-"

"Yes," said Edward, making Bella look over at him in shock.

"We are," he said, smiling a bit tiredly at Bella.

"Ooh! I knew it! You two are soo cute together! Oh, wait, I haven't introduced myself have I? Sorry, hi there! My name's Kitty!" she introduced, as I groaned.

Great, she was set on chatter box mode.

Jean chuckled, before smiling apologetically, I just nodded, sulking somewhat.

"...and this is Jean, Storm -I mean, Ororoe," she corrected at Storm's sharp look, "Rogue... And you already know Logan!" she said cheerfully.

"...They know we're Mutants, Storm," I said to the woman, who looked surprised.

So did the others.

"The girl's a Mutant," I explained, making them all look shocked.

Especially the two love-birds...


"The girl's a Mutant," he said, and I stared.

I don't know how Edward reacted, but I, for one, was completely shocked.

"M-Mutant?" I practically squeaked, "But what -how?" I asked -before I really thought. Edward couldn't read my mind...


Understanding came over the pretty red-haired girl's features, and she nodded.

"He's right, I can't read her mind," she said, before looking apologetic and sheepish, "Sorry. I'm a telepath," she explained, while Edward stifled a growl I wouldn't have heard except I was right behind him.

Logan, as I now knew the man was called looked faintly irritated.

"I just wanted to know what your power was -but, I guess we know now," she said, "Well, kind of, anyways," she told us.

"You could be a dormant telepath, or something else," she explained.

"Uhm.. I-I'm not going to look all... weird... am I?" I couldn't help asking worriedly.

The others laughed, "Oh no, dear. That would only happen if you were a shapeshifter, or weren't human to begin with," explained the dark-skinned silver-haired woman.

I looked slightly relieved, "Oh," I said.

"Hey, how 'bout we go back to the Reserve and talk there?" asked Rogue, and I noticed she had a southern accent.

A bit like Jasper, I realized.

"Oh, sure.. Uhm.. where...?" I asked just to be sure.

"Down in La Push," said Kitty excitedly, "Ooh~ I can't wait! I told you it was a girl!" exclaimed Kitty, the one called Rogue rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, woohoo!" said Rogue a bit sarcastically.

"Uhm... are you a telepath too?" I asked kitty, who grinned, but shook her head.

"Nope! Here, I'll show you my power -its easier than to explain," she said as I looked on curiously.

She walked up to us, and... through us..? I blinked, turning, as did Edward.


"Kitty can 'phase' through any object," explained Jean.

"How about we go down to La Push first?" asked Storm, "We don't want people finding out what we are," she hinted.

Kitty looked sheepish as the others nodded.

Edward looked pain, "I can't go," he said.

The girls looked surprised.

"Vamp," explained Logan.

Most looked confused, but Jean looked like she understood -oh, wait, right, telepath...

"So the Quileute Legends were true?" she frowned.

"Legends?" asked Kitty.

"Yeah, remember the campfire with the stories that night? It's why... well," she looked at me apologetically, "I can't say, it's not our secret. Sorry," she said.

I nodded, "I understand," I said, though I was curious, Quileute...?

Wasn't Billy the head of that? And Jacob was his son, so...

"Come on, let's go down to Billy's house before we say anything else," she said, and my eyes widened.

It couldn't be!

I felt movement to my left, and I turned to look at Edward, who had a slightly pained look on his face.

"It's ok, Edward. Uhm... Do you mind if I go home first? Maybe we could talk tomorrow? You mean Billy as in Billy Black, right?" I asked, and they looked surprised.

"He's my dad's friend," I explained, and they had an 'aha~' or 'So THAT's it...' sort of face.

Storm/Ororoe nodded, "That's quite alright -we'll have Billy or one of the others drop a line, or you can call him later -ask for Storm, they'll understand," she said.

I nodded, "Ok, Edward?" I tugged his sleeve, looking up at him.

He looked startled and smiled sheepishly at me.

"Sorry, I'll take you home now," he said. I nodded.

"Uhm, it was nice meeting you..." I said, nodding to the Mutants, and waved as I got in the car that Edward held the door open to, "See you tomorrow?" I said.

Kitty grinned, and waved excitedly, "Definitely!" she exclaimed, "And you can meet the whole gang while we're at it! Bye Bells~!" she said.

It seemed she had a nickname for me already...

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