Naruto: Path of the Dragon Ninja

Hey Everyone!! This is Namikaze09 with a new story. It's a NarutoXNinja Gaiden Crossover Fic and just so that you know, It'll be a combination of the Shinobi and Modern World so no flaming me about it being impossible because this is fan fiction people!! Anything can happen. Anyway the reason why I'm doing a Naruto Ninja Gaiden fic is because the games are awesome!! Combine that with Naruto and you get a badass fic. Oh and so that you know Kushina will be alive and Naruto will have a twin sister who was born after he was in this fic so no complaining about it. If you don't like it, don't read it. I do this for fun so back off!

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Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto or Ninja Gaiden because if I did, I'd be living in Las Vegas living the rich life. Anyway back to the story.

Chapter 1: The Return of the True Heir

October 10th Kyuubi Festival

It was dark in the village of Konoha. The streets were lighting up and the villagers were celebrating the day the Kyuubi was defeated. A group of ninja wearing black hooded cloaks with a white dragon on the back of them were walking through the busy streets. Three however had their hoods down revealing their faces.

One was a man who was 6'0. He had long brown hair that was tied into a pony tail, deep green eyes, and a tan-like complexion. He also had a scar on his left cheek. He was Joe Hayabusa, the Shiroi no Ryu (White Dragon) of the Hayabusa village and leader of the second dragon clan branch. He's ranked as an S class nin with a flee on sight order and was the only ninja capable of going toe to toe with the yellow flash and live to tell about it.

The man was calm, wise, loyal, trust worthy, and powerful. Walking beside him was his wife, Shizure Hayabusa, the Kuroi Tenshi (Black Angel) of the Hayabusa village.

She was 5'8 and without a doubt the most beautiful woman ever to be seen. She had long flowing black hair that stopped to the middle of her back, deep blue eyes, the face of an angel, and flawless ivory colored skin that seemed to glow in the moonlight, giving her the appearance of a goddess.

Holding her hand was her 6 year old son Ryu Hayabusa. He appeared to be a younger version of his father only his hair was in a shorter ponytail and had a tan complexion. He was wearing a black ninja gi out fit with a dragon at the location of were his heart is. They were heading to the Hokage tower to discuss the new treaty. As they pass an alley a scream was heard.

"Tou-san Kaa-san what was that?" young Ryu asked. Joe looked into the dark alley only to see a mob made up of civilians and shinobi that were chuunin and jounin beating on a blonde haired boy who wore a dirty white t-shirt and blue shorts with bats, clubs, beer bottles, and to his shock kunai while screaming 'kill the demon and avenge the Yondaime.'

Shizure's eyes widened in horror when she saw this. 'What kind of monsters do this to a child?' She thought and saw a chuunin raise a katana in the air while grinning like a madman. "Die Kyuubi brat!" he yelled as he started to bring the blade down while everyone cheered.

"Joe-kun stop him!" she cried. Joe's eyes become slitted and he vanishes and appears between the chuunin and the blonde boy who was trying to protect himself with his bleeding arms. Joe then punches the shocked chuunin hard in the stomach, breaking a few of his ribs and sends him flying out of the alley and into an ice cream cart.

Shizure orders one of the hooded nin to take Ryu away from this and he nods, taking the young dragon with him while the others deal with the mob. Said mob was backing away while the other hooded dragon nin appeared behind Joe and around the blonde boy with their backs turned at the boy who was whimpering and trembling in fear while having their swords drawn. Shizure then appeared in front of the blonde and kneels down. The blonde boy had tears falling from his blue eyes and his lip was quivering.

"D-Don't hurt me. Please I-I was only hungry and wanted some food. He said. Shizure's eyes soften and she smiles at him "It's okay child I'm not here to hurt you." She says and her hands glow white and she places them on his small arms. He finches a little from the contact but relaxes while she treats his injuries. Joe watched this from the corner of his eye and smiles.

He turns his eyes back to the villagers and releases a huge amount of murderous intent on them. "WHAT DO YOU FOOLS THINK YOU'RE DOING!?" He roared while they sweated heavily from the murderous intent this man was releasing. That's when one idiot civilian spoke up. "W-we were trying to avenge our leader by killing the demon brat." He answered.

Joe's eye narrowed and looked back at the boy. Then he looked at the villagers who were hoping he would understand reason and kill the boy. Wow what a bunch of fools. "I see no demon. All I see are a bunch of short minded fools. Now leave before I kill you all." He growled in a deep dark voice while they backed away.

"B-but the demon." A jounin said only to have three shuriken enter his skull and hit the ground dead. Joe was the one who threw them and his eyes glowed. "I won't tell you again. Leave while you have your limbs intact." He said in a dark tone making them run away.

Joe's eyes return to normal once they're gone and he doesn't sense any nin around. The Dragon nin that were protecting Shizure and the blonde boy relaxed and sheathed their swords. Shizure just finished healing his legs and asked him to take off his shirt. He was reluctant at first but he did and a gasp escaped her mouth.

"Oh my kami." She whispers. The boy was so skinny he could see his bones and ribs outlined. He also had cuts, bruises, burns all over. Joe and the other dragon nin saw this and couldn't help but feel sorry for the poor boy.

After treating those injuries she turns him around to heal his back and notices a red mark that was hidden under his blonde hair. She blinks in confusion and pushes it up and her eyes widened. "I don't believe it. Kushina-sama's son has been alive this whole time? But the Sandaime said that he died when Minato-kun sealed the kyuubi no kitsune into him. He lied. That old monkey lied to her. When Kushina finds out this village will be done for. She'll see to it personally.'

"Joe-kun could you come here please?" she asks her husband. Joe nods and walks over to where she and the boy are. He kneels down and looks at the back of his head and his eyes widen in shock. "Shi-Shizure-chan that's" He started to say and she nodded while her eyes became cold.

"That fool lied to her. How could he do this? After all Minato and our clan has done for this village? He told her he died during the sealing. Does he have any idea what he's done? When she finds out that he's alive, konoha will be finished." She whispers to him. Joe grunted in agreement. He may be strong but Kushina was not someone you'd want to have as an enemy or piss off. "He then pulls out a scroll and hands it to her.

"Get him out of those rags and have him put the clothes that are in this scroll on." He then stands up and looks at the hooded ninja. "Kenji! Aoshi! Shira!" He said while three of them appeared before him on one knee. They remove their hoods revealing two males and a female.

Kenji had reddish orange hair that was in a pony tail and violet eyes. Aoshi had shoulder length bluish black hair and grey colored eyes. Shira had violet colored hair and red eyes. "Sir." They said in unison. "You three are coming with me to the Hokage tower. The rest of you stay with my wife, son and the boy. If anyone tries to harm the blonde boy, kill them." He commanded while the ones in the hooded cloaks nodded.

"Let's go." He said to Kenji, Aoshi, and Shira who nodded and they vanished from the alley. Shizure bites her thumb, drawing blood from it and smears it on the scroll. The seal glows a little and in a puff of smoke, a dark blue gi that was similar to Ryu's appeared. She then turns to the blonde child who blinked at her confusingly.

"Here young one, put this on. You don't want get sick now do you?" she asks in a soothing tone. The blonde nods and takes off the shorts and puts on the gi. She smiles at him and asks. "What is your name young one?" "Naruto Uzumaki miss…" he says and she answers. "Shizure Hayabusa. It's a pleasure to meet you Naruto-kun." She says. Naruto looks down at the ground which causes her to give him a concerned look.

"Are you okay Naruto-kun?" she asked while Naruto shifted his feet nervously. "Why are you being so nice to me? Almost everyone in this village hates me, beats me, or they say I'm a monster who kills innocent people." He said quietly. She frowns but places her hands in his shoulders. "You're not a monster Naruto-kun. These people are just a bunch of fools who can't tell the difference between one and the other. Would you like to meet my son Ryu?" She asks and he nods.

"Come on then. Let's get out of this dirty alley." She says and gets up. She then holds out her hand to him and he takes it, making her smile as she led him out of the place and to the village. The hooded ninja follow her from behind. They notice the villagers were glaring at Naruto and calling him a 'demon brat' and that the hokage should've killed the creature when he was born. The hooded nin twitched their fingers as they heard this.

Naruto held Shizure's hand a little tighter. She notices this and sees the looks the villagers were giving him and releases her own murderous intent at them, making the fools stop and tremble at her icy gaze. They then find themselves in the park where Ryu was practicing some hand seals the hooded dragon nin was showing him.

He saw his mother and the other nin approaching with a blonde nin and runs up to her. "Kaa-san I finally got three seals down. Where's tou-san and who is he?" He asked looking at Naruto with curiosity in his eyes while said blonde was looking at him nervously.

Shizure looks down at her son and smiles. "Ryu-kun this is Naruto-kun. Naruto-kun this is Ryu-kun, my sochi." She answers. Ryu holds his hand out for a hand shake and smiles. "Nice to meet you Naruto. I'm Ryu Hayabusa." He replies. Naruto decides to do the same and shakes Ryu's hand. "It's nice to meet you Ryu." He said with a small smile on his face. Shizure couldn't help but smile. 'They've only met for a few seconds and they're already bonding.' She thought while she watched Ryu lead Naruto to a sakura tree and talk.

Hokage Tower

Hiruzen Sarutobi was sitting in his chair doing some paperwork while wondering if Naruto was doing okay. He hated the fact that he had to lie to Kushina about her son, but Naruto was a jinchuurikki of konoha and the last Namikaze and he had to stay no matter what. It's what Minato would want (can you say retard?).

He continued to do his paperwork until the door was knocked off its hinges, shocking the professor and from the other side came Joe Hayabusa along with Kenji, Aoshi, and Shira and the man was not happy. "Joe Hayabusa what can I do for you?" Hiruzen asked while the man's frown grew. "You can start by explaining." He said in a low tone.

Sarutobi raised an eyebrow at the Dragon nin. "I'm not sure I understand your meaning Joe-san. Explain what?" He asked only to feel murderous intent coming from the man.

"You can explain why the true heir of the Hayabusa is in the village being treated like a dog and WHY YOU LIED TO KUSHINA-SAMA ABOUT HER SON BEING DEAD?!" He yelled at the last second while his eyes became slitted and glowed. Hiruzen's eyes widened in shock and a bead of sweat fell from the side of his head.

'Oh no how did he find out? I must do something or the village will lose the last Namikaze.' He thought "I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking abo-" He started to say but was cut off when Joe smashed the desk, leaving an imprint of his fist in it.

"Don't lie to me old monkey!! That boy is Kushina's and Minato's son because he had the mark of a red dragon on him and he looks just like Minato if you take away the whisker marks. Do you have any idea what Kushina will do when I tell her the truth about her son?" He says making the old man gulp a little.

"Do you have any idea what the dragon nin will do when they find out that their future leader was hidden from them by the very village they've been allies with since the founding and that he's been beaten near death?! They will raze this place to the ground and kill every single person in this village if Kushina-sama doesn't do it herself!! He yelled.

"Please Joe-san you have to understand he's the last Namikaze in the village and his father wanted him to be recognized as a hero to the village. I can't just let you take the boy. He's a citizen of Konoha and falls under the village's jurisdiction." He said hoping this would work but only made the man more furious.

"I see. Perhaps I should send a letter to the Fire Daimyo and Kushina-sama about this and let them solve the problem when they get here. I'm sure you'd love to explain to the ruler of fire country and to one of the most dangerous kunoichi in the world why Konoha is going to war with an ally due to the fact that you not only interfered in foreign ninja clan affairs but lied to said clan leader and kage about her child's so called 'demise' and kept him here to be beaten like a dog." He replied in a deep dark tone that made Sarutobi pale and inwardly sweat.

'We still haven't fully recovered from the kyuubi attack and the dragon ninja are well known and feared throughout the elemental nations. They are even hired bodyguards for the Daimyo. If they remove their nin from his ranks because of our actions then we'll be finished but Naruto is the last Namikaze of the village and we can't just give him up. What do I do?' He ranted in his mind as he tried to think of an alternative.

Seeing no other choice, he sighs in defeat. "Very well Joe-san I will hand Naruto over to you." He starts to say until Joe interrupts him. "And his father's inheritance and jutsus as well as the forbidden scroll that Minato created." He said getting a shocked look from Sarutobi.

"I can't do that Joe-san because" "I am well aware of Iwa but you forget that Minato left everything he owned to Kushina-sama and any children they have and if you don't then consider our alliance with fire country finished." He replied but was getting to the point where he'll kill Hiruzen who let out another sigh.

"Fine. Just let me get everything." He then gets up and heads to the Hokage's vault. He returns with three large scrolls. One contained the Namikaze clan's currency. The other one contained all the jutsu they ever created and their fighting style. And the last one was the forbidden scroll of sealing. "This is everything Joe-san is there any thing else?" He asked.

"No you've done enough already. You and this village have caused nothing but trouble and pray that I can convince Kushina-sama not to declare war on Konoha due to the stupidity of the leader and his followers." He said with anger etching off his voice. Sarutobi flinched from those words and looked down in shame while Joe and his ninjas left the tower.

Hiruzen then looked at the picture frame that held Minato's picture in it. It was like he was glaring at the old man for failing to protect his son. 'Minato. I'm sorry I couldn't protect Naruto.' He thought while looking at the destroyed door and had the secretary send a maintenance worker to fix it.

Konoha Park

Shizure had a smile on her face when she saw Ryu showing Naruto how to perform handseals whiched he mimicked. Ryu also told him about the Hayabusa village and that it was a village on the other side of the world. She then saw her husband and his three nin walking towards them with three large scrolls. She walks over to him and looks up at her koi (lover).

"So how did it go Joe-kun?" She asked while he smiled at her. "It went well Shuzure-chan. Naruto will be coming back with us. He won't have to stay in this godforsaken place ever again. I just hope I can convince Kushina-sama not to destroy Konoha after this. I wouldn't wish her wrath on even my worse enemy."

He replied while his brow twitched at the thought of an angry Kushina. Whenever he saw her angry or pissed he ends up seeing the form of the shinigami hovering over her head and pointing at her victim.

Shuzure giggled when she saw him shake his head and looked over her shoulder to see Ryu and Naruto doing hand seals and smiles. "I see Naruto and Ryu have developed a bond already." He said while his wife looks at the two and nods. "Yes it appears so. Naruto–kun, Ryu-chan, come over here please." She spoke out and the two six year olds ran up to her.

"Naruto-kun this is my husband Joe Hayabusa. He's the leader of the Hayabusa clan." She said Naruto looked at the man and bowed. "Thank you for saving me Joe-san." He said while the leader smiles and nods. "You are welcome Naruto.

He said and paused for a few minutes and asked. "Naruto how would you like to come back with us to the Hayabusa Village?" He asked the young boy who looked up at the man with a surprised look.

"You won't have to worry about being treated badly or glared at. Unlike this village ours doesn't judge a book by its cover. You'll also be able to make friends there as well as hang out with Ryu here as long as you want. So what do you say Naruto Uzumaki? Would you like to join our village and maybe be a ninja for the village?" He asked

Naruto just looks at him in shock. He can finally be happy and be in a place where he won't get beaten or glared at. He then nods while wiping away his eyes. Joe smiles at him. "Okay. We have to leave now. Naruto is there anything you need to get before we go?" Joe asks while Naruto just shakes his head. "Alright then, lets go everyone." He orders and they nod. Shizure took Naruto and Ryu's hands in hers and they leave the village.

During the travel back home on the boat, Joe talked to Naruto and told him everything. About his inheritance, how his father Minato Namikaze sacrificed his life to seal the fox into him, how the old man lied to his mother saying that he died during the sealing, and that he was the true heir of the Hayabusa clan and he had a twin sister who looked like her mother.

Naruto was an emotional wreck when he was told this and hated Sarutobi for lying to him whenever he asked about his family and letting those people in Konoha treat him like trash. Shizure managed to calm the poor boy down and told him that he won't have to go through that anymore. But when he realized that he had a mother and sister he was happy yet worried that she'd reject him.

Shizure saw this and said "Naruto-kun I highly doubt Kushina would abandon you even if you're the container for the Kyuubi." Naruto looked at and nodded but still couldn't help but hope she was right. Then Joe spoke up.

"What surprises me is why she would attack the village in the first place? Kyuubi is normally neutral when it comes to human affairs and she wouldn't attack a village unless said ninja from the village provoked her into attacking or that she was being controlled or she was trying to get rid of an evil threat." Joe replied getting a shocked look from Naruto.

"But I thought the Kyuubi was an evil demon." Naruto said but Joe shook his head. "I'm afraid that's not true Naruto. Kyuubi is a spirit of nature. A guardian of the mortal realm and only appears when a great evil threatens the earth. She's also well known to the Dragon ninja and was around to assist our ancestors in defeating the dark dragon but that's for another time." He answers and sees a mass of land from the boat.

"Ah it appears we'll be porting soon." He said as the boat heads for a dock. After the ship stopped at the docks Joe had the three scrolls strapped to his back and moved forward into the forest with the dragon nin flanking him, Shizure, Naruto and Ryu. "So Ryu what's the Hayabusa village like?" The Blonde asks while Ryu thought about it and answered.

"Well for one thing it's big. We don't have a large gate that surrounds it like the other hidden villages do because we're not a hidden village. We also have ninja that are ranked like the ones in the elements. We also use ninjutsu, taijutsu, fuujinjutsu, kenjutsu, and genjutsu but we mostly excel in stealth, espionage, assassination, and interrogation." He said.

"Wow. So does the village have a ninja academy?" Naruto asks and that's when Joe answers. "No we don't Naruto we prefer to train our ninja separately but we do set them up in squads and a leader by their skills and not through meaningless titles like rookie of the year or dead last because that is insulting and ruins the way a squad cooperates. We also have a shinobi and civilian council that is separate and not joined also the Ryuukage (Dragon Shadow), who your mother is, has the final say in anything."

He answered while Naruto nods. When they enter the village, Naruto couldn't believe what he was seeing. The village was huge. The buildings were larger than the ones in Konoha and the streets were filled with civilians and Ninja. As they walked through the village, Naruto noticed that when the civilians and shinobi looked at them they either smiled or bowed. There was not even one glare from them.

He also saw shinobi parents training their children in the ninja arts. They continued to walk until they came to a large Japanese castle that was surrounded by compounds. The place was bigger than the hokage tower.

On top of the castle was the statue of a red dragon with golden eyes, ruby red scales, a golden underbelly, spines, claws, and horns and it had its head raised and its maw open, revealing a row of ivory white teeth. It appeared to be roaring at the sky.

Naruto said only one thing. "Wow." He said looking at the dragon while Joe chuckled. "Yes even now I can't help but be amazed by the appearance of the statue that represents our village." He said as they continued to walk into the compound district.

Once they reached the Uzumaki compound Joe dismissed the dragon nin while Shizure took Ryu with her to the Hayabusa compound to get some rest. Joe and Naruto approached the door of the Uzumaki compound but Naruto was a little nervous and scared. He was going to meet his mother and sister for the first time.

Joe looked at Naruto who was fidgeting and placed a hand on the boy's shoulders to calm him down. "Relax Naruto. Your mother is a kind person and is respected and loved by everyone in the village." He said softly. Naruto lets out a sigh as Joe opens the slide door and they walk in. The inside was decorated with paintings of dragons and weapons. There were also statues of dragons lined up through the hallways.

As they walked through the hallways, they came to a stop at a door that had a red swirl on one side and a dragon on the other. "Naruto get behind me. I want to surprise your mother." He whispered to him. He nods and gets behind him as he knocks on the door carefully. "Enter." Said a voice that Naruto thought sounded like an angel. Joe then opens the door and enters the room with Naruto behind him.

It appeared to be a meditation room since it was plain but did have plant life and a small water fountain in it. In the middle of the room was a woman who seemed to be 5'8. She had long flowing red hair, ivory colored skin, and the figure of a goddess. She was wearing a crimson colored ninja training gi with a coiling golden dragon on the back.

She was sitting in a lotus position with her back turned to Joe. "Kushina-sama." Joe said with a bow making the woman sigh. "Joe, how many times do I have to tell you to only call me that during meetings?" She asks without looking at him while he chuckles. "Old habits die hard Kushina." He says with a smile but then gets serious. "Kushina I have some very important news to tell you and it's regarding your son."

He said causing Kushina's eyes to open up instantly. She then gets up and looks at Joe with a serious look. "Joe we both know that my sochi died along with Minato-koi so why would you bring this subject up knowing how I feel about it?" She asks with eyes full of sorrow. "Because he didn't die with his father Kushina. Sarutobi lied to you and he's been alive living in that village for the last 6 years." He answered, saying village with venom in his voice.

Kushina's eyes were wide and her mouth was open but no words came out of it. "I took him out of the village and also got the clan scrolls that belonged to Minato including the one that contains the Hiraishin and the forbidden scroll that he created." He says pulling the three scrolls from his back and placed them on the floor. "Your son is right behind me too. Come on out Naruto." He said and a blonde 6 year old who looked like a miniature version of Minato walked out in front of Joe and looked up at his mother.

Kushina looked down at Naruto while her eyes became moist and tears formed in her eyes. "N-Naru-chan?" She replied while Naruto smiled at her and walked up to Kushina grabbing her hand. "Kaa-san." Was all he could say because she scooped him up in her arms and hugged him to her body while sobbing uncontrollably. "M-my baby, my baby's still alive. I'm so sorry Naru-chan. I'm so sorry for not looking for you. Please forgive me." She said as she held even closer.

Naruto wrapped his arms around his mother's neck and laid his head on her chest while he cried silently. Kushina was crying tears of joy muttering 'my baby' over and over. Joe smiled at the scene and left Kushina and her son alone so that they could catch up. After that little scene, Kushina wipes her tears away with her arm and takes a good look at her son.

"You look just like your father Naru-chan." She said while Naruto blushed and then looked at her. "Kaa-san, Joe-san said that the Kyuubi was sealed into me by Tou-san but told me that she wasn't an evil demon. Why did she attack Konoha then?"

He asked while Kushina frowned and thought about it. "Honestly sochi, I don't know. Kyuubi is a spirit of Nature and wouldn't attack the village unless she had a reason to. So tell me how was your life in Konoha for the last six years?"

She asked but noticed the frown on his face and he started to tell her every thing. How the adults would beat him on his birthday and made their children stay away from him, how he had to eat out of garbage cans and only eat at a ramen stand, and that he was overcharged for clothes and food and that he was kicked out of the orphanage when he was four.

To say Kushina was pissed would be an understatement. She was beyond livid or pissed. Her eye's went from blue to a golden yellowish orange color with a tint of red on them and her pupils became slitted. She growled, baring her teeth and the top ones extended into fangs. "Those bastards. I'll kill them. I'll raze that damn village to the ground and rip Sarutobi apart with my bare hands." The Ryuukage said in a dark tone that'll make Orochimaru runaway crying like a little girl.

Naruto noticed this and placed a hand on her cheek to try and calm her down. "Don't let them get to you kaa-san. They're not worth it. They didn't honor tou-san's dying wish." Naruto said which caused Kushina to calm down and her eyes and teeth returned to normal and looked down at her son who smiled at her she does the same but sighs.

"You're right Naru-chan they're not. I'm sorry If I scared you." She said while she sat down Indian style with her son on her lap. "Scared me? That was cool what you did. Will I be able to do that?" He asked with a huge smile on his face. Kushina couldn't help but laugh at her son. "Yeah you will once you activated our family's Kekkei Genkai (bloodline limit)." She said getting a confused look from her son.

"Kekka- what?" He asked while she had to hold in a laugh by biting her lower lip as Naruto blinked a few times and tilted his head to the left. 'Kawaii!! He looks so cute when he's confused!'She squealed in her mind as a chibi form of her jumped up and down squealing.

Kushina was about to say something but the door opened and a 6 year old girl with red hair and a ivory complexion like her mother walked in. She also had blue eyes and wore a red gi like her mothers. She saw her mother holding a blonde boy in her arms and blinked in confusion. "Kaa-san who is that boy you're holding?" The redheaded girl asked.

Kushina and Naruto looked at her and Naruto's eyes widened. That was his twin sister and she looked just like Kushina. Kushina smiled and motioned her to come over and she did while staring at the blonde boy. "Tsuki-chan, this is Naruto, your twin brother. He's been alive this whole time and was brought back by Joe." She replied. Tsuki's eyes went wide when she saw her brother who was rubbing the back of his head nervously.

She went from shocked to having a huge grin on her face. "Naruto-nii!!" She squealed and tackled her brother and mother to the ground Kushina managed to get back up only to see Tsuki hugging or squeezing her older twin who went from his tan color to blue. "N-Nee-chan. I can't breathe." He struggled to say while Kushina giggled and then laughed at her children.

Hello everyone! This is Namikaze09 with a new story based off the Ninja Gaiden game. If you're wondering yes the Ninja Gaiden world and Naruto world is combined meaning that there will be computers and other technologies in the fic so no flaming. It's called fan fiction for a reason people. The second Chapter will be of Dragons and Namikaze's.