Naruto: Path of the Dragon Ninja

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Chapter 7: Dragon's Angels

Zabuza was currently in a bed recovering from the injuries he got when he faced that Dragon nin and was inwardly berating himself for underestimating the kid. His arrogance nearly cost him his life and had it not been for his 'assistants' he'd be 6 feet under right now. He'd hate to admit it but he was impressed that the young Dragon nin was able to fight him, a member of the seven swordsmen of the mist in the art of kenjutsu.

While he was pondering on this sitting near his bed side were the two females. The one on the right had long, smooth, waist length raven black hair with a light skin complexion, brown eyes, and wore her hunter outfit. The one the left had grayish white hair that stopped to the middle of her back, with a few bangs in her hair, and had an ivory like skin color. She had two red dots over her eyebrows and had greenish blue eyes and also wore her hunter nin outfit.

They were Haku Momochi, adopted daughter of Zabuza Momochi and Kiyomi Kaguya. "To think a ninja no older than us could put you in this state. Are you sure you're not loosing your touch old man?" Kiyomi asked humorously while Zabuza glared at her for a while and grumbled.

"Shut up. The kid was lucky because I was distracted." He said while Haku sighs and shakes her head she was about to speak up until they heard the door being pushed opened and a short man wearing a black suit with a pissed off expression on his face along with two guards walked in. Kiyomi and Haku had pissed expressions on their faces and were slowly standing up.

"What the hell is this Zabuza? I heard that you almost completed your objective in killing that stupid bridge builder but then you get your ass handed to you. I thought you said you wouldn't have a problem dealing with Tazuna's hired help!" He said while said demon of the mist facial appearance remained the same.

"I didn't have any problem with those tree huggers you idiot." He said making the criminal growl at the idiot comment. "I would've finished them off but a Dragon ninja interfered with my job and I'm pretty sure you know about their reputation." He finished, making the man cringe in fear. There was not a gang lord alive that didn't know about the Dragon Ninja and how they were respected and feared throughout the shinobi world especially when their village's military might was on par with that of 3 of the four major countries.

He snapped out of his stupor and made his way towards Zabuza. "Th-that's not the point. Even if a dragon ninja did show up you should've dealt with the fool!" He said and when he was close enough he reached his hand out toward Zabuza's face. Before he even had the chance to touch the man Haku grabbed Gato's wrist and started to slowly crush it and cried out in pain.

"Don't you dare lay your filthy hands on Zabuza-sama you scum." Haku said in a cold voice while squeezing the wrist harder.

"Ahh! M-My arm! You're crushing my arm!" Gato cried out in pain. Two of his guards were about to pull out their katanas but that was put to a halt when they felt the tips of two white blades aimed at their necks.

"Don't even think about it." Kiyomi warned. "If you so much as even twitch I'll skewer you through your skulls." She said in a dark tone while the two remained frozen in fear. Gato on the other hand was trembling when he saw the look in her eyes.

"I suggest you three leave. I am in a very bad mood and you're only making it worse by pissing me off. You have five seconds to leave or I'll freeze you to death." She said and flung him towards his men while Kagura backed away. Gato got up rubbing his probably broken wrist and glared the three.

"This isn't over! I expect you three to get the job done or consider yourselves unemployed!" He growled at and left with his body guards. As soon as they did, Kiyomi made her way towards Haku and Zabuza.

"You know you two didn't have to do that." Zabuza said since he had a kunai placed under the sheets and was gonna use it to loop off Gato's arm.

Kiyomi on the other hand eye smiled. "If Haku hadn't grabbed his arm you would've killed him then we'd once again have to be on the run from the Oinin Zabuza-sama." She replied while Haku nodded.

"And we could really use the money. We hardly have enough to get supplies and weapons." Haku stated while Zabuza groans.

"Great. Just great and with these injuries I got from facing that dragon ninja I'll be in this bed recovering for a week or two. Also if you two plan on wandering around do not engage that dragon nin or any of his colleagues whatsoever. If you can get away from them then do that but don't fight them." He said seriously while they looked at him with wide eyes.

"Are these dragon ninja really that dangerous Zabuza-sama?" Haku asked and the man nods.

"Yes they are Haku. Facing a dragon nin one on one will more than likely cause you to lose a limb but facing a group of them is beyond suicidal. The only reason why we manage to escape from the one I fought is because you two caught him by surprise. It won't happen a second time so be careful." He warned them and they nodded.

"What about those black spider ninja Gato hired?" Kagura asked the man who now was frowning.

"Definitely stay away from them. I don't know why but I always get a bad vibe from those ninja. They reek of death of malice. More than I do and I'm the Demon of the Mist." He finished and decided to get some rest.


Naruto and Ayane were currently at their campsite taking a small break from patrolling the forest of chakra. Naruto was wearing an all-dark blue black ninja gi uniform with a mask covering the lower half of his face (Kakashi's mask) that had a silver trim on it along with silver and black steel reinforced shinobi gauntlets and shoulder guards and fingerless gloves with metal plates and attached to the sides of his pants were armor-like metal plates as well as pair of ninja tabi boots. Tied around his forehead was a headband with a metal plate in the middle with a coiling dragon carved into it. On the back was the yin-yang symbol and a silver dragon coiled around it. He also had a dark grey sash like belt tied around his waist with several small scrolls attached to it as well as two weapon pouches. Strapped to his back was Ryuken while Shikon no Ryujin was sealed in a scroll.

Ayane wore a sleeveless purple ninja gi with a mesh shirt underneath and black armguards. Her fuma kodachi were strapped in x formation on her sash with a weapon's pouch. She was currently drinking water from a water bottle and after finishing it, she crumpled it up and tossed it into a trash bin they had.

"We haven't had any luck in finding Gato's location for the last few days and those Konoha ninja seem to be keeping their distance from us." Ayane stated as she got up but then frowned. "Though that Uchiha kid is gonna be a problem if he doesn't stop sizing us up."

Naruto scoffs while popping his neck in place. "Just ignore that pest Ayane-chan. His prescence doesn't even effect me. Also you know that pale one?" Ayane nodded at his question. "He's no ordinary genin. Matter of fact he's nowhere close to being a genin class ninja. We better keep an eye on him as there is something off about" He paused in the middle of his sentence and pulls a kunai out of his sleeve as does Ayane and they both fling them at a tree. A blur leapt out of the tree and into the forest with Ayane and Naruto going after him.

Sai was leaping from tree to tree and writing onto a scroll quickly. "I have to get this message to Danzo-sama. He needs to know that the heir of the Hayabusa clan is in the" His senses went on full alert as Ayane appeared in his line of sight and performs a spin kick that he flips over and flings a kunai at her abut she deflects it with one of her Fuma Kodachi. Sai pulls out a scroll and an ink pen, preparing to write down on it until the scroll was shredded by a volley of shuriken and was forced to leap back as Ayane attempted to slice him in half with a diagonal slash.

Before he could do anything, chains appeared around the pale teenager but before he could anything he was ensnared by the chains. Naruto slams onto his back and the pale ninja crashes into the ground. Naruto then had Sai bound and pinned to the ground with the blade of a Kyoketsu Shoge (the chained dagger used in Ninja Assassin) pressed against his throat.

"You better have a good reason for spying on us kid." Naruto growled out coldly and he tightened the bindings on Sai who grunted in slight pain. Heturned his head towards the stoned faced blonde and did a fake smile.

"Spying? Whatever gave you that idea dragon ninja? I was merely in the area training and" He didn't get to finish because now Naruto slammed him into a tree pressing the tip of his blade at Sai's jugular until he drew blood.

"Don't fuck with me fool. Lie to me one more time and you'll get to see what your intestines look like outside of your body." The blonde's eyes were now cold as ice and for the first time in Sai's life, he was afraid. A bead of sweat fell from his brow and despite his emotional conditioning, he was very afraid for his life.

"I was …. making sure you weren't a threat to our client after all, you are ninja from a foreign country and are to be treated as enemies." The pale ROOT member answered while Naruto smirked behind his mask.

"Then you're either very brave or stupid because if I was a threat, I would've ended your life along with those others when Zabuza had you at his mercy." Naruto stabbed the curve dagger into the tree near Sai's face and the blade was a few inches near his neck. "And unlike those kids who play ninja in your village I'm the real deal and I will kill you just for looking at me funny." He sheathes the blade and then delivers a vicious punch into Sai's stomach and said pale boy gasps, falling onto his knees and coughing up saliva. "Ayane let's take this puppet back to his superiors." He said as he dragged the groaning boy by his collar into the forest along with Ayane.

Kakashi and Kurenai were currently watching their students train in the tree climbing exercise or In Kakashi's case, hearing Sakura cheer Sasuke on when the 'last Uchiha' kept attempting to get higher up on the tree and fume especially when Kiba, Shino, and Hinata were progressing much better then he an 'Elite' was and it didn't sit well with him.

As this went on, Sai's chained form landed in front of the two Jonin, who jumped in surprise before Naruto and Ayane appeared before them with Naruto's foot pressed against the boy's head. "What's the meaning of this?" Kurenai demanded, getting the attention of the others. They were about to help their teachers but stopped as they saw the edge of Naruto's blade pressed against Sai's neck.

"Move and you'll be returning to your village with him in pieces." Naruto threatened icily and turned his gaze to the Sensei's of the genin. "I'm gonna ask you two this one question. Did you send this brat to spy on me and my teammates?"

Kurenai blinked in confusion and shook her head as did Kakashi. "No we didn't Naruto-san. We informed our students to keep their distance from you and your colleagues, but apparently our orders weren't clear enough." She answered before glaring at the pinned down pale boy.

Naruto looks at them for a while before stepping off Sai and re-sheathing his blade. "Consider this your first and last warning because I'm not the type to give second chances. Keep those brats on a leash. I've already informed my other teammates that they can use excessive force on you or them and if I catch them snooping around our campsite or spying on us then their lives are forfeit." He warned the two CO's of the group. The other genin's eyes widen in disbelief at the blonde's warning before Kiba spoke.

"What the hell's your problem you jerk?" Kiba remarked but flinches when Naruto's piercing stare turned to him.

"I wasn't talking to you runt so shut up go back to climbing trees," Naruto then turned his attention to Ayane. "Let's go Ayane, we wasted enough time with these kids and we're losing daylight." He informed his partner. She nods and they both vanish before them.

Kiba and Sasuke on the other hand were miffed at how they were ignored. "Assholes, where do they get off treating us like we're inferior to them?" Kiba asked his sensei.

"Because Kiba in their eyes they don't believe you have what it takes to be real ninja." Kakashi answered in an honest tone, shocking most of them to the core. "They are the perfect example of what a ninja is and they take their roles as such very seriously." He explained as he unchained Sai.

"What do you mean we're not real ninja? We have the headbands to prove it." Sakura stated like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Kurenai on the other hand rolled her eyes at the pink haired girl's denseness.

"There's more to being a ninja than wearing a headband Sakura. As Ninja our duty is to carry out missions that can range from guarding a client to the assassination of someone who governs another country like the Daimyo for example or even an influential businessman." The Copy Ninja explained as he wasn't going to sugar coat anything for the rookies. "As such we, lie, cheat, steal, kill, and even kidnap in order for our village to prosper. There are no good or evil sides in the way of the ninja and Konoha is no different from any other village who wants to gain power."

Kurenai had to nod in agreement but she didn't want to take away their innocent minds so soon. She thought about objecting but chose to go against it. After Sai got up, he was face to face with an irked Kakashi. "As for you Sai this is a warning and as your Commanding Officer I am ordering you to stay away from the Dragon Ninja and not provoke them. The same goes for the rest of you. If they confront you then that's another story but do not antagonize them or your life is forfeit." He warned them before instructing them to get back to their training.

Sasuke on the other hand scowled. "Like I'd waste my time or energy with those nobodies." He muttered but Kiba heard him and smirked.

"Says the guy who shit himself when that red head was about to slice your throat open." Kiba said mockingly, getting a heated glare from the Uchiha.

"She just caught me off guard and it won't happen again mutt." Sasuke swore he'd find a way to get back at Tsuki for that humiliating scene.

Later on that day the others returned from their patrol around the village and met back at the camp site about their progress on the mission. "So did we have any leads on Gato's whereabouts yet?" He asked his comrades. Ryu shook his head in a negative fashion.

"No we haven't but we did manage to take out several illegal imports around the docks and kill of several more groups of hired thugs and Spider Ninja." He answered.

"Our only option would be to find Zabuza Momochi and his accomplices since they are the backbone of Gato's operations and would know where his actual base is." Kasumi suggested. Naruto on the other hand sighs but nods in agreement.

"Very well then, let's retire for now since our only option is to lookout for the bridge builder and his family since they will likely be targeted as well." The rest of them nodded.

Tsuki then got up and stretched for a while getting the kicks out, before reaching out and grabbing Ryu's hand. "Come on Ryu-kun let's go swim in the lake for a while." Ryu's eyes widened and sputters with a blush was under his masked face as Tsuki dragged him off to the lake. Ayane glances at Momiji and Kasumi for a few seconds before looking at Naruto and winks.

"I think I'll go for a stroll in the forest." She states and leaves the other three at the campsite. Momiji and Kasumi where about to head in a different direction as well.

"Hold on Momiji-chan Kasumi-chan, I need to talk to you both." He informed the two kunoichi who blinked in confusion, wondering what it was he wanted to talk to them about so they sat down while Naruto pulled his mask off.

"About what?" Momiji asked. Kasumi was also wondering why he had them stay back.

"About us." He answered. You two know how I am the heir of the Uzumaki Clan correct?" Kasumi and Momiji nodded in agreement. "What you two didn't know is that Ryu, who is the heir of the Hayabusa clan and I were put under a certain law that only a few clan heirs go through when their clan is close to extinction especially the last males of the clan."

"And what type of law is it?" Kasumi wondered.

"That would be the clan restoration act which entitles me to have more than one wife." The blonde answered to the shocked kunoichi who then felt his hand wrap around one of theirs. "I know you two have developed feelings for me and to be honest I care deeply about you both in the same manner." Both Kasumi and Momiji looked into his deep blue eyes and saw the love and warmth it carried in them.

They both smiled back and Momiji spoke up. "Does this mean we can both be…" She asked and he nodded.

"Yes it does." Before he knew it, the two tackled him to the ground and pressed their lips against his, performing a three way kiss.

This went on for a few seconds before they heard someone cough out an 'Ahem'. They stopped and looked up to see Ayane who had an amused expression and raised eyebrow with her hands on her hips. "I leave you three alone for three seconds and this happens?" She questioned. Both Kasumi and Momiji jump off of Naruto instantly and they were red faced and sputtering.

"Nee-chan we can explain." Kasumi tried to say but to her surprise Ayane giggled and wave it off.

"Oh relax I already knew something like this would happen after Naruto and I talked about it." She stated to the two stumped Kunoichi.

"Y-you knew?" Momiji asked the lavender haired girl who nodded. Naruto on the other hand got back onto his feet, rubbing the back of his head.

"Yeah we did and the same ordeal went for Ryu but he mostly kept it secret for a good reason." He replied. Kasumi and Momiji raised an eyebrow at this.

"And why would you do that?" Kasumi asked.

"Fangirls." Naruto answered with a shudder while Kasumi and Momiji sweat dropped.

"Oh." She replied and had to admit that his logic was agreeable. "So where do we go from here?"

Naruto pondered on this and then smiles. "Simple Kasumi-chan, I'll take you and Momiji-chan out on a couple of dates and we'll where it goes from here."

"Meaning they'll get a first hand experience with your inhuman stamina like I did." Ayane remarked, Kasumi and Momiji's faces were now matching the color of an apple and they looked at her with wide eyes.

"You mean you two…" Momiji asked Ayane who grinned and giggled.

"We sure did. The last time we went at it I had trouble walking correctly for three days." She answered.



Both Naruto and Ayane laughed as they saw Momiji and Kasumi faint from the innuendo and when they saw some blood trickle down their noses. "You're cruel hime." Naruto chastised in a joking manner.

"I learned from the best." She said back, wrapping an her arms around his and kissed him on the cheek. "What do you think Tsuki and Ryu are doing at the lake?"

"What do you think? My sisters a sex addict. I feel sorry for Ryu though because he's gonna be whipped when they get married." He answered back.

"And you're not?" She question Naruto who looked back at her with a feral grin on his face.

"I'm an Alpha and I bow to no one Tenshi." He growled out, sending shivers of excitement down her spine.

"I love it when you get all dominant." She said before pulling him into a passionate kiss.

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