Any reason why we're dragged into this shit?" Dry Bowser asked as he and several others were racing around in pipe framed karts at the Grumble Volcano race course, with Waluigi and Princess Daisy arguing with each other, y'know IN THE BACKGROUND.

"I think it's because we're needed to add more depth to the story," Toadette admitted as she brushed back her pink pigtails.

"Depth? To this fucking story?" Birdo scoffed as she adjusted her bright red bow, shaking her head. "The only details this story has is Waluigi and Daisy bickering as usual!"

"Yeah, that's what happens with a dating couple." Space Ghost pointed out as he then pointed at the Ice Climbers, with Popo and Nana whacking each other with their mallets on one of the volcanoes.

Silver The Hedgehog sighed as he placed his right hand on his face. "Oh, it's no use. These guys just let their tempers get to them."

"It's a living!" Petey Piranha spoke as he was eating some Fruity Pebbles, having a grand old time after making a high quality joke.

R.O.B. shook his metal head as she was careful to steer around the molten magma balls bouncing around them. "I predict this story to be outdated."

"Oh come now, everything can seem brand new." Arceus explained as he was willingly in last place, deciding to take in the environment more than the race.

"Why are we even here? We've got nothing else, I fear!" Gruntilda Winkybunion rhymed as she looked at the script she had for this fanfic.

"A long author's note? Pikachu... it's been one of those days." Pikachu groaned as he rolled his eyes, realizing this was done to make the story less bland.

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Well, this is part of the last eight fanfics I have for 2009. Ahh, 2009... what a year. And speaking of nostalgia, what a decade it has been. To think, come 2010, I would have been here as an author for more than five years... a lot came by, didn't it? And on the way, I matured, went through some typical internet drama at a young age (back when I was as typically stupid and insecure as your regular teenager), and overall had fun, needless to say improved on my writing. And although a certain few one-off fanfics that I wish to continue on have been short (including this one (cough cough)), they have been well worth writing, and so, on behalf on myself, have a great New Years. By the way, the 400th fanfic is coming up. Just guess what it's going to be. Hah heh.

"...what? What was that all about?" Toadette asked as she and Birdo were no longer racing at the Grumble Volcano, looking at the author's note for this story.

"Oh, it's one of those old embarrassing author notes that Yoshizilla is too lazy to take out." Birdo explained as she wrapped her arms around the back of her head. "No one realizes that this was actually written by one of his many cousins."

And then the actual story began, because you don't care about Yoshizilla's cousins, you're all here for Waluigi and Daisy arguing with each other over pointless shit.

It was a strange, wacky night happening in the Mushroom Kingdom within the top floor of a random apartment somewhere nearby Mushroom City... and both Waluigi and Princess Daisy were there, arguing with each other over tiny tidbits of nonsense.

"You're obnoxious!" Daisy snapped, shaking her arms.

"Well so are you, you hypocrite!" Waluigi retorted as he folded his arms together.

"You're too skinny!" Daisy yelled out.

"You're too fat!" Waluigi barked back.

"You're too cranky!" Daisy stated as she slapped Waluigi across the face.

"You're too crazy!" Waluigi insisted as he bonked Daisy on the head with a vase, that broke into several pieces afterwards.

"You're too mean!" Daisy pouted, her fists side by side her hips.

"You're too gassy!" Waluigi mocked, making gagging noises as he plugged his sexy pink nose.

Daisy gasped in shock as she covered her mouth. "I am not farty!" She retorted, angrily glancing Waluigi.

Princess Daisy farted loudly shortly afterwards, her brassy gas blast shaking the entire apartment.

"...I... just had some really good baked beans earlier, okay...!?" Daisy tried to retort as she blushed, embarrassed as she farted again.

Waluigi laughed his head off as he poked Daisy in her chest. "Ha! Even your own big butt disagrees with you, fat ass. Well then!" He pushed Daisy aside as he headed into the kitchen, grabbing his stuff as he finished, "If you're so full of yourself, why don't you go surf the Internet or something?" And with that, he left the apartment with all the food, shutting the door behind him.

Daisy sighed as she wondered what to do, before farting loudly again, this time causing a brown stain to appear on the back of her yellow and orange dress.

"Well... guess I took a dump sooner than I thought..." Daisy muttered as she sat on her yellowish couch, not bothering to change her brown stained, orange colored underwear.