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Epilogue – For Us and Mama Morgan, too

They were in Derek's Jacuzzi bathtub when he dropped his little bombshell. "So, baby girl, did you still go see your gynecologist last month about taking out your IUD?"

She was stunned silent. At no point over the last couple of days or nights had they used birth control of any form. In fact, until Derek brought up the appointment, she had forgotten she had opted to remove the device after years of having one. Her love life had dwindled to non-existent so she didn't see the necessity of continuing to manipulate her body's natural cycles. Her parents would have been so proud. Except now she might have gotten herself pregnant with her negligence. "Oh, dear! Derek, I'm sorry. I didn't even think…I don't expect…Ah, hell, if I am, I can manag-"

His lips dancing possessively across her own silenced her once again. Without much effort or resistance from her, Derek had her legs wrapped around him as he buried himself within her body. For several minutes time stood still everywhere on Earth aside from them. Making love with Derek had rocked her world in several different ways in the last couple of days. However, having him thrusting rhythmically into her even though he was aware she could get pregnant was awe-inspiring.

Her body was begging her to let go and she could feel how close Derek was, but she needed to hang on just a bit longer. She waited, moving with him, meeting his thrust with an answering counter-point. So many before them had shared this experience, yet as Penelope felt Derek's muscles tense and his erection lengthen as he moved within her body, she knew one very important difference: no one before them had ever shared a love like theirs. It would be forever unique to just Derek Morgan and Penelope Garcia. There might be another FBI Special agent and FBI computer analyst who fell in love. Somewhere out there, she was certain another set of best friends came to realize their deep love for one another. It didn't matter who or where. Because no one else could be them, share their special chemistry; be experiencing this soul melding experience, except them. Derek came then with such force she could feel his seed washing through her, and she prayed as she finally let go for a tiny miracle to take root.

Her "hot stuff" held her tight in his embrace as she regained lucid thought. He was whispering something that took a moment for her to mentally comprehend. "I'm ready, baby girl, but only with you."

"You're ready?"

"For a celebration of us."

"What kind of celebration?"

"I'm thinking wedding and baby shower within a year. Maybe even a christening." He wasn't joking. His eyes were twinkling but not from amusement.

"Busy year."

"Think you can manage?"

"With you at my side, definitely."

"That's my baby."

"Yes, it will be."

He smiled at that. "I love you, silly girl."

"I love you, too, sugar." Derek stood then, carrying her with him as he got out of the tub with some haste. "Hey, what's the sudden rush?"

"We need to call my mom."

"Now? Hon, it's nearly midnight."

"She won't mind when she finds out who's going to be the mother of her grandbabies."

Penelope felt her heart beat race and then settle into a steady beat in sync with Derek's. Yes, a celebration of us, and mama Morgan, too. Perfection!