I awoke to the sound of rustling and my head being lifted. When it was put down again it had a much softer landing. It felt like it had been put on a cat – the texture was all furry. There were noises, voices, not fully formed into the shape of words. My eyelids felt heavy as I opened them, taking in the dark around me as my eyes not yet adjusted to the light. The noises in the room were becoming clearer, but everything was tinny. 'Edward. She's awake. She can probably hear us now.' The voice sounded female, nothing like the violent grating of Paul's voice. 'Okay, leave her to me.' I heard heavy footsteps approaching me, and then I felt a hand on my face. 'Hey, I. Swan. Time to get up.' It sounded like Edward Masen's voice. There were hands on my shoulders pulling me up. My head felt too heavy for my neck. 'Hey!' The arms shook me lightly, then propped me up against something. I felt hands holding my head in place. 'Wake up already. I don't want to have to hide your body.' His statement shocked me enough that I pushed my eyes open, properly this time. After blinking a few times I spoke, 'You're joking right?' Then something hit me, 'Wait! How did you know my name?' He looked at me like I was an idiot, 'Driving license, credit cards, library card... Need I say more?' He reached into his pocket, pulling out my wallet. Then he put it back in his pocket, pulled an oil drum toward me and sat on it, his expression serious.

'Why were you looking for me?' He was uncomfortably close as he leaned forward, his face inches from mine with me backed against a wall. From this distance I could see that he was sweating, and shivering slightly, and he had grey bags under his eyes. They stood out a lot against his pale skin. I looked down, trying not to meet his dark green eyes. They were... well, they were enthralling. When I looked into them he held my attention. He asked again, 'Why?' He lifted my chin so I was forced to look at him. 'Your mother...' He had removed his hand from my face and was already a few meters away before I could even turn my head. His voice became demanding now, 'Is she okay?' 'Worried.' He snorted and then his face twisted into a sneer, 'She sent a child to find me? I really don't think so.' Shit. He thought I was lying. 'I'm not a child. I'm actually older than you.' He looked at me. 'How did you find me?' He said it bluntly. 'It was an accident. I was shopping and I saw you.' He snorted, 'You really expect me to believe that you were asked to help, and with no active participation on your part, you found me?' I nodded. Suddenly he was in my face again. 'Fine. You tell anyone where I am and Paul will find you.' I'm pretty sure the look on my face showed my confusion. 'I'm only letting you go. Get out.'

I tried to stand up but my only reward was a shooting pain through my skull and a bout of dizziness. I tried my best to cover up this weakness, but Edward noticed. 'How bad is it?' I let the pain get to me, gasping out, 'Bad' 'Okay, just stay still. It will get better eventually.' It sounded like he was trying to convince himself. I tried to get the topic off my health. 'I could take a note.' He looked up. 'What?' 'To your family. I could take a note.' He stopped, thinking. 'You have any paper?' I looked around, and for the first time I realised my bag was missing. 'Um, where's my stuff?' 'I'll get it.'

While he was gone I took the chance to look properly at my surroundings. The soft thing I had had under my head earlier was a parka, complete with fluffy hood. The area I was in was surrounded by wooden crates, high on all sides, except for two gaps where one could enter or exit. The lighting was dim, being provided in there only by a small gas lamp on the floor. Within a few moments Edward was back, carrying with him my bag. He threw it toward me gently, it landing next to me on the floor. I reached inside, fumbling around in the bottom to try andd find my pen. After a few seconds I managed to pull out the biro and a spiral pad notebook. 'Here.' I handed them over to Edward. He took them and sat against the wall on the other side of the enclosed space. Pulling his knees up to his chest he rested the notepad on them and began to write. 'Don't you want the lamp closer?' He looked up at me, 'Yes actually.' I pushed it toward him with my foot. 'Thanks.' And then he was back to scribbling. Now that the light was on him I could see that his shivering was worse. Now it was a kind of juddering. He seemed to be in some discomfort.

After a couple of minutes he stopped writing, read over what he had written, folded the paper in half and handed it to me. 'It is for Alice. Don't show it to anyone.' He looked at me intently, I nodded and then Edward held out his hand to me and helped me up. He led me through the dark, and past the sound of voices to the left, and then before I knew it I was at the entrance to the warehouse. 'Shall I come back with a reply, if there is one?' He seemed to contemplate for a second. 'Yes, but announce yourself as you come in next time Swan.' I nodded again. I started to walk away. 'And Swan...' I looked over my shoulder. '...please don't tell my mother you found me.' And he looked at me with such vulnerability that even if that had been the plan, I could not have gone through with it. And my main thought as I walked toward the car-park was that I wouldn't be able to stay away from Edward Masen.

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