Dean stepped from the road onto the shoulder and trudged through the snow. His boots crunched through the top layer of ice making the clear night air crack and pop. He gripped the Styrofoam cups, holding them up and away from his body while one foot slipped sideways, making him twist to regain his balance. Grumbling, he managed to hold both cups in one hand while he got the driver's side door to the Impala open.

Sam looked up from the other side of the car as he shoved his head and shoulders through the open door. He brushed one hand through his hair, causing a mini-snow storm when the white crystals fluttered away. "What did you find out?"

Still juggling the cups, Dean slid into the car and carefully set the cups on the floor. "We're stuck until morning at the least, maybe more. The road is solid ice and closed. There's a huge accident about a mile up." He took the blanket from Sam's arms while his brother folded into the other side of the bench seat and pulled the door shut.

"Figures." Sam grumbled, but he wasn't scowling. "Thanks." He took one of the cups, wrapping both hands around it and inhaled deeply over the steaming coffee for a few seconds.

Dean chuckled, "Don't thank me, thank the state troopers, they're handing it out." Dean dug in his jacket pocket, "These too."

"Oh, sweet, thanks." Sam grinned and took the offered sandwich. It was the gas station type of hoagie, but tasty and filling. Sliding across the seat, Sam handed Dean his cup, turned sideways and reached over the seat to the back, pulling his laptop bag over and onto his knees. Dean pushed the coffee cup back into Sam's hand.

Shaking the blanket open, Dean let it pool at his feet. He shimmied out of his jacket and folded it, putting it between him and the car door. Leaning back he stretched his legs to the passenger side foot well.

Sam shifted again, inching farther along the seat until he could bend his knees and prop his feet against the passenger door.

"Sam." Dean grumbled out a warning.

One which Sam mostly ignored and leaned his shoulders against Dean's. "Can it. I'm cold and there's one blanket." He snatched the corner of that same blanket and pulled it over him then tucked it under Dean's legs. "I downloaded some movies before we left this morning." Balancing the laptop on his knees, Sam extracted an A/C adapter that fit into the car lighter and booted up the computer.

"Did you get Avatar?" Dean shrugged his shoulders a few times and resettled against the driver door, letting one arm drape across Sam's chest, smiling when Sam relaxed against him.

"Course I did."

A few minutes later Dean couldn't help feeling peaceful and content despite the fact they were stranded on a highway on Christmas Eve in the middle of one of the worst ice storms in recorded history. His brother's chest rose and fell in steady rhythm and after all they'd been through Sam was alive and well and for at least a few hours content. They had each other, some hot coffee and a good movie to while away the hours.

They'd be warm and snug. Dean knew he'd sleep well after the movie with Sam tucked against his side, safe and whole. He didn't have to ask Sam to know his brother's feelings matched his own.