Initially, this was a homework assignment for English. When we read a Shakespearean work, we had to write a summary of a movie or book in sonnet form, as well as a sonnet about something we really loved. I didn't want to write one from my point of view... So I wrote one from Edo's. But I didn't pass this one in... My teacher wouldn't let it come from someone else's point of view. *sighs*

Anyway. Fullmetal Sonnets in full Shakespearean forms. There is one for Ed (duh), there will be one for all the homunculi and their creator (both anime and manga versions), Papa Hoho, Mustang and Hawkeye, Winry, and maybe a couple others (Ling, Mei, Ranfan, etc.)

I don't own, you don't sue. Kay?

The Magic that is Science

It is a mystical power I've grasped.

Energy flows free beneath my fingers.

I smile and realize that years have passed

Since finding the knowledge that still lingers.

While some call it magic, it is science.

Altering the shape and form of matter.

Both known and unknown form an alliance

Built my ration'l beliefs, hard to shatter.

The firm laws of Equivalent Exchange

Have built a system that shall never break.

The sacred law of alchemy won't change

Though it led to my life's biggest mistake.

"Humankind cannot gain without giving."

Alchemy is why I keep on living.