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The dreams from last night left a huge smile on my face. I knew today was going to be an exciting, but semi stressful day.

I felt a hand tugging at my hair and knew exactly who it was.

"Who's waking me up?" I mumbled.

"Nana?" she giggled.

"I thought Nana was at her house."


"Isn't he with Nana?" I questioned.

"It's me Mommy!" Mackenzie squealed.

"Kenzie, when did you get here!" I said in shock, pulling her so she was laying on me.

"I slept here all night."

"You did?"

"Mommy you're silly." She giggled, shaking her head. Her wild bronze curls were going everywhere.

"I try." I sighed playfully.

I glanced at my alarm clock noticing he should be here by now.

"You hungry, monk?" I asked calling her by her nickname. She was my monkey.

"Can I have French toast?"

"With bacon?" knowing that would seal the deal.

"Please!" she squealed, bouncing off the bed.

Trying to catch up with my speedy daughter this early in the morning was taking its toll on me. I barely noticed she stopped until I bumped into her in front of her room. She looked up at me and smiled brightly. "Daddy," she whispered to herself looking right at him.

My 6'2 baby daddy was sprawled out in our four-year-old daughter's toddler bed. He must have arrived earlier this morning. His hair as always was a mess and drool was making its way out his opened mouth. Another thing I noted was he was only wearing black flannel pajama bottoms.

Kenzie thought she was stealthy because she exaggeratingly tiptoed to her bed and crawled into it with her Daddy.

"Humph," He groaned as she threw her little body on him.

"Wake up, Sleeping Beauty." She cooed to him.

"Sleeping Beauty?" He scoffed sleepily.

"Sleeping Beauty is prettier then Daddy, monk." I giggled, leaning in the doorway.

"She has nothing on me, Swan." He grumbled, rubbing his eyes with his free hand. I could see the small smirk on his face.

I stood watching him with our daughter. Kenzie was his clone except she had my eyes and heart shape face. Everything else was all Edward. She snuggled further into him, while he tried waking up. He was a natural with her and ever since she was born he had a growing spark in his emerald eyes.

When we were younger I could of sworn he had a specific look for me, but I soon found out I was naïve and a fool.

I first met Edward Cullen when I was five years old. His older brother Emmett and best friend Jasper Whitlock harassed me about going across the jungle gym. I was a tomboy through and through, but even I knew what would have happen if I got my clumsy ass up there. They both got their way though and about half way across I fell, breaking my arm. I didn't know anyone else was watching, but as soon as I hit the ground Edward was at my side trying to rid me of my tears.

We were best friends ever since. I was loud where he was quiet. His mother used to say we were good at balancing each other out. At times I would think the same thing until high school, when I soon realized he was three years older then me and was dealing with a lot more then I was.

In ninth grade I developed a crush on him. At sixteen he gave me my first kiss. Freshman year of college I fell in love with him. On my twenty first birthday we got drunk and I lost my virginity to him. Nine months later Mackenzie Carlie Cullen graced us with her presence. We were forever connected, but also worlds apart.

When I graduated we were already roommates so our living arrangements didn't change much. Edward always had a revolving door of woman at our apartment, but that soon changed when we found out I was pregnant. He started sleeping in my bed and we would occasionally have sex. I felt it was more out of pity for knocking me up. After I had Kenzie the sex stopped, but we still slept together.

The other issues we had to face were our careers. I was a copyeditor for a small independent publishing firm and Edward was a photo assistant for Vogue at the time. In both our careers we've become successful now I'm a chief editor and he is a freelance photographer for many publications. Unfortunately that requires him to travel far longer then I would like him to.

Which brings me to now he had been on location for almost a month in Namibia and it was hurting Kenzie because she missed her Daddy. She had no idea why he had been gone for so long. I had no right to tell him how to live his life because we weren't even fucking together. Right now we were posing as the perfect family that would never be.

We had a huge house, the flashy cars, and a beautiful and healthy child all we were missing was the hardware and marriage license.

"Have I been gone so long you're now stunned by my presence?" he grinned, rubbing my cheek with his thumb.


"Have you landed on the moon space cadet?" He enunciated slowly, he decided to squish my cheeks together causing Kenzie to burst into a fit of giggles from his silliness.

"Mommy looks like a fishy!"

"She does, doesn't she?" he mused with a chuckle.

"Leave my face alone," I mumbled, batting his hands away. "I have breakfast to make."

I turned on my heel to go down to the kitchen. I could hear him behind me whispering to Kenz. "You know who is prettier then Sleepy Beauty?"



"Noooo… Mommy is Belle from Beauty and the Beast," I imagined him giving her a curious look to explain. "She loves books, is beautiful, and her name is Bella."

"Monk, you're such a smarty." I called over my shoulder.

"The brains run in the family." Edward supplied.

"Yeah, my side."

"Keep walking and make my French Toast." He said poking my back.

I opened the fridge scanning it for what I needed. "Whoa there, who said I was making you breakfast, Cullen?"

I didn't hear his smart-ass reply when I turned around to sit the ingredients on the kitchen island. I looked up and saw them both watching me. Edward held Kenzie securely to his chest.

"You're going to spoil her." I said pointing my spatula at him.

"I haven't seen her for almost a month I'm allowed to cuddle her." He defended, hugging her tighter.

"When she is hanging all over you later I don't want to hear it."

"That's what monkeys do." He chuckled, kissing her head.

"Always have an answer for everything." I mumbled.

I could feel them right behind me. His arm wrapped around my waist the other I assumed was holding Kensie.

"I missed you." He murmured in my ear. For almost a second I felt his words meant more.

"Edward." I sighed, trying to sound annoyed.

"You can't still be mad at me." He whispered placing a kiss on my neck.

"I'm not mad, there is nothing to be mad about." I shrugged.

"I left you and Mackenzie here…"

"We're fine, I can function without you." I snapped without thinking. I felt him pull away and heard Kenzie try to comfort him.

"Daddy you look sad."

"I'm not sad because I get to be home with my girls."

"No smile." She pouted and I knew that she meant he was frowning.

Every now and then we would have this discussion. Kenzie and I could be fine on our own, but I know it would break him if he wasn't able to see his daughter. Eventually he or I would meet someone and it wouldn't be healthy for Kenzie to be in the fallout when that happened. I love Edward, but I just can't stand back and watch him not love me back like that. It was breaking my heart.

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