"I can't believe you're here," I hugged Jazz fiercely.

He was my surprise twenty-first birthday gift from Edward. They both told me it wasn't a real twenty-first without either of them and I somehow believed that. So, when I woke up to Jazz flicking at me I knew I was in for trouble.

"Thank you," I grinned kissing Edward's cheek.

He smiled softly, something he had been doing a lot lately. It was kind of weird for him but for the past few weeks he had been extremely sweet. The harem of women even had come to a halt, which was completely baffling; maybe he decided to grow up.

"Anything for the birthday girl," Edward murmured in my ear.

I was so in love with this man it was embarrassing. How did he feel? Look at Bella my kid sister, isn't she cute she's my roommate too. I hang all the women I have in front of her face, but that's okay she doesn't complain.

Turns out, the boys made me breakfast and gave me gifts. Jazz gifted me with a vibrator, which I threw at his head, but I also took note of Edward's shock. He actually blushed. Edward's gift was beyond words. He gave me a necklace he found in New York, it dated back to the Victorian era. The delicate chain almost made me afraid to put it on. The pendant was elegant and was not too big for most pieces of that time he told me.

The rest of the day, we just hung around our apartment. Edward told Jazz about his recent projects and Jazz told us about his classes. He briefly mentioned meeting a girl named Maria and for the first time I could see Jazz was actually smitten with someone. I felt like I had to meet her to give my approval or something.

Emmett and Rosalie came over and Rose was asked to help me get ready.

"I don't think I've ever seen Edward so excited," she said while digging through my closet.

"He's been weird lately I think he's stressed. He has always handled stress differently than normal people."

"As long as he's still with Vogue I don't care how strange he is."

"So you're the one who uses his sample privileges?"

"Of course, you don't?"

"No," I shook my head. "I'm not into the whole designer label scene."

"More for me then," she laughed. "If you don't use it then what is this?"

She pulled out a little navy blue strapless silk dress. I grabbed it from her reading the tag, sure enough it was Dolce and Gabbana.

"There is no way I can wear this," I protested.

"Oh but you are," Rose smirked and I knew I was in trouble.


"You better get loaded tonight," Jazz chuckled shaking my shoulders.


"You are a fuckin' nervous wreck."

"You need to stop with the accent you're from Washington. Maybe only use it to get pussy, but not with me," I said trying to switch his line of conversation.

"What you goin' do with a fresh faced birthday girl?" he taunted raising an eyebrow at my glare.

"Am I missing something?" Em asked taking a swig of his beer.

"You always miss somethin' doucher," Jasper said kicking my brother's feet off the table.

"The official twenty-one year old Miss Bella Swan," Rosalie announces as Bella hid behind her.

My Bella was breathtaking. The dress she was wearing was simple yet sexy and I wanted to rip it off her.

"Hells Bells you look smoking," Emmett bellowed standing up.

"Thanks Emmy," she replied dryly while blushing.

I walked over wrapping my arm around her as I guided her out the door of our apartment.

"More shotssssss," Bella sang pushing herself further into my side.

"You heard the lady," I crowed at the bartender squeezing my arm around Bella.

We were on our fourth round of tequila shots. Rose and I each only had one. We both drove separate cars to Emmett's bar. Jazz questioned my decision with an eyebrow raise, but I just shook my head.

"Eddie-ward," Bella whined pouting out her lower lip.

"Yes, love," I winked down at her.

"You think I'm pretty tonight?"

"I think you're gorgeous."

"You do?" she asked quietly.

"I always think you're gorgeous," I confirmed kissing her sweaty head.

That's when I started drinking slightly. A shot here or there and we were both filled with giggles. Emmett was giving us weird looks while Jasper shot me knowing ones.

Rose grabbed my arm yelling in my ear over the music. "You're not driving I called you guys a cab home and I swear to God the flirting with her better stop."

"Yes mom."

"I'm serious Edward, you're both drunk."

"I'm not drunk," I was slightly buzzed if that.

I removed my arm from my brother's fun sucking girlfriend and went back to Bella who was waiting for me. It felt like I was the only person she was seeing tonight. Rose pulled my arm dragging me to the cab the whole time my free arm was wrapped around Bella.

"She's so not fun," Bella sighed launching her face into my neck. "Mmm, you smell good. You always smell good."

"What are you doing Bella?" I murmured.

"Being brave," she whispered as her lips met my neck.

Bella was literally attached to me as we entered our building the doorman gave us a confused look. I just nodded in greeting getting my girl on the elevator.

I gently picked her up and carried her as we entered our apartment. I directed us to her room and I slid my arms over her hips as she closed her eyes. My fingers found the buttons at the back of her dress. I undid the top button and paused. Bella drew in a ragged breath. Apparently satisfied, I continued unbuttoning her dress slowly. I lowered my face; my lips finding her neck, Bella instantly moved her head up, giving me better access.

Bella's hands were trying to tug the dress down, but I grabbed her wrists. Shock waves assaulted me at this first contact of our skin. I released her and Bella lowered her arms back to her sides shakily.

The next step was irreversible. I hesitated. This could go so many ways. We needed to think of the consequences.

"Please, Edward just please," she pleaded. It was all I needed to hear as I planted my lips on her shoulder. Gently sucking at her burning skin. Bella let her head fall against me, her hands holding onto my shirt. I moved closer towards her neck.

Gently, I tugged at Bella's dress until she was no longer confined. When she was free of it, I tossed it aside with a casual flick of my wrist not taking the time to watch it flutter to the floor. Feeling the blood run quicker through my veins, I felt the same need to crash my lips against hers, I moved up her neck, as she lowered her head, her own chin resting on her bare shoulder.

Bella's legs were trembling when I finally pulled her to me. I guided her head back and brought my lips to hers. In that first kiss nothing else in the world existed but my lips and hers, my tongue and hers, my need and hers. There was nothing else in the world. There was no air to breathe and no sound to be heard.

Bella gasped when I snaked my hand around her waist. In just one moment I had her back against the cold wall, I felt the goose bumps crawl across the flesh on her arms.

"Edward…" she moaned slowly opening her eyes, but I interrupted her by placing my hands on her cheeks. I pressed my hips closer to her, no space left between her and the wall. Bella raised her head up slightly gasping for air as she wrapped her fingers in my hair. When my breath caressed her neck, the desire to be naked was too real to ignore. This was happening.

I slid my hands around her waist and down to cup the curves of her ass, pulling her body tight against mine. She purred into my mouth when I dug my fingers into her fleah as she wrapped her legs around my waist in response. Bella dragged her mouth away from mine and tightened her legs around me, leaning back to look into my eyes. She grinned and I knew my face mirrored hers.

I tangled my left hand into her hair and tilted her head back. My other hand leaned against the wall, supporting us both. I loved this girl.

I, once again, found her brown eyes glistening with unshed tears. I moved my hand to her cheek, my fingers caressing the space just beneath her eyes, taking excellent care of her face.

She clasped her hands behind my neck dragging my mouth to hers, crushing our lips in a fierce kiss. Bella yanked my shirt over my head roughly, as I walked us towards the bed. She smiled against my mouth.

"You okay?" I asked softly, the longing and passion in my voice, mixed with care and love.

I sat Bella on the bed. Her legs caught my hips as her feet tugged on my boxers. I took that as the only invitation I needed and quickly made my way towards her bra, which fell down on the ground, directly followed by her black lacy panties. Bella eagerly grabbed my hips and pushed them between her open legs. She grabbed my cock and positioned me at her now soaked core. Allowing only the head to enter her, she stopped. Grasping my large hands in her small ones, Bella looked into my eyes.

My hands were joined with hers, our fingers intertwined. Finally, I met her eyes. I was amazed by what I found there. I'd known for a long time I had a certain affect on Bella, I'd known for a while that she had feelings for me, and I had known forever that I loved her. And as I was staring into her eyes, I had known for just now, that she felt the same way drunk or not. With just the same depth, just the same intensity and passion.

When I finished letting the conclusion, that this was the real thing, sink in. I leaned in close and kissed her deeply. Bella's legs tightened around me and I could feel her hips rock against me. As I moved in further I felt it, I had broken through. She was a virgin, shit.

She was still and I was ready to pull out. What have I done? Her hands urgently moved to my face and I looked at her. Her eyes where pleading for me to continue as we both held a silent conversation with our eyes.

So when she thrust up, I obliged her. I could feel the warmth of her body and shuddered. We fell in a slow, torturous rhythm, neither of us willing to give up an ounce of control. She softly whispered my name in my ear.

My hands ran up her abdomen to her breasts, Bella quivered. Cupping the back of my neck, she pushed my jaw up with her thumbs and took my mouth with hers. When I brushed my fingers across her nipples, she let out a cry of ecstasy. I grabbed curls of her hair in between my fingers, needing something to hold on to. She pushed herself harder against me and took my earlobe between her lips.

I shivered when Bella's hot breath panted in my ear. She sucked on my earlobe for a minute and then moved slowly down my neck, searching for a spot that would get her a reaction. It wasn't long before she'd found one, an inch or so of skin just below my hairline that forced a groan out from between my lips. I could feel her lips grin against my skin.

She lifted herself up and then lowered herself back down again hard. When I was as deep as she could take me, she flexed and suckled that spot on my neck at once. I growled and then grasped her hips and pulled her high up on my thighs until her legs parted around my waist.

Directly staring into each other's eyes as we gave into our needs and I pushed myself into her with one smooth thrust.

Her back arched and she hung her head down as the cry of pleasure was torn from her throat. She gripped the length of me within her tight body and I growled, burying my mouth against the back of her neck. My body burned as I pushed myself into her again and again. I could hear her whimpers and moans of pleasure, her body tightening around mine causing me to groan louder against her neck.

Bella clenched her eyes tight. Her cries of pleasure left her throat and filled the room. I wound one hand in her hair and tugged her head back to expose her neck. My mouth latched onto her pulse and she shuddered.

I smiled in satisfaction at her whimper when I pulled out of her tight body. Bella looked up at me, her eyes clouded with need. I leaned over and took her mouth in a passionate kiss even as I moved between her legs and thrust myself back into her depths. My hands gripped at her hips and pulled her tight against me.

Her breath soon came in gasps, her cries growing harsh and strained. I laid my hands on either side of her head holding myself up just enough to stare down at her as her body rocked beneath me, matching my thrusts. Her legs curled around the back of mine and she pulled herself harder against me, her fingers twisting into the sheet beneath her, trying to anchor herself as I felt her cumming.

My body tightened unbearably and I rolled over onto my back and pulled her atop me, pushing my hips up into her. Bella tipped her head back, her fingers clenching around the headboard of the bed as I kept up my pace. She trembled above me.

I clenched my jaw and thrust up one last time before pulling her tightly against me. My body stiffened as I filled her, my fingers gripping her hips ruthlessly as the tautness within me snapped. "Bellaaaa," I cried her name in my release. My body jerked and my eyes fluttered shut for a moment, savoring the pleasure of it. I slid my hands up from Bella's hips, cupping the back of her neck and tugged her down to take her mouth in a gentle kiss before she laid her head against my shoulder.

She lay against my damp chest, her body still trembling as she held me within her. She shifted on me a few moments later, sat up a little and smirked. "My god," she giggled breathlessly.

I let out a winded laugh as I buried my face in her hair and planted a kiss against her neck. "I love you," I whispered closing my eyes, and drifting off to sleep.

"No I love you," she finally whispered back. "Forever and ever." She whispered.

I heard her and realized what we just did and wondered, could we still be us?


I hugged the cold porcelain of our toilet. This had been the second week of this and I just wanted to be functional again. Edward left on assignment a week ago, but it didn't even matter I guess because we had been sort of avoiding each other for months.

I woke up the day after my birthday in pain and I didn't know what was worse the pain in my head or the pain my vagina was in. I panicked at first wondering why it hurt and then I looked down seeing I was naked. The arm around my waist tightened and then I saw Edward was naked as well.

I tried getting up noticing the spot on my sheets. Images from last night were pouring into my already pounding head. We were rough or very into it from what I remembered.

I tried climbing out of bed, but Edward wasn't making that easy. He shifted and was blinking at me. He looked at both of us making me want to cry, he was drunk too. This was a mistake I was just waiting for him to say those words.

The words never came, but the way he brushed my hair back and the look on his face said he felt guilty. No words were spoken I got up and took a bubble bath, when I returned he was gone. My sheets were changed and a muffin from the bakery down the street was on my nightstand.

Our conversations from that point on were brief. We were super busy with work, Edward especially due to the fact he was flying back and forth from here to New York.

"Bella," I heard being called, but I didn't feel like it was a good idea to move just yet.

"Bella, sweetie what's wrong," Esme rushed over wrapping her arms around me. "Edward said you weren't picking up."

"I don't feel good," I whined as I laid my head against her shoulder.

"How long have you been sick like this?" she asked stroking my hair.

"I havn't been able to keep anything down for a couple weeks."

"We should get you to the hospital," Esme sighed.

I nodded and let her help me up. I shuffled into my room sitting on the edge of the bed as Esme picked out clothes for me to wear. I was sort of dressed but nothing was really fitting and that's when my tears started.

"Sweetheart what is wrong," she whispered hugging me close.

"My…my pants won't button," I whimpered. Why was I being such a baby about this?

"Shhh," Esme soothed me. "Can I ask you something?"

"Yes," I cried.

"Is it possible you're pregnant?" she asked gently.

I thought about it, we slept together months ago. I don't remember protection and I wasn't on birth control because I wasn't considering being sexually active at the moment. My cycle was regular and I tried to remember when was the last time I used a tampon. If you need to think about it, it's obviously been to long. I was a puke machine and definitely bigger.


"It's okay," she said rubbing my back.

"I'm sorry, so sorry. We didn't use anything and were drunk. He's going to hate me I have ruined his life. You're going to hate me," I rambled through tears.

"No, why would I hate you?"

"For being a whore and ruining Edward's life," I bawled.

"Bella please calm down so I can understand."


I looked up and she was watching me with a concerned face. She had been my mother since mine left and now I ruined that. I ruined her son. Suddenly I saw realization hit her face.

"Is the baby Edward's?" she asked.

"He was my first and only," I sobbed trying to pull away from her kindness and warmth.

"I love you Bella, I am not mad about this. We need to get you to Carlisle."

"He's going to hate me."

"No one is going to hate you and if they do they will have to discuss that with me."

Esme kept her arm wrapped around me. She ended up grabbing me sweats from Edward's room before we left.

"Mrs. Cullen how nice to see you the Chief is in his office," the nurse smiled at us.

I bet she wondered why the glamorous wife of this hospital's beloved Dr. Cullen was walking around with a sniffling mess of a girl.

"Thanks, Marie."

Esme knocked before opening the door. Carlisle looked up smiling at his wife and then he caught sight of me. "Es what's wrong?"

She let go of me making her way to him. She leaned down whispering in his ear. His blue eyes never left me. He nodded and kept a warm smile on his face.

"Marie I need exam room four please," he asked politely in the intercom.

"Sure thing Dr. Cullen."

Once in the room Carlisle grabbed a few things.

"I'm going to take some blood, okay Bellarina?"

"Okay," I breathed.

Esme took my hand in one of hers and turned my head toward her with her free one.

"This isn't the end of the world understand? If anything, this is a blessing."

I closed my eyes without answering because right now I knew I didn't need a stupid test to know I was carrying Edward's baby. Carlisle put a priority on the results getting them back to us in an hour.

He was smiling and Esme was too. "Well Grandma looks like we have our first grandchild."

"And this baby is going to be very loved," she replied looking at me.

"Bella I need to know some things so we can get you on vitamins and schedule an ob appointment."

"Do you know when conception was?" he asked uncomfortably.

What do I say? I drunkenly fucked your son on my birthday. "September thirteenth," I mumbled.

They both exchanged a look and I closed my eyes. I was fourteen weeks along and had no clue until now that I would be having a baby in six months.

Later on that night, Edward called and I could hear the relief in his voice. "You had me worried, Swan."

"Sorry I think I had the flu or something," I mumbled.

"That's what mom said," he sighed. "Did you find the rent check I left for you?"

"You know I can pay now since I have a job and all."

"I make more than you at the moment, just for the next few months and then we can split it?"

"Okay," I whispered. I was too tired to argue about this with him.

"I miss you Bells."

"Miss you too. Um, when will you be back home?"

"I'm afraid I will be gone for the next month or so, they're running me ragged but it's a lot of experience I guess."

"Oh that's great," my stomach knotted at that and I patted it gingerly.

"Can I call tomorrow?"

"You don't need to ask to call home."

"Right, I got to go."

"Night," I murmured and shut the phone off without waiting for his response.

"You're not telling him?" Esme asked sitting next to me.

"This is too big to blurt it out over the phone."

"You're right," she smiled sadly. "Maybe we shouldn't tell Emmett, he'd definitely be the weak link."

And for the first time today I laughed.

I sat kicking my legs against my chair. I had my first ultrasound last week and the baby looked perfect and on schedule. I couldn't believe how oblivious I had been to my bump, which was kind of hard to miss. Before I left the apartment, I grabbed one of Edward's hoodies as my invisible cloak so to speak.

"Esme this looks great thanks for inviting Bella and me," Charlie smiled gratefully.

"Yeah mom this does look great," Emmett said practically salivating.

We dug into the spaghetti she had made and it was delicious I couldn't stop eating it. I felt eyes on me and looked up. Emmett's eyebrows were scrunched together in confusion.

"What?" I snapped.

"This is my second plate and that is your third."


"You usually only have one helping."

"I wasn't aware you watch me eat," I huffed.

"Emmett leave Bella alone," Esme warned.

I could feel traitorous tears falling. "Whoa why is she crying?" Emmett panicked.

"Bells?" Charlie asked getting out of his seat kneeling next to me.


Esme was on my other side rubbing my back. "It's all right I'll tell him."

I nodded snuggling close to her because I knew dad was going to blast a gasket. Esme told Charlie and Emmett they were going to be a grandpa and uncle. Their reaction was to kick Edward's ass. Carlisle stepped in mentioning why Edward didn't know and how I was going to wait until he came home.

After dinner, I escaped to the living room. I was almost asleep on the couch when I felt it sink next to me.


"I'm really going to be an uncle?"


"It was your birthday wasn't it?"

"Why would you assume that?" I asked merely curious.

"You two couldn't keep your hands off each other," Emmett shrugged. "Rosie said she had a bad feeling about letting you go home together you know because of Edward's reputation…"

"Stop now."

"Sorry," He smiled sheepishly. "You going home tonight?"


"I think I'll stay tonight."

"You have an apartment of your own."

"I have some uncle duties to fulfill," he said simply it was kind of adorable.

"I'm fine being home alone."

"Good to know but I feel like a slumber party."

"So what are you going to stay with me until Edward comes home?"

"Sound like a plan," he grinned.

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